Attitude Session – How Evil Do You Think?

There is an old saying that states if you want to be like somebody, you got to think like somebody. In other words, if you want to be like evil (that’s me), you have think like evil. Earlier today, I posted a test to see if there were any evil thinkers out there.

What Were You Thinking?

When I made the post about the Technorati glitch that had everyone ranked at number 1, what went through your mind? If it was taking a screen shot so you can post it on your blog, you were not thinking like evil. You see, the first thing that came into my mind when I saw that was to update my ReviewMe ranking.


Mind you, the updated ranking doesn’t give me any more stars since I already have the maximum five. However, having the 1 next to those star looks pretty damn cool!

I’m a little dismay to find out that only one other blog took advantage of the Technorati glitch. Congrats to Steve’s Tech Blog for some evil outside the box thinking.

When an opportunity presents itself, you have to take advantage of it. This evil out of the box thinking is what’s going to make you the big Internet bucks. A lot of my success came from simple ideas that people didn’t think up but now everyone is copying because they see the success I have. Being a first mover gives you a major advantage. Remember, the only million dollar home page that actually made a million dollar was the first one.

Why I Didn’t Tell Readers To Update Their ReviewMe Stats

There were two reasons why I didn’t tell readers to update their ReviewMe stats. The first was I wanted to see if anyone else was able to pick up on it. The second was I didn’t need a bunch of 4-star blogs hitting five stars and pushing me down on the ReviewMe blog list.

Evil always thinks one step ahead. 😈

72 thoughts on “Attitude Session – How Evil Do You Think?”

  1. John Cow says:

    Your so naughty John! We love you!

    1. John Chow says:

      Well, it looks like the cow has a home to go back to now.

      1. What happened to johncow.cow? A redirect to, was it an evil scam all along?

        1. Glen Allsopp says:

          I wouldnt mind knowing the answer to this

          1. dcr says:

            It was evil. Check out their site for the details.

          2. Mybloggo says:


        2. Wahlau.NET says:

          is it redirected?

  2. ben says:

    i think am confused lols

  3. Dj Flush says:

    Hehehe Chow nice idea there πŸ˜› but there are people more Evil than you in the blogosphere 😈

    You might want to check out this

    I posted that yesterday πŸ˜›

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Man! I wish I had jumped on that wagon when I ad the chance. Time to amp up the evil 😈

      1. There is always some chance.

  4. Glen Allsopp says:

    Are you sure you had the idea and not just copied off the other guy

    I would have shared it if i had of thought of it, and im very sure you would hve too πŸ˜‰

  5. TipsSupremo says:

    Hey, that idea has never cross my mind. Guess I got to think a little more Evil in future… still a long way for me.

  6. Abdalla says:

    I did point this out in the last post John, Read my comment! I think im more evil than you 😈

  7. Glad you noticed my little evil plan among all the comments :mrgreen:

    Btw, I gave back the 5th star πŸ˜‰

    1. Glen Allsopp says:

      Hey steve, respect for noticing

      1. Thanks!

        I still find it weird that not more bloggers took advantage of it. Maybe some did after my initial post but did not blog about it. πŸ˜‰

        Reviewme should do an auto-update. That would be evil on those who were evil 😈

        And one last thing…
        Thanks for mentioning me John!
        I pushed “Add comment” to fast. That’s why I put the “WP AJAX Edit Comments” on my blog

        1. Marc says:

          I was away personally. I suspect lots of people were when this happened. I’m only reading about it now and it’s too late to do anything.

          1. Webd360 says:

            Same here, but I’m not a member of reviewme so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

        2. dcr says:

          I would suspect ReviewMe would do an auto-update, especially if a lot of people did this and if someone from ReviewMe is a regular reader of And, I bet at least one person there likely is! πŸ˜‰

    2. Deelip says:

      Hey, you’re even more evil than this evil.

  8. Oh teach me to be as evil as you, Oh great and powerfull one 😈
    Reading this blog every day is definately making me turn towards the dark side… Just been banned from – Tales from the “Big Mango”

    1. No one can teach you to be evil. You have to be born as evil and someone can just remind you. πŸ’‘

  9. Dj Flush says:

    Wow John The irony is pretty Evil itself?

