AuctionAd Increases Affiliate Payout

After unveiling the new Web 2.0 looking AuctionAds banners, the company has announced an increase in affiliate payout. The payout rate for signing up a new AuctionAds publisher increases from 2% to 5% effective immediately.

AuctionAds publishers, we are happy to announce a nice raise in our affiliate payouts. Effective immediately you will receive 5% of all revenue produced from publishers you refer with your affiliate link to AuctionAds for the first 6 months of the new publisher’s earnings!

AuctionAds affiliate links are built directly into the β€œAds By AuctionAds” link in the AuctionAds ads. You are credited with a sign up if someone applies and gets approved by AuctionAds via your link.

The increase in affiliate payout is good news indeed. However, I think AuctionAds needs to work on the performance of their ads more. I haven’t tried the new web 2.0 ads yet but the old ads are not performing very well. I’m going to try changing the keywords and see if that increases the click rate. If you’re running the new AuctionAds banners, I would love to hear how it’s doing for you compared to the old style.

76 thoughts on “AuctionAd Increases Affiliate Payout”

  1. GettyCash says:

    Auction Ads is another affiliate program that I am in πŸ˜†

    1. Cash Quests says:

      Hey, that’s fantastic! What other affiliate programs are you in? πŸ™„

      1. Amanda says:

        I don’t understand auction ads do you only make money when people buy that item??

        1. KingJacob says:

          buy an item or sign up for an account

          1. ***V*** says:

            I did know they also paid if someone signs up for an account. I may try them again.


        2. Dave says:

          From what I hear on this site, no one is making much money from auctionads. Why would buyers/shoppers use the service when they can just use e-Bay instead? I think most people are suspicious of middlemen.

          1. Click Input says:

            That’s not the point. People see something that interests them via banners on your website.

  2. GettyCash says:

    Its great that they increase Affiliate payout.
    I am looking for product to advertise on my blogs.
    Hope to make some money from AuctionAds.

    1. Great or not, it sounds pretty much like the Google AdSense affiliate (referral) which gives you the chance to earn money only for the first 6 months…but after that what happens?

      The 6% can be good in some cases, but really bad in others. I would still prefer a flat rate as TLA or any other affiliate program that pays a flat rate for referrals.

      1. It’s nothing like google adsense, with google adsense you get paid when someone just clicks on the link not when someone makes a purchase through the link.

        don’t know but it’s much much more easy to get clicks than leads/sales.

        1. I think he’s talking about the Google Adsense Referral Program, not publishing adsense ads.

      2. ***V*** says:

        Why is the 6% bad? ❓


  3. Klaudio says:

    Nice action to increase the payout.
    May I should try it also to earn cash with auctionads. πŸ’‘

    1. You probably will, but like John, I haven’t seen a lot of money from there either. (at least not as much as there could be)

  4. It would be nice if they fix the quality of their images in the banners, they look horrible. I have signed up with them but the ungly looking banners keep me from posting them on the web site.

  5. John you get paid when someone buys the product right??

    U’ve got some AuctionAds going on at the bottom of every post, would you mind sharing the progress they are making. Are you getting any sales?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s too early to tell. I’m am still testing. However, to answer your question, yes you get paid when someone buys the item in question.

      1. Ok thanks John, well I’ll most probably be reading a post from you pretty soon about your progress with AuctionAd’s right?

        Will be waiting for it.

        Another Thing, would it be too much of a hassle to write a post about how (People like me) who cannot receive paypal payments can easily sell direct ads?

        Are there any payment methods, credit card processing. Don’t know but I guess it would be interesting to know how you would have gone around such an issue.

        1. MR-Gee says:

          You can check out this thread at DP for the payment processors question:

      2. Click Input says:

        Also when someone new signs up to eBay and buys an item ($25 I believe).

        1. ***V*** says:

          $25 per signup!?

          Are you sure?


