Are You Prepared to Go Rogue with Marketing?

Are you looking to make money online? Of course you are. That’s probably why you find yourself reading this blog post on John Chow dot Com in the first place. However, you may have found that your current methods have been underperforming.

Standard practices can only go so far. That’s why you might be interested in this review of Rogue Marketing from the Profit Smart team.

Moving to Alaska?

While the term has certainly existed for many years, it seems that “going rogue” came into fashion with Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. It’s unclear whether the Profit Smart people are trying to cash in the Wasilla soccer mom, but the product does seem to evoke that imagery. They even use bullets and red (like lipstick) font in key places.

The primary product being promoted through this review is an e-book called Rogue Marketing. It is 134 pages long and it describes a way that you can make money from affiliate marketing that you may not have considered: media buys.

Rogue Marketing: First Edition

Rather than invest your money in AdWords, pay-per-click and search engine optimization, Profit Smart says that you can be very effective with media buys instead. That doesn’t mean you have to burn through your budget with radio ads and TV spots. Instead, they recommend buying advertising from related websites.

Maybe it’s because I make my living as a freelance writer, but I’ve always been a stickler for good spelling and grammar. The occasional typo is forgiven, but the e-book is littered with all sorts of mistakes.

Over the course of the Rogue Marketing e-book, you’ll learn about demographic research, keyword research, using self-serve networks, optimizing for results, and building a campaign. You get plenty of text, instructions, screenshots, and more.

Unfortunately, in addition to several grammatical errors, there seem to be some formatting issues with the e-book as well. Images have not been resized in many instances and this can sometimes cut out pertinent information.

(Edit/Update: I should note that this is the “first edition” of the e-book and they are working on cleaning it up in preparation for the relaunch.)

Find Websites in Your Chosen Niche

When you sign up for the members area on the Rogue Marketing site, you can download the PDF e-book to your computer or you can view it with Flash. Supplemental materials, OpenX training videos, and GIMP training videos are also provided.

Perhaps more importantly, you gain access to the beta version of Ad Seeker utility from the Profit Smart team.

It can be time-consuming finding the right blogs to buy your “rogue” advertising spots. Using this tool, you can type in your chosen keyword phrase and many sites offering ad space are then listed. You can get their traffic ranks and detailed statistics, as well as direct links to their advertising information pages.

For instance, the list above was generated when I searched for “make money online.” For better or for worse, John Chow dot Com didn’t make the cut.

Getting More with Platinum Rogue Status

If Google goes “on the offensive,” then it may be time “to go rogue” with your marketing efforts. I’m not sure if this is really the right kind of branding for this product, but it does solicit an immediate emotional response.

Getting beyond the basic e-book on media buys, you can consider the Rogue Marketing Platinum Subscription. This includes over 12 hours of video, access to the aforementioned members area, and access to Ad Seeker.

The regular price for the platinum package is $500 plus $25 per month, but a “reserved price” is “just” $300, plus a $25 monthly fee. Is this worth the somewhat hefty price of admission? I’m not quite inclined to say, “You betcha” just yet, but that’s up to you to decide.


35 thoughts on “Are You Prepared to Go Rogue with Marketing?”

  1. Karl Thomas says:

    Hey John

    Awesome post! Media buys are one of the must closely guarded traffic techniques used today. A lot of the gurus are usign them to cash in big time while leaving everyone else in the dark.

    Thanks for releasing some valuable information regarding media buys.

    1. jtGraphic says:

      Written by Michael Kwan… Just sayin…

  2. Nice post!

    Why does it display “Jeremy” and not “Profit Addiction” in the top commenters for me?! (I did use Jeremy for one comment, but the majority have been with Profit Addiction)

    1. either you didn’t clear your cookies before commenting again with a different name, or you used the same email address as you did when commenting as “Jeremy”

    2. Mathew Day says:

      That is pretty weird, but I thought we were suppose to use our real names anyways.

      1. It’s the same email address, but on the commentors I would think it would show up as whichever was most prevalent. Oh well!

        It doesn’t matter what you use Matthew.

  3. ibnujusup says:

    will consider it.. thanks for the article..

  4. Samuel says:

    Nice one! Ima give it a try!

