Answering The Shoemoney Challenge

Yesterday, Shoemoney issued a challenge to me on his blog.

Dear John Chow,

I challenge you to a battle at the Marketleverage cashinator in Las Vegas.

Here is my challenge. We both take turns in the cashinator and get as much money as we can. The person who gets the least money has to forfeit their earnings to the winner plus $100 of their own money to the winner to give away on the winners blog!

The challenge would take place at next week’s Blog World Expo where both Shoe and myself are scheduled to appear together at the make money from a blog super panel. This is my official 12 second answer to Shoemoney’s challenge.

51 thoughts on “Answering The Shoemoney Challenge”

  1. Darin Carter says:

    Ha ha ha ha, a rejection … wow … wasn’t expecting that … but I guess thats what keeps you guys on top!


    1. John Chow says:

      Are you going to be at Blog World? I’ll be more than happy to beat up on you as well! 😛

      1. Darin Carter says:

        I’m trying to … I might have a challenge for you by then … and i’m sure you’ll beat on me there as well! LOL

        Good Show!

      2. Darin Carter says:

        as a matter of fact, when are you leaving orlando … i’m only 2 hours away ???

        1. John Chow says:

          I’m here until Sept 17. I’m leaving for Vegas on the 18th.

          1. Darin Carter says:

            oh man … you’ll be here all week … I have to come up and take you out to dinner then!


          2. John Chow says:

            Ya! Come on down and tell where all the good restaurants are!

          3. Tom says:

            You definitely want to check out Vines Grill & Wine Bar. It’s about 5 mins by car from your hotel. The best steak I’ve had in Orlando and the wine selection is huuuuge.

    2. I’m going to put my money on Sally Chow winning.

      1. Abdul says:

        Well this game can turn on any side, unexpected may win!

      2. it’s always fun when bloggers challenge each other..

  2. Anna says:

    You need a witness, John and Shoe!!! Can I be a witness? I’ll be in Vegas!!!

    1. John Chow says:

      Of course you can. I’m sure there’ll be tons of witness for this challenge.

  3. Make sure you videotape you beating up Shoe! I wanna see.

    1. John Chow says:

      Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to video it. I have a feeling a bunch of people will be videoing it as well.

  4. I’ll put my money on John.Kick his arse John.

  5. Amanda says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! DENIED! 🙂

  6. Rockstar sid says:

    Secret tip – Put some glue on your hand and enter the cashinator 😀

  7. James says:

    how about hide a powerful vacuum cleaner down your pants and have two hoses going through your sleeves and out where your wrist is 🙂

  8. Zac Johnson says:

    MarketLeverage should throw some twenties and hundreds into the machine to make it interesting!

  9. Aww…that’s very sad.

  10. Fadzuli says:

    What a way to attract traffic…Entertaining stuff you have here.

    1. Abdul says:

      I remember the feed challenge of john with shoe, and how it tripled his feedcount

  11. You should’ve said yes! This would’ve been classic to watch.

  12. 100kjob says:

    I guessed it right. $100 is not enough for a dinner, what’s the point?

  13. NDN says:

    Just as Ali needs Frazier, Batman needs Joker, Ahab needs the Great White Whale.

    John Chow needs Shoemoney. We get measured by our nemesis.

    Unfortunately for me, I would probably have a blogger from Romania with a feedburner subscriber count of two and Alexa ranking of 100 million as a nemesis.

  14. hahahaha….I think that is pretty funny. You guys really now how to keep the traffic flowing.

  15. John When you first start in the machine and the air turns on, open the underside of your shirt to get money stuck in there then do your trick when the air turns off.

  16. Ganesh says:

    That’s nice. I hope that you give the money to me. 😉

  17. this will be interesting

  18. mikedone says:

    Two heavy-weight internet marketing bloggers are now getting funny with their competition.

  19. You said you’re going to beat up on him… does that mean you’re both going to be in the cashinator at the same time, together? lol That might be worth a ticket to Vegas just to see that. (Just don’t pull a Tyson and bite his ear off)

  20. VeRonda says:

    You know, it must be nice! That’s all I have to say… LOL!

  21. That should be a great challenge between John And Shoe! $100 is not much, I think you are just challenge for a fun right? Hope you 2 enjoy there John! Wish you luck !!

  22. Typhoon says:

    No man, John you should have excepted the challenge bro..You are one of the Idol For us in blogosphere.. 🙁

  23. Deep Arora says:

    Funny! A rejection… looks like there’d be no contest then. Too bad as I’m planning to see all you guys at BlogWorld. And watching ya’ll try the cashinator will be darn fun. 10-sec at $16 bucks is the score to beat eh?

  24. Nothing better than a friendly blogger challenge. 🙂

  25. lol.. rejection..
    now wait for Shoe’s answer…

  26. Static says:

    Well, you’ve done it before, so it should be a lot easier right?
    *Tip. Get a big shirt, so the money gets all blown in when you widen the bottom part. 😉

  27. ROMAN says:

    Definitely wasn’t expecting a rejection haha nice

  28. Ha ha, I wish I could be there, good luck guys!

  29. Timon Weller says:

    Awesome challenge good luck to you both…!

  30. Pushkar says:

    How about making some useful posts now, John ? link baits are fine but really almost every post(?) on your blog is turning out to be totally useless.

    Anyway best of Luck for the challenge

  31. Keep up the good work John!

  32. O.Messaoud says:

    Good luck on this one.

  33. Ho, good luck, John, I bet you will win!

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