Are You A Jack of All Trade or a Master of One?

On my way back from the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, I made a series of Driving with John Chow videos. This is the last of the series.

One this episode, I answered a question that kept popping up during my panel session at Affiliate Summit. The attendees kept asking if they should try this traffic source or that traffic source, or if they should be using blogging or Facebook or Twitter, etc. In other words, they all wanted to know what was the best way to make money online? My answer is in the video.

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21 thoughts on “Are You A Jack of All Trade or a Master of One?”

  1. Rudy says:

    The last conversation was funny!

  2. faisal says:

    Master of some

  3. Ali says:

    Master one and be a jack off, LOL. On a serious note some great obvious advice that online marketers always forget.

  4. MSI Sakib says:

    Last part was funny man!
    Thanks John for your real life guideline. I am mainly doing this mistake now a days……. I am trying different stuffs with a little time and effort. This is why I am facing failure.

    I need to stuck at One thing from now. I will try my best.
    Have a sunny nice day man!

  5. Christian says:

    Great advice. I’ve heard it 1000 times but just now I’m realizing the power of this. lol on the ending.

  6. Startupily says:

    Lol be a master jack off

    Great video and tips for new up coming bloggers.

  7. Terry Wood says:

    Found myself caught up in the “shiny object” syndrome recently. This is some great advice, probably the best advice for anybody wanting to start an online business.

  8. Tony says:

    Good stuff John, love your sense of humor as well. Thanks.

    1. Valentina says:

      very helpful advice and yes.. the last part of your message.. very funny.
      Thanks for being candid.

  9. Marsch says:

    Thanks….great advice John! Enjoyed the bit of humor too at the end of the video.

  10. Esti says:

    Hello Jow
    I bought your hostgator wordpress installation coupon. As I wait for delivery?
    A huge greeting !!

    Thank you for everything you give us !!

  11. DK says:

    Hey John,
    That was a nice tip on the drive. In fact a good one. I too have been guilty of this some time in my journey.

    To add to this and on the same lines, there is another advice which normally is the reason for failure of a lot of newbies – selecting a business model and sticking with it. They try to do a lot of things all at the same time. Selling products on amazon, blogging, affiliate marketing, youtube marketing, Shopify, writing and selling Kindle ebooks etc. It is important to choose just one model and stick with it until you have mastered it. Else you will keep struggling on all of this and none will really help you make any money online.

    Thanks for the tip John.


  12. @John Chow

    I purchased your hostgator wordpress establishment coupon. As I sit tight for conveyance?

    A tremendous welcome ..


  13. Sergio says:

    Thank you for this information john. The end was funny

  14. Kenny LeOng says:

    Oh yeah. Been there done that. Zero focus. Master of none. Allowed myself to get distracted by too many stuff. Understand the fundamental, stick to one method of leads generation until you see success. There is no short cuts.

  15. John P. says:

    Hey John,
    Great video, I love that drive across that stretch of road..

    I just had to share that I believe you are spot on with mastering one traffic source. I keep hearing that across all my coaches and mentors, so…I am picking one and I am on a mission to master it…

    Thank you for clarification on this point, awesome!

  16. Mark Heinz says:


    I am thinking of registering a domain name that is associated with “software”. I’m curious as to what affiliate products to promote on my website when I get it developed? Where do I go to? Do I only offer products from clickbank and paydotcom? Are there other websites that I can go to for signing up?


    Mark Heinz

  17. oni adekunle says:

    Hi John, you know what I love about you in the car with you pal you action and demonstration in the video its reveals that for sure you are a money guru mafia …..I love that left thump up ,in its, a message to me from God that you are a brethren , welcome to silverworld John You great and fit for the train move when I would blow the trumpet ….

  18. Rich says:

    As Always John i really look forward to checking out what’s new
    You are in my opinion one of the Smartest Marketers around….

    From Email to your Blog to watch the YouTube Video = Very Clever


  19. Laser focus, right John! Amazing content as usual. I’ve been following you for years and even promoted your blogging with Jon package on Clickbank a few years back. It did very well. Thanks again.

  20. Stefano Manzotti says:

    Thank you so much John!

    I’m sorry to know that will be the last episode of “Drive With John Chow”


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