Anyone Need A 600HP SUV With A Swiss Interior?


There’s something very evil about a SUV with 600HP. At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, which is happening right now, Porsche tuner TechArt unveiled a MAGNUM (a Porsche Cayenne, but TechArt changed it so much Porsche won’t let them use the name anymore) with an interior made by de Sede of Switzerland.

Custom-developed individual seats for the rear mirror the front-seat design, and come with a custom-tailored center console covered with the finest de Sede leather. The integrated compartment for drinks, snacks and storage is lined with elegant Microsede material and features illuminated glass holders for the two Rosenthal glasses with engraved TechArt MAGNUM logo. A small refrigerated compartment is hidden behind a precious-wood lid between the rear seatbacks.

The TechArt interior line β€˜de Sede of Switzerland’ also features a state-of-the-art multimedia system. Two LCD touch screens are integrated into the back of the front headrests. Rear passengers can choose between watching a DVD on the 6-disc DVD changer or programs from the integrated digital TV tuner. They also serve as monitors for playing games on a Playstation2 game console. The sound is carried by wireless RF hi-fi headphones.

de Sede, the world-renowned manufacturer of exclusive luxury furniture only use cows from Switzerland and southern Germany to make the various types of de Sede leathers. I guess cows from other countries are just not good enough. de Sede sells its chairs, sofas and tables in 120 countries around the globe. Now you can get the same luxury in a 600HP 4×4 that can do 0 to 100KMH in 4.5 seconds and won’t stop accelerating until it hits 292KMH.

This brings up an interesting question. Who needs a 600HP SUV with a de Sede leather interior? The TechArt MAGNUM is about as practical as that F1 powered Minivan I saw a few years back. However, buying a SUV with an interior that cost more than most cars has nothing to do with being practical. It’s all about being evil. 😈




40 thoughts on “Anyone Need A 600HP SUV With A Swiss Interior?”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    That interior is elegant and stylish but I can’t say the same for the exterior. The Cayenne is still easily the ugliest SUV…except for that disgusting looking Subaru…somethingorother. It’s so ugly I don’t even remember the name.

    Porsche totally over-designed the Cayenne.

    1. ilker says:

      “The Cayenne is still easily the ugliest SUV”

      Totally agree. 😐

      1. Have you forgotten the Aztec?! 😯

  2. 007 says:

    you love using the word evil don’t you?

    1. Gary Lee says:

      haha . . i’ve kind of noticed that too in the last few posts. I think John’s trying to be the no. 1 search result for the term “evil” . . . and you know what? i think he must just do it!!

      1. David says:

        haha…the way he is going…probably he’ll be top on the evil search result sooner rather than later πŸ˜†

      2. Kenny says:

        John’s trying to be #1 for “root of all evil”.

        1. I started the that Google Bomb a few weeks ago!

  3. My gosh.. It is too stylish and high-tech for my liking! Personally, I feel that the exterior design spoiled the whole show for it.

    1. Jane May says:

      I wouldn’t want to use it as an SUV because I’d be too concerned for the leather inside.

      1. I have kids so no leather for me – have you ever tried to clean food off of leather?!?!

  4. stubsy says:

    I think thats a big improvement on the Cayenne, interiors smart and the exterior looks meaty or evil.

  5. kwandom says:

    Tough and angry on the outside, but delicate and sophisticated on the inside. Does it transform into an autobot?

  6. Marc says:

    It looks more like a crossover to me. In either case I can think of much nicer platforms to put 600 HP into though.

  7. Tyler says:

    Won’t Chrysler get upset that they are using the name Magnum?

    As for being a Cayenne, I do like this version better, looks like a beefed up Mini Cooper from the front.

    My Boss’ wife used to have a Cayenne, it was cool she never never had to put the keys into the ignition it would sense they were in the vicinity and all she had to do was use the push start. Same with the door locks, the car would unlock itself if they were near by.

    Though she had her hubby sell it because “she saw too many on the road”. She ended up getting a twin Bentley that matches his.

    1. Marc says:

      While the unlocking thing is cool, I’ve never been that inconvenienced by putting the keys in the ignition πŸ˜‰

    2. David says:

      hmm…someone has some money…trade in a Cayenne for a Bentley…

      As for the key less stuff, its an interesting idea, but what if you were near the car, but not going to use it? The car just keeps locking and unlocking as you move around it? Say if you are working in your garage or something?

    3. Chrysler can’t say a thing, they are not marketing this car!

  8. kenny says:

    Still can’t beat the BMW X5 with Mclaren F1 engine!

    1. David says:

      mmmm….X5 with an Mclaren F1 engine…mmm…oops…I drooled on my keyboard 😳

  9. Hmm… 600HP? That SUV can probably drive up Mount Everest πŸ˜‰

    But how much gas does he spend?

    1. Marc says:

      Same as all the other 600 HP vehicles out there. Several buckets per foot.

      1. “all the other 600 HP vehicles”??

        Are there a lot of other 600 HP vehicles?

        How much HP is the Hummer H2?

  10. Sean says:

    I hate SUVs but, damn that’s sexy!

  11. Don Wilson says:

    This laughs in the face of environmentalist πŸ˜†

  12. Gary Lee says:

    They need a hybrid version of this thing! If not, give me the new Toyota Hyrbird Sportscar any day!

    1. Jane May says:

      Yeah, that Toyota is pretty hot. I’ll take one please!

      1. What about Honda – where is their sports car?!

  13. Jane May says:

    I don’t think it’s a questions of necessity, it’s a question of pulling up to a light and being able to smoke the car next to you in a SUV…It may be an ego thing I guess???

  14. Shawn Knight says:

    I love everything about this ride (interior is VERY nice), except the front view, it reminds me of PT Cruiser (YUCK!)…

  15. Alistair says:

    There is a company here on the Gold Coast, Australia named Gemballa that do a similar thing. They’ve been doing it for some time now, they look great and go hard – its surprising how many of them you see around the Gold Coast.


  16. Maggie says:

    The cows from only Switzerland and Southern Germany…

    I was half watching an oldish edition of “Top Gear” (UK TV motoring programme) on Sky last night, and Jeremy Clarkson commented about one of the 3 sports cars they were test-driving in Iceland that the leather seats were only made from cows that came from countries that didn’t use barbed wire. I regret to say that I didn’t take in which car it was, or even the 3 they were driving (we’re not very compos mentis at present with father in hospital and husband has a tooth abscess), but I wonder if that’s why they stipulate cows from Switzerland and Germany? It means there is no danger of the hide being punctured or scratched, so best quality leather from what I could make out.

  17. derrich says:

    While I love the way the new design updates look (gnarly hood and larger air ports) and while the interior is gorgeous, I’ll take the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 over this thing any day. *puts on flame suit*

  18. carl says:

    ohhhhh *dripping saliva* 😯 that’s cool….

    i want one!! :mrgreen:

  19. Erik says:

    😯 I want one.

  20. benjamin says:

    so wonderful i want one

  21. Ricco says:

    Finally a SUV I’d like to own. SUVs suck…

  22. 600 HP seems a bit low for my daily commute but it’ll do I suppose.

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