Atomic Blogging – The Next Generation of Blogging?

Alvin Phang is a fellow blogger and a pretty successful one at that. His goal is to make $1 million from blogging and since May of 2007, he has gotten closer by $23,940.54. This income was made from a combination of advertising income on his blog, GatherSuccess and sales of his e-product, Atomic Blogging, which is the subject of this ReviewMe review.

What Is Atomic Blogging?

The Atomic Blogging sales page looks like one of those super long get-rich-quick sales pages. While I personally can’t stand pages like these, they do work at getting the sales – otherwise, no one would be using them.

There are the usual yellow highlighted red texts, screen shots of money going into a PayPal account, testimonials from happy customers, free bonus offers, etc. Alvin values the complete Atomic Blogging package at $972. However, if you order today, it’s only $47! Of course, Alvin reserves the right to end the offer at anytime without warning. πŸ™„

Alvin was nice enough to send me the entire Atomic Blogging system so I can check it out and report my findings. The package contains a bunch of e-products, with the main one being the Atomic Blogging eBook and a 60 minutes audio interview with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey. The fact that Atomic Blogging offers this interview gives Alvin a lot of credibility. I cannot imagine Yaro would consent to an interview by someone he feels is shady. Alvin values the interview at $97. However, I doubt Yaro would actually allow him to sell it (at least not without giving Yaro a cut).

Made for The Blogger Who Knows Nothing

Atomic Blogging was created for the blogger who knows nothing, and I mean nothing, about blogging. In nutshell, the 82 page eBook shows you how to make money by blogging but it assumes you are a complete newbie. There are step-by-step screen shots to show you how to register a domain name at GoDaddy, how to order a hosting plan and how to install WordPress.

How Do You Order Web Hosting Anyway?


Setting Up WordPress for Dummies

Alvin goes into great detail on how to set up a WordPress blog from scratch. As a matter of fact, he takes 38 pages to explain it. For someone who has never registered a domain name or installed WordPress before, this information can be highly valuable. If you still can’t do it after reading Alvin’s instructions, then blogging and making money from blogging is probably not for you.

Those of us who already know how to register a domain name and install WordPress won’t find much new information in Atomic Blogging. The remaining 44 page talks about SEO, traffic building, Google AdSense and affiliate programs. If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll find that the stuff Alvin writes about in his eBook has been covered by me on this blog at one time or another, except for the section of ClickBank – even though I use it, I have never blogged about it.

Atomic Blogging Modules

Atomic Blogging comes with a bunch of modules that needs to be installed before you can start making money online. These modules are really nothing more than free WordPress plugins, like AdSense Deluxe and Google Sitemap Creator. There is also an Atomic Blogging theme, which claims to be a modified version of the BloggingPro theme but I haven’t found any difference other than the preview picture and the extra footer link going to the Atomic Blogging website.

Alvin’s eBook goes to great lengths (complete with screen shots) to show step-by-step how to install the WordPress theme and plugins. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I say, “Download, unzip, upload and activate” this will be a Godsend.

Additional Bonus Downloads

Atomic Blogging comes with four free bonus items. You have two volumes of Private Label Rights (PLR) eBooks that you can read or resell. A few of the titles include AdSense Revenue Exposed and Myspace Marketing Secrets. The other two bonuses are 12 months of free web hosting and a free monthly gift. Both are linked with an affiliate ID. It’s a bonus alright, but for who? 😈

Is Atomic Blogging For You?

If you know nothing about setting up a blog. If the thought of registering a domain name makes you sick. If you don’t know what “Download, unzip, upload and activate” means, then Atomic Blogging is for you. I give Alvin credit for creating this. I would not have the patience to explain those basic, take for granted steps, in such detail. I feel there is a huge market for Alvin’s product. The Internet is filled with people who don’t know how to register a domain, set up a MySQL database or run a FTP program. That’s why there are services that offer to install WordPress for a fee.