  5. Interesting to find out how this media strategies work in online business.

  6. I guess that I am not ready for this yet. Maybe next time.

  7. The bad spelling and grammar gets me too, I must say. It is refreshing to get an honest review, and hats off to you for providing this to us, Michael. Personally I will not be rushing into buying Rogue Marketing.

    1. Agreed Net Age! Grammar has to be one of my biggest pet peeves as well…

      1. Some people thrive on that though. They know using improper grammar will get a rise out of some people so they do it purposefully!

  8. Free Picks says:

    thats for SEO exporters not for normal earner?

  9. Media buys have been a hot topic in aff marketing for over a year…ever since google and the FTC began cracking down on some thAngs!

    This comes at a good time, but grammar…

  10. Jordan says:

    Really John?

    You rip on grammar, on formatting – when the email you recieved, explicitly stated –

    “The copy your seeing now is currently being edited, but provides a very
    good idea of what we’ll be available after the relaunch.”

    And Google, John, Is already on the offensive.

    Let me… well, google it for you.

    1. Jordan says:


      Nevermind. John didn’t review this, Micheal Did.

      Well Micheal, To bad you didnt see that email.

      1. LOL!!! comedy…a little harsh, but comedy 🙂

  11. thanks for the info. saw you yesterday at F5. great presentation.

  12. Chris says:


    This sounds like a honest review. Is this a paid review?

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Yes, this is a paid review. I try my best to be as honest and objective as possible with my reviews, but they are inherently subjective since I do provide my opinion. Thanks.

      1. Jordan says:

        Quite a bit of opinion, apparently. About half of what you posted is analysis of grammar, title, and marketing strategy; as well as a bit of self promotion for your writing services.

        The book I believe, clocks in with a whopping 7 sentences of commentary. Frankly, I find it a stretch to believe you read it at all.

        When one is paid to review something, The proper thing to do is review what they hand you. If you were reviewing a laptop, Writing 3 pages about the box and a paragraph about the laptop itself wouldn’t be acceptable; neither is this.

        Most of what you review, is not included with the book. The promotional page you link to, is disabled; as that was only available to people who were part of the pre-release.

        The design you comment on, is long gone.

        The bulk of your review, commentary on grammar; is null and void. As I mentioned previously, You did NOT read the email included with the book – Which makes a point to note what you are reviewing is being edited prior to a public release.

        Anyways, that’s fine; We’ll take the rest of our ad-spend elsewhere.

        Good luck selling those freelance writing services!


        1. Jordan says:

          Just saw your Edit; That is appreciated Micheal.

          Again, It still seems that you did not read the book. I can count multiple instances where you state things that are factually incorrect. But I wont go in to that, We’re just going to leave this as it is.

  13. Yeah, just that media buys is not for the little guy or company with no money down. Or, maybe I’m wrong. Could John explain this?

    1. Jordan Cosh says:

      Yeah, wouldn’t it be great, if someone.. reviewed the course or something?

  14. Cool! I’ll definitely have to check this out…

  15. Melissa says:

    I can’t imagine paying $300- $500 and a subscription fee too. There’s lots of coaching programs available for a flat fee, and lots of free tips online too. I check daily for new stuffs. The archives are also invaluable.

    1. Jordan Cosh says:

      The $500 package is an *upgrade* to what, I guess *sort of* was reviewed.

      The book is $50.

      When I said the information here was not factual, I meant it. Consider this “review” a shortened version of the chapter list, and a link. Nothing more – period.

  16. Mathew Day says:

    It looks like I need to do some rogue marketing with media buys. I’ve heard many marketers make some really great ROI’s from this type of traffic. I really like the Ad Seeker Utility, that would really come in handy.

  17. The fee is a bit steep. They need to set-up some trial version to get people hooked first, IMHO.


  18. scheng1 says:

    The pricing is definitely out of my budget at the moment. At least seo is free traffic, if done correctly.

    1. Agreed, not everyone has the money to buy all of their traffic

      1. It’s just a matter of working hard to drive traffic to your site. At that point you should be able to leverage some profit to drive paid traffic to your sites!

  19. Nice job you are doing awsome keep it up! Look at these free videos for new marketing ideas!

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