Are You Pre-ordering Your iPad Today?

iPad Pre-order

The wonder tablet from Apple went up for pre-order this morning. Did you get your order in or are you going to wait until it ships on April 3? I am getting four iPads but I had to get them from the US Apple site because that’s the only place that is taking orders. I have a fairly good idea on what Apple’s plans are for the new iPad and it’s not what you might think.

I see the iPad as Apple’s entry into the online book market, which is worth $4.5 billion a year. By comparison, online music does $2.3 billion a year, most of which is controlled by Apple iTunes. If Apple can do for books what it did for music, they will revolutionize another industry, put the fear God into and most importantly, create another huge cash cow for themselves.

I like the new iPad so much and what it means that in addition to the four iPads, I purchased a large block of Apple stocks today. What about you? Is an iPad in your future?

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  1. wall decals says:

    I think the ipad is a very cool tool but dont think that I have any use for it right now. Maybe in the future after the bugs have been worked out.

  2. Chris says:

    Way to state the obvious, John. Didn’t Apple make it perfectly clear that one of the big uses of the iPad is for books? Furthermore, there has been so much news since the launch about the publishers getting on board with the device. There have even been demos of textbooks for use on the iPad. So your idea of what Apple’s plans are for the iPad are precisely what Apple told us their plans are. Great observation!

    1. John Chow says:

      Actually, most people think the iPad is for surfing the net and playing games and most think they are buying it for that reason. But we both know where the real money is going to be made with this device. 🙂

      1. Chris says:

        You’re simply wrong.

        1. John Chow says:

          Aks 100 people on the street what they think the iPad is for and you’ll see that I am right. Look at the recent commercial that Apple used on the Oscar for the iPad. How long did they show the iBook store compared to surfing the web and playing games?

          1. Doesn’t matter, either way, I’m not buying one.

  3. ipad is a cool gadget…hope to buy one soon

  4. So John 😛 Now you’re also doing investment advice? 🙂

    Jenna Alberts

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ve always gave investment advice. My blog even has an investment category. 🙂

      1. going to see this category…
        thanks..:) john //

      2. jtGraphic says:

        In general, how successful would you say your investing advice is?

  5. Ricardo says:

    the ipad is the future…. Can you imagine holding a complete library+workstation+creative tools etc …. danmm apple does it again… on top of that they already have a huge developers fan base and apps to work right now….

    It’s over…. Apple win a new market….

    1. I don’t know about that. The iPad is just ging to be another device that you have to carry around. We already have too much junk and information in our lives, it’s called information overload…and now we have this new must have device from Apple.

      Not sold on the iPad just quite yet.

  6. Never take investment advice from a guy that buys four $500 paper weights and then brags about it 😛

    I don’t understand why anyone would want one of these, the iPad is destined to be a big “iFlop”… come on, people have cell phones and laptops to carry around — who wants yet another thing to worry about? The trend is consolidation, not addition… Apple finally has it wrong.

    1. John Chow says:

      51,000 pre-orders in the first 2 hours. That’s some flop! 😛

      1. I just think it’s hype. Of course it’s new, it’s cool and it’s Apple, but I’m not sure it will last. It will be a hit when they sell a million of them.

        1. fas says:

          The Ipad no matter what it is going to be a huge success.

    2. Moulinneuf says:

      Actually entry level for the Apple portable starts at 1000$ -1300$. So now there is an iPad at 500$ … Translation instead of buying an netbook 300$-900$ many will go with the iPad.

      Why would anyone carry a Laptop around if you got an iPad and over sattelite 4g , 5g, 6g or superfast wifi internet ?

      Also it’s version #1 , just like everything else the best come around at version #3 when they have ironed out the kinks. They probably will integrate two way webcam/skype/cell capabilities. Because that’s where the competition will force them to innovate

      1. Personally I am waiting for the second or even third incarnation of the iPad. Online music and now soon books, dominated by Apple. They sure know what they’re doing.

      2. Because a laptop is a computer… an iPad is an awkward television screen that has no purpose

    3. jtGraphic says:

      I don’t view the iPad as a mobile device per ce. I’m not going to carry it to a meeting or anything. I’m much more likely to carry it instead of a book though. I think it will be huge in college markets. A lot of text books are already available for download on it, and they’re half the price.

      The average text book is $120, so at a savings of $60 per text book, you only need to buy 9 text books to offset it’s price AND college loans will pay for it.

  7. krillz says:

    No I’m not, as I see no need for a tablet right now, and I sure as hell am not buying it just for the sake of it. As I frankly don’t give a shit about latest things.
    Buy what you need and if it happens to be that you would benefit from a tablet then go for it as it will be a hell of a lot smoother to carry that thing around then a netbook.

    I see a great market for it, for casual “computer” users, just browsing the net, social media, talking to friends who sure as hell do not need a stationary computer, and would find a tablet more comfortable to be using while chilling on the sofa or in bed than a netbook slowly cooking your balls.