    You mentioned steve but forgot to mention me πŸ™‚

    Looks like the evil king has his own priorities

    1. Simple: you did not trackback to the original post. I made sure of that when I posted πŸ˜‰

      Btw, you do have a big Technorati button :mrgreen:

      1. Dj Flush says:

        Oh well thank you for appreciating my big technorati button but why should I trackback to John Chow’s post when I discovered this trick myself

        Lesson Learned: Try to maintain your uniqueness and originality and stop following the band wagon and you will prove yourself to be more successful. Right John πŸ™‚ ? lol

        1. By using the trackback, you would had made sure that John sees it and then mentioned it. Then again, your title was too generic with what was going on yesterday. By putting “Evil” and “Money” in my title, it standed out from the others.

          Maybe next time πŸ˜‰

          1. Standed out? πŸ˜•

        2. See, thats what makes Steve a little more evil than you, not only the fact that he took advantage of the Technorati glitch, but he also some how felt that John was going to mention him if he let him know that he was writing about it.

          Apparently i am not evil enough, if evil means cheating :/ just teasing…

        3. SEO Optimization:

          That’s right. I took a chance in getting noticed and it worked well this time.

          At least, ReviewMe let me edit my price so I just cheated with the stars πŸ˜‰

          Everybody can learn to be evil by reading my blog. Oops! I mean John’s blog πŸ‘Ώ

    2. Geedos says:

      That is the biggest Technorati button ever! Respect!

  10. Budget Babe says:

    You sure are the evil one. That’s why you’re adored 😈

  11. Angel says:

    Maybe I need to get more evil in my tactics.

    1. Daniel says:

      Yes..we should be…haha..

  12. LuKiaNo says:

    This is great! John Chow is back to being evil! 😈

    1. dcr says:

      When did he stop? πŸ˜•

      1. Geedos says:

        Isn’t he the most evilest?!? πŸ˜›

  13. Alvin Phang says:

    Nice evil tactics you have there John.. I sure love your screen shot on the ranked no.1 on Technorati =)

    I wrote a special X-Ray review on your blog at . I thought you may want to take a look and post a comment =)

  14. Angel says:

    At freaking last! Gravatar is finally working again.

  15. Eric says:

    Not evil – smart.

    Google is also updating PageRank this weekend, so that may affect various rankings at places like ReviewMe or PayPerPost.

  16. mason says:

    haha nice one john 😈 I like how you pointed it out … made you seem even more evil. 😈

  17. Graham says:


    1. Softsled says:

      Speak for yourself πŸ˜‰ .

  18. BlogReview says:

    so the moral of the day is EVIL = SUCCESS 😈

    1. Geedos says:

      I think that’s the moral of this blog isn’t it? πŸ˜€

  19. Valentin says:

    Going to “use” techorati “error” is not even close to be something evil from part of someone. Maybe just against himself. long terms pont of view.

    I sure think I do not belong to this planet if thinking-out-of-the-box is or should be something un-natural.

    Technorati`s ranking 1 it may apear natural to anybody allready in top 10-50 and make people who were not close enough to wonder what`s wrong.
    Well, I noticed a blog-explosion about that “news”, then any attempt to use that
    “mistake” would be not outside the box, but instead just show untrustful person(s), ready to step on corpse to reach his(them) lame goals, would only reveal the real “face” of the one.

    So, if that is “outside the box”, then I`m in ..

    Maybe I missunderstood it, but I was sure (and belived prior) I read many times that one of most important characteristics of a healthy-long term biz is to be based on truth …

    Exploit of someone (on purpose or not) error is a valid strategy to be used in wars and on sports. there people KNOW they are facing an enemy. Else, is cheat.

    My 2 cents.

    1. I still think it’s “evil” to use this type of error to it’s own advantage. Just to be clear: I used it but not at this fullest, so no monetary gain for me. Go read my post for more information on that if you did not done so. πŸ˜‰

      That’s β€œoutside the box” because I taught differently than others. Ok, if someone use it now, then it’s β€œoutside the wagon” because, I agree, it’s not ethical.

