#ASE11 – The Affiliate Summit Show Floor

The show floor at the Affiliate Summit East in New York has over 100 booths for you to check out. Pretty much any company that has anything to do with the affiliate marketing industry in here. It’s a great way to catch up with some of the affiliate and ad networks that I deal with and meet new ones.

With so many conference sessions going on throughout the show, finding time to walk the show floor can be a daunting task. However, I managed to find an hour in between the sessions to check out the floor. Here are some of the highlight photos. You can check out all the photos in the gallery.

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

Affiliate Summit Show Floor

42 thoughts on “#ASE11 – The Affiliate Summit Show Floor”

  1. Michael says:

    Those are some very sweet pictures!

    Wish I could be at the summit too!

    1. Yes photos are awesome but yes video is missing.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I really like them too, seems like an awesome show. Lots of great affiliate marketing companies in the expo hall.

      1. Nguyen Hoa says:

        nice site

      2. allan stuart says:

        i like the click booth guy.. the orange colour look so striking and it can be a great crowd gatherer too

        1. Gift Ideas says:

          very nice
          especially joker is so cute.

    3. They have put up a great show there

      1. Yes they are quite expert in organising these kind of events … They have awesome experience in that.

  2. MykeTech says:

    Lol what kind of car is that?

    1. John Chow says:

      That is the DMC time machine. You can win it!

      1. Time machine … sounding great John.

          1. I wish that worked … lollzzz

            Than I will go in future and will found out the price of shares company, Gold Price and many more.

      2. allan stuart says:

        if i won that prize, maybe i gonna sell it again.. the design was very adventurous but i don’t know whether it is practical to drive it in the road..

  3. fazal mayar says:

    cool pictures, love the clickbooth mascot as usual

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Yeah, the Clickbooth mascot is really cool. Adds a lot of personality to their booth.

      1. they are fancy in their work too….

    2. Free Forms says:

      Yup Fazal Above are really charming pictures & Care is a unique..

  4. For Real Empire Building Tips Get Your Free Copy … That is awesome slogan from Click Bank.

    1. allan stuart says:

      do they really give the free copy book? if they do give it, they should make it available in the cb website too.. not all people can go there due to time , financial constraint

  5. Brian Yang says:

    Way too cool, I wish I could go!

  6. Dress Making says:

    i wish to take part in affiliate summit

  7. Nice information thank you ASE11

  8. That looks like a lot of fun. The quad bike looks awesome.

    1. allan stuart says:

      i have seen it somewhere in ebay, but they sold it for thousand of dollars… really expensive..

  9. d3so says:

    Be sure to giveaway some freebies to us readers.

    1. So d3so started planning … Lolzzz

      1. He is always looking for the freebie … πŸ™‚

  10. Seems to have been a lot of people there, was it a success according to you?

    1. Its always a successful event from last many years

    2. John Chow says:

      It was the biggest ASE to date. Very successful.

      1. We had nearly 4,000 people this time – more than 10% bigger than last year. Great to see you, John.

  11. I hope I can learn much from this blog n the summit. Nice to know you.

  12. Looks excellent but unfortunately as im based in the united kingdom its not practical to attend. However if i ever start making lots of money like john i will be flying first class to one of these show.

    1. There is a lot of room between not making much and John. You can find a cheap flight and share a hotel room to save costs, so you can get out to learn more and meet people at conferences to help grow your business.

  13. Eric says:

    Must have been cool seeing that DeLorean replica. Bet you had a great time

  14. Free Forms says:

    Fantastic pictures all the above & John agree on your point it’s a great way to catch up with some of the affiliate and ad networks that I deal with and meet new ones.
    Glad to read your entire post & appreciate to you.

  15. Free Forms says:

    Thanks for the sharing with us………..

  16. Erwin Miradi says:

    You shoot those pics from nice angels. I wish I could be there.

    1. Free Forms says:

      Nice Wish Erwin me too wanna go there….!!

  17. Kavya Hari says:

    Those pictures are really superb πŸ™‚ Great to see such type of info on here πŸ™‚

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