Atomic Blogging – The Next Generation of Blogging?

Alvin Phang is a fellow blogger and a pretty successful one at that. His goal is to make $1 million from blogging and since May of 2007, he has gotten closer by $23,940.54. This income was made from a combination of advertising income on his blog, GatherSuccess and sales of his e-product, Atomic Blogging, which is the subject of this ReviewMe review.

What Is Atomic Blogging?

The Atomic Blogging sales page looks like one of those super long get-rich-quick sales pages. While I personally can’t stand pages like these, they do work at getting the sales – otherwise, no one would be using them.

There are the usual yellow highlighted red texts, screen shots of money going into a PayPal account, testimonials from happy customers, free bonus offers, etc. Alvin values the complete Atomic Blogging package at $972. However, if you order today, it’s only $47! Of course, Alvin reserves the right to end the offer at anytime without warning. ๐Ÿ™„

Alvin was nice enough to send me the entire Atomic Blogging system so I can check it out and report my findings. The package contains a bunch of e-products, with the main one being the Atomic Blogging eBook and a 60 minutes audio interview with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey. The fact that Atomic Blogging offers this interview gives Alvin a lot of credibility. I cannot imagine Yaro would consent to an interview by someone he feels is shady. Alvin values the interview at $97. However, I doubt Yaro would actually allow him to sell it (at least not without giving Yaro a cut).

Made for The Blogger Who Knows Nothing

Atomic Blogging was created for the blogger who knows nothing, and I mean nothing, about blogging. In nutshell, the 82 page eBook shows you how to make money by blogging but it assumes you are a complete newbie. There are step-by-step screen shots to show you how to register a domain name at GoDaddy, how to order a hosting plan and how to install WordPress.

How Do You Order Web Hosting Anyway?


Setting Up WordPress for Dummies

Alvin goes into great detail on how to set up a WordPress blog from scratch. As a matter of fact, he takes 38 pages to explain it. For someone who has never registered a domain name or installed WordPress before, this information can be highly valuable. If you still can’t do it after reading Alvin’s instructions, then blogging and making money from blogging is probably not for you.

Those of us who already know how to register a domain name and install WordPress won’t find much new information in Atomic Blogging. The remaining 44 page talks about SEO, traffic building, Google AdSense and affiliate programs. If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll find that the stuff Alvin writes about in his eBook has been covered by me on this blog at one time or another, except for the section of ClickBank – even though I use it, I have never blogged about it.

Atomic Blogging Modules

Atomic Blogging comes with a bunch of modules that needs to be installed before you can start making money online. These modules are really nothing more than free WordPress plugins, like AdSense Deluxe and Google Sitemap Creator. There is also an Atomic Blogging theme, which claims to be a modified version of the BloggingPro theme but I haven’t found any difference other than the preview picture and the extra footer link going to the Atomic Blogging website.

Alvin’s eBook goes to great lengths (complete with screen shots) to show step-by-step how to install the WordPress theme and plugins. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I say, “Download, unzip, upload and activate” this will be a Godsend.

Additional Bonus Downloads

Atomic Blogging comes with four free bonus items. You have two volumes of Private Label Rights (PLR) eBooks that you can read or resell. A few of the titles include AdSense Revenue Exposed and Myspace Marketing Secrets. The other two bonuses are 12 months of free web hosting and a free monthly gift. Both are linked with an affiliate ID. It’s a bonus alright, but for who? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Is Atomic Blogging For You?

If you know nothing about setting up a blog. If the thought of registering a domain name makes you sick. If you don’t know what “Download, unzip, upload and activate” means, then Atomic Blogging is for you. I give Alvin credit for creating this. I would not have the patience to explain those basic, take for granted steps, in such detail. I feel there is a huge market for Alvin’s product. The Internet is filled with people who don’t know how to register a domain, set up a MySQL database or run a FTP program. That’s why there are services that offer to install WordPress for a fee.

Those of us who already know the basics won’t find much new information in the Atomic Blogging eBook. However, the audio interview with Yaro was very good and I say that’s worth the $47 price in itself. Atomic Blogging comes with a risk-free 8 week money back guaranteed. Download the system and try it for the next 8 weeks. If it don’t like it for any reasons, Alvin will give you your money back and remove you from his database.