      “Exploit of someone (on purpose or not)”
      I have a problem with “or not”. I saw ads on your blog and may even gain without knowing it. The ad provider may had updated the Technorati ranking at the time of the error. This is outside of your control. :sad

      My 1.5cents

      1. Valentin says:

        The main problems of the issue :

        1. I haven`t say YOU are evil. Is a world-wide saying : who try hard to find excuse is in fact acusing himself.

        2. I got the thing as being about being evil and not about being “evil”.
        In John Chow`s above post, there is said EVIL, not “EVIL”.

        3. You quoted :
        β€œExploit of someone (on purpose or not)”

        I said :
        Exploit of someone (on purpose or not) error

        Ok, maybe my way was really hard to read, so I re-phrase it :

        ‘Exploit of someone`s error( made on purpose or not )’ is a …

        4. War, sport, biz – all require side A, side B and something I`ll name “interface” – C.

        If for first 2, A taking advantages using B or C errors, is ok, for biz is wrong way.

        – case war, game :
        Errors may be made on purpose or not by A, B or C. C can be a third country (Swiss, for example), a refree, own population, people looking the game, whatever. Including propaganda. Including a uninvolved directly partner. Use of other errors to your own bebefit is allowed and, in fact, requested. And moral – in the measure war is/can be moral ..
        All between A snd B, as relation, is or would be antagonistic.

        case biz : Any use of imorality destroy or at least jeopardize image. Here are same A, B and C. A is the seller, B is the buyer, C is third part. In our case, Technorati.
        A have used a C`s error to raise his image in eyes of B.
        You need a draw to understand is WRONG in biz ?
        Business is based on interaction in friendly way, about relationship, about make costumers friends. Is not about building false image as policy to convince buyers. I call that scam, cheat.

        Is my opinion.

        My 1.49 cents.

  20. I thought about it but was too lazy to log in to ReviewMe to update my ranking πŸ˜›

    1. NSpeaks says:

      Great cover up story for not being evil. πŸ˜€

      1. dcr says:

        I thought it was a believable tale!

  21. Daniel says:

    An innocent evil… πŸ˜‰

  22. Ginene says:

    Wow I saved the screen shot but didn’t even think about that. Brilliant idea!

    1. It’s too late for me but can leave it there? I would like see if ReviewMe will perform an auto update on all publishers or someone else may check it if their value is different from the one on ReviewME. I guest they will do that sometime. It should be their first task. πŸ˜‰

  23. Ryan Bourne says:

    Although I know a lot about the ReviewMe service, I don’t run it on my blog for the simple fact that I just started it. But the idea popped into my mind as soon as I saw your post. Atleast now I know my idea would of worked.

  24. For whatever reason the glitch didn’t affect my site. I don’t know whether it was already fixed by the time I read the post or what but I was still showing my real ranking.

  25. Would it be evil being oposit of you?

  26. Alex78 says:

    Cynical approach will ever rule! It puts you above the routine and makes it possible to get a clearer picture. Thumbs up!

  27. For what it’s worth, I didn’t update because I am very big on being honest with any potential advertisers. Even though it would be obvious to anyone who is somewhat savvy, I think don’t think the gain is worth the price, which may or may not be a publisher’s integrity and potential for future ad revenue.

    Free Canon SD750 – DevDad Give-Away

  28. Enkay Blog says:

    I had updated my ReviewMe too!

    Check it out!

    The fact that my Technorati is already 4 stars only bumped it up 1! Either way it was still fun πŸ™‚

  29. Mr Beach Bum says:

    I actually thought of doing this but I have too much integrity. Integrity and evil don’t mix. But that’s okay.

    1. [email protected] integrity, its a stat on review me, give me a break

  30. Matt Huggins says:

    I thought of it about 2 minutes after they fixed their site and my stats. πŸ™

  31. It never crossed my mind this evil approach, but then again I’m not a ReviewMe publisher. I wouldn’t have thought of that even if I was.

  32. I’m not a ReviewMe publisher either. It will take me time to realize my evil potential.. πŸ˜›

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  34. John Bennett says:

    I didn’t get a screenshot of my #1 ranking in time (I guess I could photoshop it if I really wanted to πŸ˜‰ ). I thought it was going to happen again today when my comments disappeared again but they came back without any problems.

  35. Sunnye says:

    Wow incredibly evil, yet some might say if I don’t do it someone else will. Might as well have someone who is evil but good at the same time. We don’t need any more internet spammers of viagra and cialis being the only evil ones.

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