  8. Dave Doolin says:

    I am not.

    I did get a Macbook. My friend is going to get the iPad. I’m the programmer, so I can run it in an emulator and develop. He doesn’t program, so it will be a good tradeoff.

  9. Nick says:

    Great post John! I think the ipad is very cool, but I no need for a tablet right now.

  10. Diabetis says:

    I’m not going to preorer now. I think that I am going to wait until someone gives a good review of it.

    1. Just type in iPad review at Google, I’m sure there are millions of good reviews out there.

  11. I am not going for it…as I know there will be few hiccups and in few months the price will come down and people are already talking about new ones which camera and flash…so..I will wait…

  12. Zak Show says:

    The iPad is a great device that will improve and make life and tasks more easier but it will never kill or replace the netbook. You can find my reasons in ‘ Four Reasons Why the iPad Can’t Kill Netbook:

  13. Mathew Day says:

    No pre-order for me. I’m going to wait to see if I win one from Jonathon Volk first and if I don’t then I may order one.

  14. Don’t think I’m going to get an iPad. I just got an iMac to go with my MacBook Air and my iPod. Why do I need an iPad?

  15. I think it’s way too much hype. It’s 1/2 the functionality of a netbook, like the ASUS EEEPC, for 2x the price.

  16. Noel says:

    It’s a cool gadget to me but I don’t think I will buy it now. Probably will wait and see how’s general users’ review first.

  17. I didn’t pre-order one, but I can’t wait to hear users’ feedback once the units are actually in people’s hands.

  18. thanks for this great post but soon i gonna buy macbook.:))

  19. Dan Mihaliak says:

    Like many of the commentors I will wait until Apple works all the bugs out of the ipad. I never buy first release of anything.

  20. Free Picks says:

    its still not launched in Pakistan

  21. Wish I had enough spare cash to just go out and buy some Apple stock because John is probably right. Apple will more than likley dominate e-books in years to come, though probably not to same the extent as music.

    We in the UK need to wait though another few weeks for release and price conformation.

    1. Free Picks says:

      not another week, you have to wait almost 15 more days

  22. KNau says:

    Cool product, although with that glossy screen you can forget about reading e-books in any sort of sunlight conditions. And I don’t buy version 1.0 of anything.

    What excites me about the iPad is the few demos I’ve seen of using it as a control surface for other devices, like film colour correction, live-event video mixing, etc.

    Still disappointed that it’s not an actual computer and we’re stuck with the AppStore paradigm but it’ll do until Google comes up with something better.

  23. Majority of JC readers are into IPAD, and yes I also don’t think it will be a hit. Its all about publicity/media. 51,000 orders in 2 hours is not a big deal for Apple.
    Those who have enough money/love for new devices have no problem with buying this gadget.
    On the other hand people think that IPAD is similar to laptop…Please note that IPAD lacks some stuff including a webcam, etc…Apple is also not stupid..they want to make it different than a laptop.
    IPAD has some use for business profesionals. but as long as its not based on Adobe product.
    Again, I think its not so amazing product….
    For John Chow, its not a big deal to acquire one, so he will defend as much as he can…:)He cares only if you support his idea…..At least thats what I m feeling…

    1. Sharninder says:

      I think this device will flop like the Apple TV. Apple will improve it by leaps and bounds in the next two iterations and then only it’ll really start to sell. I like the concept, I just don’t like the current implementation.

  24. “Majority of JC readers are into IPAD”…I meant to say that “Majority of JC readers are NOT into IPAD.”

    And I am also not pre ordering. so is it gonna be only JC? 🙂

  25. I pre-ordered mine. I just couldn’t resist it. Apple makes such quality products and as a business professional I know I can get a lot of use out of it.

  26. Levi says:

    I picked up two 3G’s. Why I bought one is not to read books or play games. For the same reason I bought a SL550 AMG a little while back; I bought because I wanted to play with something new, and it sounds nice to kick back on the couch and browse the internet with a overgrown iphone IMO.

    You get my email last week John?

  27. Apple will make a ton of money on this thing, but I think its gonna flop.

  28. I think its not so amazing product….:DD

  29. Tony says:

    no need to pre-order…..:)

    Join by April 1st to be entered into our iPad Giveaway.

    Two lucky members will each win a 16GB Wi-Fi enabled iPad!

  30. jtGraphic says:

    I just finished up an iPad giveaway on twitter/my blog. I ordered 4. 3 for winners and 1 for me 🙂

  31. Sharninder says:

    I don’t think I’ll be ordering one today … or ever .. not until they get their act together and fix a few things in their platform, like better support for notifications, multi-tasking and start playing nice with other operating systems too.

  32. Ipads are are waste of space… if you want to go on the internet and play games, then get a mac, or pc…. if you need a phone get the iphone…

    to me the ipad is just one big iphone…

  33. First of all I would like to see whether this one is going to help me in my business or not. If this one will help than there is no loss to investing on this

  34. John tell us five reasons because of which any one should buy iPad.

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