    2. I haven’t noticed the Auction Ads myself…so they aren’t effective at least to me.

  6. bob cobb says:

    Ive never liked auctionads, their performance is only good on a select few sites, and they don’t really look that good.

    1. I agree with this.. their look has improved a bit though.

      1. Word Hugger says:

        Well they ARE advertisements, its not like they are the easiest thing to make pretty. 😎

  7. This move is a lot better than the new web 2.0 banners imo. Larger affiliate payouts is always a good thing!

    1. Yes, increasing payouts was a smart move.. this may keep them afloat!

  8. Yep, I won’t recommend adding auctionads on new blogs, or blogs with low traffic

    1. That’s what I thought so too, I also don’t see AuctionAds as being a big earner for this blog either, I see it’s more inclined towards shopping websites, but hey only time will tell.

    2. KingJacob says:

      AuctionAds works very well with small niche sites but not too wel with sites not advertising a specific product or category.

  9. KingJacob says:

    Ive referred a few people yet have made nothing from affiliates do to it being hard to make them perform well.

    1. Same here. On another blog of mine.. I did quite well for referrals, but very little payout resulted in them. 😯

      1. ***V*** says:

        What was the payout like? Do you still use them on your blog or did you replace the space with something else?


  10. Auction Ads Are Terrible my click thru rate was at 16% (no joke) on a 2,000 visitor a day blog with 7,000 pageviews and not one order was placed and the ads were directly targeted to a brand that the blog is all about and there was plenty of listings for it. The users would click thru, but not purchase.

    Maybe cause audience consist of young women and maybe they don’t use Ebay as much but I tried it across a network of sites with men as the target and it performed terrible as far as someone actually buying a product. I think it is the worse yet.

    Great idea, but it is not optimized yet and needs something else like maybe the (Ebay) lister pays extra fee for impressions from Auction ads. So that then the publisher can get a small amount for CPC and CPA because most just don’t follow thru with the purchase.

    Sorry, but I typed really fast πŸ˜‰

  11. YC says:

    I believe it’s only useful for niche sites which are promoting/selling related consumer products – unless John can show otherwise that’d be great. 😈

    1. Dave says:

      I agree with YC. In fact, I was about to post a comment asking about the types of web sites that have had success promoting autionads. I had the ads on one of my sites, but took them off a couple months ago.

  12. Hmmm I got to know about this change before I was even notified from AuctionAds by e-mail.
    John’s getting the news way before we are πŸ‘Ώ

  13. Once my blog starts getting decent traffic i might look at adding Auction Ads

  14. JFC says:

    It was good at first, the payouts were higher than Adcents on the same sites/positions but now it’s not working as well. Yesterday I had about 2000 impressions and only 4 clicks. All of the other ads performed better, even ones lower on the sidebar.

    I haven’t tried the new ‘2.0’ themed widgets yet because they clash with the sites where I’m using AuctionAds.

  15. Yeah, auction ads is pretty useless if you don’t have traffic. At least they look better now.. I didn’t hear this payout increase news either! It must be “priveledged info”!

    1. No it’s not now! AuctionAds e-mailed me a few hrs after John announced it here.

  16. Stefanie says:

    I tried auction ads for a while and they basically were worthless. Perhaps I’ll put the code back on my site and try again. I tried multiple combinations of keywords and never found any success. Good luck!

  17. J says:

    Just installed this on my site, but having trouble thinking of keywords. If anyone has ideas let me know i guess lol

    1. ***V*** says:

      What does your blog represent to your readers? Your readers are the ones who will click the ads.


  18. Susan says:

    I’m running AuctionAds on one of my sites and it hasn’t performed as well as I had hoped. At this time, I’m thinking about removing it but I possibly may keep it up longer as the new owners make some changes….

    1. ***V*** says:

      I haven’t had good results with it either. I’ve had very few click thrus. What are you thinking of replacing it with Susan?


