Apple iPhone 4S 1080P Video Quality Test

I’ve shown you how good the photo quality is on the new Apple iPhone 4S. Now check out the video quality. The iPhone 4S has the ability to record 1080P HD video. In addition, you can edit the video right on the phone and upload it to YouTube using the iMovie app.

The quality of the iPhone 4S video is good enough that it can replace your dedicated camcorder or digital camera. This is great for bloggers who want to travel as light as possible. The Apple iPhone 4S is all I’ll be using to take photos and record videos at BlogWorld Expo this Thursday. Keep an eye out of the coverage.

Do you like the video quality of the iPhone 4S? Do you want one now? Well, I’m giving one away! You can enter the iPhone 4S contest here. Make sure you watch the video in HD!

64 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4S 1080P Video Quality Test”

  1. Faizan Elahi says:

    Great quality…one of the best camera-phone for sure

    1. Yes and flowers are looking more beautiful with the perfect combination of contrast and brightness.

      Like it.

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah. I think the daylight has the important role in there. But even with such a daylight, the quality won’t be so good if recorded with other phone. I think this one has the best quality of video so far.

  2. afandi says:

    Wow! The quality looks great but in my country it is still very expensive. Looking forward to have one = )

    1. Start earning more and more … This industry have potential.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      That is okay. At least you have another motivation to work even harder :). Anyway. John is giving away an iPhone 4S for free. If you can’t wait any longer, try to win the contest then. Good luck.

  3. Chris McCoy says:

    That looks truly fantastic! I’ve been considering a HD camera but now I may have to reconsider…

    1. Yes this one is quite good for short videography and you no need of extra gadget as well.

      1. Boy these smart phones are getting better and better ….

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      I’m one of those who used phone only for communication and camera for making videos. But I start to think that it’s not that bad to have both of them in one pack. Not bad at all.

      1. Not bad at all. So looking forward to getting one.

      2. @ Erwin …

        time to take the necessary action.

  4. The video quality is amazing, ummatched. I love the new iPhone!

    1. Yes now buyers have another reason to purchase new iPhone.

      1. I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 come and use my Iphone 4 until further notice.

        1. Soon after iphone 5 you will wait for the iPhone 6.

          This is endless wait my friend.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah it is unmatched so far. But rest of the people are waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out. So are you getting the 4S or waiting for the 5?

  5. new iphone looks great with amazing quality

    1. Looks is almost same but yes camera quality improved in multiple times and that we can see in above video.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Sure, you can see how the flowers look so great with the camera. I don’t know if it’s really that beautiful.. Or is it really the camera?

  6. Goa Carnival says:

    Really awesome video quality, Apple iphone 4S worth it price.

    1. All apple products worth the price. People like John Chow using it for his blogpost and getting return in multiple times and other people use it to show off that yes they are using apple products.

      1. Yes quite agree with you for this.

        All apple products are master piece and apple is simply capitalising it at full.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah, I really do think so. Many bloggers use iPhone for blogging activities. I really like the iPhone because they say you can even go into your FTP there and edit your files. But I think I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 to come out.

  7. Video quality is pretty good for a camera phone, though I would love to see how it does with a bit of fast action eg. panning to shoot cars or kids etc.

    1. Now that’s the question from a regular camera user seems to me …

      John please add such video as asked by Yogesh.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      Wow.. Now I don’t think it has the shutter speed option.

  8. Justin Dupre says:

    The quality looks amazing. Several years ago this wouldn’t have been possible from a smartphone.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah I didn’t even know a smartphone would be able to record such an amazing video quality until John showed me.

  9. Divya says:

    in the iphone world apple is best company, which produces several products without any hesitation.

    1. Lolllzz … Loves your comment

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        I’d love to say the same.. But I don’t really get what he was saying.

        1. Divya says:

          actually it means, apple is the best company for iphone production and other technology inventions.

          1. iPhone is the trade mark of apple and only apple can produce it my friend.

  10. iskandarX says:

    Smooth and clear recoard a video with this iPhone. Maybe I should have it too.

    1. Go get it …

      I would love to see iPhone with physical qwerty keyboard.

      1. iskandarX says:

        Lately I’m noob in gadget item, then I have seen many thing interesting including iPhone ability, I wonder iphone with qwerty keyboard meaning?

        1. Erwin Miradi says:

          That’s okay if we’re gadget noobs. I am a gadget noob too. But I bet no one can be a noob in operating search engine, right?

          1. @ Zk

            iPhone with the physical qwerty keyboard can be killing one.

  11. A great brand that will never die. I think that Steven left behind something that no one will manage!

  12. fas says:

    Now that is truly awesome quality, hatts off to Apple.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s for sure! Apple rocks, always doing a great job with their products. They last a really long time too…

      1. For lasting Samsung really sucks.

        Their products are not so hardy. But however they are leading ahead.

        Would love to see their own products with their own design.

  13. Kirk Taylor says:

    Great shots… I’m thinking I need to replace the Lumix and my HTC with the iPhone 4S!

    1. Do it my friend … do it …

      You will never regret it.

  14. I currently use a normal film camera for filming of our properties, it would help a lot with a camera – film camera and phone all in one, I have to think about.

    1. Save your time … no need to carry the two gadgets.

      One button push and you can upload the videos to youtube and all.

      Boy so many benefits … you should go for it.

  15. David says:

    Love the iphone, and they seem to just keep improving on it (along with the price!). RIP Steve Jobs

    1. Yes you can see the improvement in their products and interesting thing is that made the products which were always ahead from their time.

  16. Erwin Miradi says:

    That’s a really nice video quality. Even better than some digital cameras. I think so far, iPhone 4S has the best video quality for smartphone.

    1. So what other smart phones video you have watched like this …

  17. PPC Ian says:

    Excellent quality, it’s the perfect travel companion. So nice not to have to take extra gear when your iPhone already does everything.

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      Yeah, especially when you can already edit it right there with the iPhone.. We wouldn’t need to wait until we get back to the computer.

      1. Yes that is the main benefit … this one is time saving and instantly done.

  18. Newsraid says:

    This Video is very great, thanks a lot!

  19. I love apple. I love iphone.,and I respect Steve Jobs.

  20. TV Rockstars says:

    The video quality is amazing for a phone. Very impressive!

    1. This one shoot on HD so the quality need to be great …

      Would love to see the impact of it on moving objects … like someone asked above.

  21. The iphone 4S might be a little over hyped! Even though it broke records in sales & everything…

    I like the video you filmed with it though… My cousin got one and the picture quality didn’t seem like what I would expect from 8MPX+… I don’t know, I’m kinda hesitant to purchase…

    1. It is launched at the perfect time … when Steve was taking his last breath …

      So you can say that this product also got some sympathy marketing as well.

  22. It is about time phones had good quality cameras for stills and videos. Soon we will just need one device to do everything and women may not need to carry handbags any more….!

  23. NuMas says:

    a video sample made with the iphone 4S
    color and stabilization test during an artwork studio

  24. Daisukiyo says:

    But how come when I film it and transfer to my computer it’s only 480p?!?!?!?! Am I doing something wrong!?

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