Those of us who already know the basics won’t find much new information in the Atomic Blogging eBook. However, the audio interview with Yaro was very good and I say that’s worth the $47 price in itself. Atomic Blogging comes with a risk-free 8 week money back guaranteed. Download the system and try it for the next 8 weeks. If it don’t like it for any reasons, Alvin will give you your money back and remove you from his database.

96 thoughts on “Atomic Blogging – The Next Generation of Blogging?”

  1. This review brings up an interesting point. Us skilled tech folks take what we know for granted (not saying we are all equal).

    Most people who are on the internet do not think like you or know what you know.

    It’s like those sales letters. People who buy from these letters can barely use a computer. They really don’t give a crap that your website looks ugly as hell. What they are seeing is magical. They are exploring a world which is new to them. They don’t know what to expect. They are confused. They are learning.

    You can use this to your advantage.

    There is tremendous power in thinking outside of yourself.

    1. Jack Book says:

      em… and could anybody explain to me what is it meaning of John said β€œDownload, unzip, upload and activate”?

      1. Thats 4 steps going live.

    2. You got the point there. Sometimes we close our self and are afraid of critiques from other people that are tech oriented, and in that same time we forget that the internet marketing is much more bigger and that there are thousands of other users that would not mind bad looking websites or what so not (i have seen even university websites that suck big time, apparently no one really cares)

    3. That’s definitely true. It’s the bane of all instruction manual writers?

      *If only people knew everything about everything, I wouldn’t have to work so hard on this manual.*

  2. Steven says:

    It’s really good that he is trying to help newbies out but I doubt many of John Chow’s daily readers really need it. Would love to hear how many sales he made after this review.

    1. Softsled says:

      After reading some of the comments on here recently I would bet he will get quite a few sales (at least enough to put him in the black πŸ™‚ ). There are some new readers that probably don’t have a clue about these things.

      1. Yeah, I reckon he will get a few sales. I reckon he’ll have a few people take him up on the “money back guarantee” as well though.

    2. Rob says:

      John Chow’s daily readers may not need it but the review may bring Alvin quiet afew new readers πŸ™‚

      1. Ebay_Tips says:

        Agreed. Where was stuff like this when I was starting out ❓

    3. I dunno, with 8000 RSS readers, at least some of them have to be newbies…

      1. Internet newbies that know about RSS?

        Unless they are subscribed with My Yahoo accidentally or something like that.

    4. Wahlau.NET says:

      yup…there is no need for daily johnchow reader to buy this.

  3. Michael says:

    I check out ‘Atomic Blogging’ and do not really like it. Looks like one of those ‘get rich now’ sites. I haven’t really tried one of those and probably never will.

    1. Those sales letters pages are the online equivalent of infomercials.
      Like John said, they work, other wise people would stop using them.

  4. Nate W. says:

    I have chatted with Alvin on occasion and he is a great guy. One of the bonuses in Atomic Blogging is actually extremely useful that I use everyday.

  5. Ucuk says:

    These are things that make many netpreneurs gain their income faster… using a very basic things to be as a product….because…as JC said, the market are so huge!

  6. Lindsay says:

    What a pity we have to endure all this “Get Rich Quick” hype and repackaged stuff that the average reader can get FREE by visiting the sites of proven achievers. All this stuff has happened before in the direct marketing industry. I am far more impressed when people started talking about proven methods for generating QUALIFIED leads and CONVERSION rates with their various innovative approaches.

    1. If someone comes up with something truly innovative and an EASY way to make money online, they aren’t going to tell anyone….trust me, I’ve been there πŸ™‚

      1. Indeed, and a fresh example is the interview of John Chow…think like John Chow told ALL the secrets? naah, he just kinda mentioned some of the “already well known” ones, but the big secrets he saves them for himself.

    2. KingJacob says:

      Just going to DP and browsing the forum will give you half the stuff people are offering.

