#ASE11 – How To Make $18 In 20 Seconds

One of the main reasons people go to the Affiliate Summit is to learn how to make money. As you walk the show floor, you’ll encounter many companies that want to show you the best way to make money. However, only Revenue Wire was able to show you a way to make money right at their booth.

Revenue Wire had a money machine at their booth that show attendees can go in to try and make as much money as possible in 20 seconds. Unlike the Market Leverage or Copeac money machine, the Revenue Wire money machine is filled with mostly Monopoly money. There is $500 of real money in the machine but you have to go through $500 million of Monopoly money to get it.

Kirk Taylor gave the money machine a tried and came up empty. Then I showed him how it’s done.

29 thoughts on “#ASE11 – How To Make $18 In 20 Seconds”

  1. Great way to make a buck!

    1. You certainly know how to make money John …. Lolzzz

      1. cool, you make knows how to make BIG money, no matter what.

  2. “I make money in a plexiglass box by showing other people how to make money in a plexiglass box.”

    1. fazal mayar says:

      haha kevin good one!

  3. Amani says:

    Hi John, compare to the other two guys, you make it look so easy.

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! A money machine filled with real money. That’s a great idea for a booth.

    1. These people always comes up with the great ideas and this is just another example of that.

  5. Dress Making says:

    Its great to hear that money can be earn in 20 seconds

    1. Create any successful product and you will make money every seconds …

  6. Michael says:

    Nice work there John! You really did kick some ass compared to Kirk.

    1. After all he is John … Smart money maker …. And always eager to get free things …

  7. d3so says:

    “Do you have one of these at home?”

    1. Ha Ha, but surely the idea is entertaining.

  8. Now that looked pretty fun. What a great promotional tool too… The money machine!

    1. Hat off the marketing team for creating such a eye catching promotional event,

  9. tamy zhou says:

    All i can say is WAAAAWU.Thumbs up guys

  10. Caleb says:

    Another example proving the old adage is true: “money attracts money” ❗

  11. Deen says:

    for me 3 dollar is a lot in 20 seconds…
    let alone 18 dollar …

    i wish that one day i’ll get at least 50 dollar a day 🙂 seem hard for me

  12. Nice machine, people must be become crazy in it.

  13. Erwin Miradi says:

    Whoa you made 18 dollars in 20 secs. Even my Google Ads account doesn’t make that much. Well, it’s in your blood I guess..

  14. John,
    I particularly liked the post title. I usually don’t fall for these types of titles, but I just had to click this one!

  15. Free Forms says:

    Fantastic mashin John..I’m impressed by this.

  16. Timon Weller says:

    Nice one.. Catch that doe..

  17. arshad1976 says:

    nice way to get money. thanks for sharing your idea.

  18. Stocksicity says:

    That looks like fun. They had something like that in my local mall last Christmas. I wanted to get in but by the time I got there, they were out of money.

  19. The things you learn on the internet… If it shows up at the mall I’ll remember your technique. Good job!

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