  7. This might be too basic for me as I managed to set up a blog (after a fashion).
    HOWEVER, that being said I am coasting on wing and a prayer at the moment because I am clueless from this point onwards.
    For example:
    I don’t fully understand RSS or how to use it properly.
    I installed plug-ins that were recommended to me but I don’t fully understand their functions or even if they work.
    I spent hours setting up Onlywire and the relevant bookmarking web sites but now that it has been set up what do I do with it? I have no idea.
    I signed up to technorati etc. but don’t know what I should be doing with it.
    I am in no-mans land at the moment and that is why I try to glean any bit of information I can from this site and read the advice from other experienced bloggers. I am on a huge learning curve.
    If anybody can recommend a more intermediate book or resource to take me one step further I would love to know about it.

    I am at a very frustrating stage as I want to do more with my blog but don’t really know how.

    1. SEO Book by Aaron Wall might be useful for you, John has a link up at the top I believe.

      1. Thanks very much. I’ll go and take a look.

    2. Scoot says:

      I like the way your site looks. One thing I did when I started is picked up igoogle and everywhere I go if I like the topic I subscribe to google and then when I open my browser I see if there is anything new to read. This is convenient for me and now I have a practical sense of what an rss feed is. You may have already done something like this, and I am not the smartest but am learning like you.

      1. I don’t want to be presumptious but if you were talking about my site, thanks very much πŸ˜€
        Thanks too for the practical advice on becoming familiar with rss feeds. Good suggestion.

    3. You are not alone as many of us new bloggers are walking down that same path.
      For eg,
      After reading John’s How To Make Money Online, I applied for a Text-Link-Ads account. I downloaded the WordPress plugin and installed it in the correct directory as per instructions. I then went to the plugins and guess what, it wasn’t there. Up until now, I still can’t get it to work.
      Hmmnn, maybe I need Alvin’s help!!

  8. Yaro says:

    Nice review John.

    I was happy to give Alvin an interview because he was polite when he approached and offered to help me in return, plus I could use the audio for my own blog training resources. He’s always testing new things when it comes to blogging and blog marketing so he is in a position to teach me a thing or two.

    I can’t wait to hear how he goes with this sponsored review – I’ll have to ask him on skype.

  9. Etienne Teo says:

    Alvin is a pretty nice guy, he is showing those who are still new in blogging to make money online, i will say if you are totally new, buy his package and you are on your way to blogging and earning money.

  10. Klaudio says:

    AtomicBlogging is not a site for me. 😯

  11. sam says:

    This guy is getting richer by the day because he was able to tap a majority of interested people. I wouldn’t really write an ebook detailing installation of wordpress..creating a domain account and stuffs…Alvin saw this “opportunity” and simply use it to his advantage. Smart guy indeed!


  12. Alvin Phang says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the honest review.. I think one more thing you forgot to mention was I do give free updates to customers who bought my product.. and also the testimonials are real..

    The reason I kept the book really basic and also added some advance stuff at the end of the book was because there is a huge market for that. And I know that because based on my sales and knowledge from student I teach many people do not have the basics so I decided to come out with a simple guide for people.

    I will adding some more videos in for total newbies.. but also not forgetting the advance guys.. some things maybe John has already covered even I also learn new stuff everyday from everyone =) No single guy can be an expert in everything.. =)

    1. KingJacob says:

      Its not for me but it looks like a pretty good system for the total newbie.

    1. Scoot says:

      I downloaded the free book. I am always happy to learn something. Thank you, Alvin.

  13. Jan says:

    That’s a good review. Maybe it is next generation of blogging maybe it is not. Time will tell.

  14. CKacey says:

    Now John, (I’m old enough to be your Mother),
    As one who has been referred to, and proudly so, as a member of “The John Chow Mafia,”…may I remind you that patience is a virtue and somebody has to do the gruntwork.
    (I just noticed you don’t have an angel icon. Why doesn’t that surprise me? :wink:)
    Anyway, I’m not much farther along in my blog building than the subject of your review is teaching, but…. I read you (Darren, Yaro and Seth Godin, among others) religiously, in anticipation of learning what I need to know, in order to earn mega bucks like you do, someday :mrgreen:
    Had I been paid for the number of hours it has taken me to accumulate all that I needed for a (hopefully) successful blog, I’m sure I would have made a lot more than is being charged for this information. Had I known about this person sooner I may have have gladly paid the price, especially, if you said it was good. Like they sa, “Time is money.”

  15. Click Input says:

    LOL and it usually costs $972?

    1. That’s obviously a marketing gimmick, and say what you want, but the guy has made $23 grand….he’s getting paid, so props to him.

  16. Damner says:

    John’s very positive about this, just because he’s getting a share for every sale of this junk.

    1. Ah, are those affiliate links in there? Sneaky. But smart.

  17. If only somebody would be brave enough to step away from these horrible squeeze pages just once when trying to sell an e-product I’d be much more likely to buy. There could be some good stuff out there but the sight of a page like that just makes me surf elsewhere.

    1. The squeeze pages work, and they’ll make more sales using them than they loose from people like you who won’t buy from a squeeze page.

      I’ve got some excellent SEO products from Squeeze pages, ones that I use daily, most of the reputable products using squeeze pages offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can always try it out and return it if you don’t like it.

      I dunno if there is a return policy with Atomic Blogging though.

      1. Each to their own I suppose. I make enough money selling my software from a propper website.

        1. It all depends on your audience.

  18. Fou Casper says:

    Wow 😯 $24.000 for 4 months? that’s big! is it for real? I wonder which contribute the most money, his blog or his e-product?

    1. Alvin Phang says:

      training =) and affiliate product on my blog =)

  19. David Savage says:

    For $47 that’s an amazing package, I spent days doing the simple things when I was new and it was very frustrating. I would definitely buy this in a heartbeat if I could go back in time. I commend him on this product, hopefully he reaches his million dollar goal.

    1. I agree. If this had been around a few weeks ago then I would have snapped it up. I didn’t have a clue where to start and it would have been great to hit the ground running.

      I think that Alvin is getting a bit of a hard time in this thread.

  20. Shaun says:

    Ah, well…I guess I won’t be getting it. πŸ˜›

  21. CatherineL says:

    Hi John – I have to agree that the original price and the offer price don’t really look credible. But, in a lot of cases highly exaggerated perceived value works.

    This product would have been great for me when I was trying to install wordpress. And it’s all very well people saying the info is available free, but by the time you’ve searched through heaps of crap and found a ton of misinformation, you’d be better off paying for the proper instructions.

    Hopefully someone will write an ebook on how to change a wordpress theme, install a new header etc.

  22. I want a one copy for review

  23. samuro says:

    Nice review john!. So atomicblogging is not for me, hehehe….. Btw, Alvin Phang is a nice guy, he is really helping bloggers to make money online, especially me.

  24. Nice review. I wish I would have known about this last year.

  25. I’m sure there is value. And if someone is really desperate, $47 might be the right price.

    And I guess his target market is people who have no idea that you can find this information for free pretty easily.

  26. MyBlogCotest says:

    Sounds good but I don’t need it/ :mrgreen:

  27. Nick says:

    Here we go, now we are going to get a new flood of blogs about making money online from people that no nothing about making money online and they are all going to look the same (the default theme).

    1. I wonder why searching for a unique and creative theme is deemed a topic good enough for beginning bloggers. It’s one of the most important.

  28. Eric L. says:

    From experience, if you know nothing about the Internet, you shouldn’t even start blogging. There are lots of free resources on the Web that will teach people how to start blogging. Inquire first and decide if it’s for you.

    The simple fact that someone would buy such a basic package is already a sign that that person will probably fail. Sad but true.

  29. It is realy good idea… there is many people askng me where I bought domain and what do they need to run a website. This would teach them…

  30. A lot of those can be found around the net if you know how to search for them. My opinion is that this book might be targeted for “older” people. Most of todays kids are already into blogs and they kinda know their way around the internet.

  31. James Price says:

    Not to knock anyone but isn’t correct spelling and grammer important in producing a professional feel and appearance?

    Should I be questioning the paid review or the sites associated with it?

  32. James Price says:

    As I spell ‘grammer’ incorrectly?

    I sincerely was not trying to be rude.

  33. I m a Newbie and just started blogging 6 months back .Bought Atomic Blogging recently & Happy about it. With Alvin’s personal and ebook guidance, my Blog Alexa ranking soars at 272,000 for a NEWBIE ! Alvin is a very nice chap and I am Happy for him making good money online. =)
    Wanna check it out how Atomic Blog skin look like ? Go my blog Now

    1. KingJacob says:

      why do you have another sites alexa widget on your blog?

  34. “If it don’t like it for any reasons, Alvin will give you your money back and remove you from his database.”

    Lots of people make those kinds of guarantees, but actually getting the money back out of them is usually a different story! πŸ™

  35. Word Hugger says:


    1. Word Hugger says:

      ahhhh… sorry about the capts lock.

  36. He’ll probably make his money back from this review but not nearly as much as he could of. Me and my buddy were going to write a huge blogging ebook with info for all blogging skill levels along with a full blow membership site with a lot of perks. Now that would of made a shitload of money but sadly the startup costs were too big. Maybe next year!

    1. Alvin Phang says:

      erm.. nope.. you guess it wrong.. I am still tracking it .. the traffic is there but.. so far.. not really promising results.. I will posting the results of this review on my blog =)

  37. Jerry Khoo says:

    Had wanted to write a step by step with screen shots ebook about setting up WordPress to complement the Ebook that John has to give away on my site. Looks like Alvin beat me to it in his product.
    But who knows, I might still write one. It’s a good viral marketing tool. πŸ˜›

    1. You can still do it but aim at the people like me…..people who have managed to set up a blog but are not sure what to do next to optimise it etc.
      You could cover topics such as themes, plug-ins, social networking, SEO, rss feeds etc.

      1. Alvin Phang says:

        Yep it sure will be a great viral tool =)

  38. Aditya says:

    Well i too have a 1 crore (2,50,000$) goal with my blog in 1 year. Lets see if i get it πŸ˜€

  39. Sam says:

    Filipino bloggers based in the Philippines will never earn as fast as that of Alvin Phang…our Paypal membership is limited duh! We can’t withraw money from our paypal membership..because we live in a 3rd world country… πŸ™

  40. KingJacob says:

    I like how he values it at 972 but sells it for 40 bucks, if it was worth 900 bucks he would sell it at that price but hes not hes just saying that to make 40 look cheap. And the whole limited time offer tricks pretty old.

    1. Alvin Phang says:

      but it works =) dont believe me go try it yourself =) anyway the product used to sell at $97 =)

  41. This was a good and honest review. I have always been very sceptical with those very long sales pages, but this review created a bit more trust. Especially when I saw Yaro and Alvin commenting back. That’s actually a very nice thing in the Internet. This review gives much credibility for Alvin, and I believe he will see a high peak in traffic.

  42. Ebay_Tips says:

    Those sales pages seem skeezy to us, but average internet users eat em up! πŸ˜†

  43. Alvin Phang says:

    For those who are interested to find out how the review fare I wrote a 16 page report on it at

  44. Samuel says:

    Haha, I thought I wrote a horrid review for Atomic Blogging. (, John’s review is way worse than mine πŸ™‚

  45. Insane Seb says:

    Makes me wonder why you would have to infest this PAID review with your own affiliate links. Didn’t you already get paid? So you bash on a product and then expect us to click on something so you’ll make even more? hmm that’s unethical.

    People will start seeing this eventually.

    Insane Seb

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