  19. Edgar says:

    I am using Auction Ads as my main source of income for my Arcade website check out my site to get an idea of how to use Auction Ads

    1. Word Hugger says:

      Are they making more than adsense would? What kind of traffic levels does your site get?

  20. Max says:

    Good thing I am not an early adoptor, now I can try auctionads… :0)
    Thanks John for beta testing everything beforehand! πŸ™‚

    (You r my guinipig??? haha….)

  21. Ucuk says:

    Many comments towards John Chow’s “AuctionAds Increases Affiliate Payout” articles show me that there are not easy for peoples to have their own trust on a first sight. Same goes to AuctionAds…This program is just started..It is not an issue if there was a limited products being advertise on AA banners since there was also a challenge to AA in order to gain attention from those publishers.
    Giving us a FREE $25 is one of AA marketing strategy to attract more sign-ups. While we are keeping such a good daily-signup because of that $25 rewards, AA is starting to gain attention from many sponsors….. I think they are now getting their confident to say “Hey! come and be my sponsor!.. I got millions of members….” . Same goes to Evil John Chow while he is posting about his 8000++ RSS Subscribers…. 😈
    Anyway, it cost me nothing to subscribe and promote AA…. Just a sign up and you get $25 straight away…
    p/s: John Chow, I am one of your “Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com” fanatic follower….that manual really open my mind towards Internet Marketing scenario… There are “something” to do with your manual 😈 … I’ll keep in touch with you later on….

  22. john choe says:

    not even a penny earned yet, but i got the $5 bonus πŸ˜†

  23. :mrgreen: Always good to hear about an increase.

  24. Israel says:

    hmm, i havent earned anything yet.

    1. Ucuk says:

      It is not about how fast you can get earn but for me, it is about how you see this thing as an opportunity…. On the early launched of Adsense, John Chow is one of the guy who took the opportunity faster than everybody. At that time, he is not even knows weather Adsense will came out such a taikun like this time… and then, while I am still trying to get my adsense profitable, John Chow had even taken out those adsense advertisements from his site to make much more money using other method…
      Yes, according to Max, John Chow maybe act as our lab mouse… but I think it is better (we lose nothing….) to be a lab mouse for this kind of business other than waiting for somebody to start first. If someday, AuctionAds boom, at least we are already on the track….
      Give us a try, promote to others… and we will see the results later…

  25. Click Input says:

    Is anyone forgetting, that AFAIK, there is no way to check the amount your affiliates are making you?

  26. That’s a nice increase – but people complain about Amazon’s 5-10% payout, surely this is even worse?! :/

    1. Click Input says:

      This is for a affiliates you refer to AA under your account

  27. Kevin says:

    im off topic but does somebody know how to go into blogspots FTP server? I am trying to use wordpress program but i have to know what my web server is. can someone help me?

  28. I was going to replace the link unit I’m using on post level links with this, after reading this update and what everyone else says I think I’ll give it a miss.

  29. CatherineL says:

    John I’m not doing well with the new Auction Ads yet – but it’s early days. I noticed the other day that one of my ads had a pic of some crappy old car – but the text actually said it was a Mercedes!

    1. Click Input says:

      That’s not AA’s fault, they get the images from the auctions themselves.

  30. I ran auction ads for 2 months.

    I never made one cent from them, needless to say after reading this I deleted my account.
    Wow! From 2% of nothing to 5% of nothing, I’m going to do great!


  31. HMTKSteve says:

    I have been running AuctionAds since they started and have seen wild fluctuations in earnings. One month I make $30 then next one I make $200.

    One thing I can tell you is that you need to attach a campaign to every ad spot. I did not do this early on so it took me a while to figure out which spots were paying and which were a waste.

    I run them on my pokefarm site and they do OK. My generic AuctionAd spot in my header performs the best, no idea why…

  32. sandossu says:

    I have had poor results with them

  33. Crenk says:

    This increase is very good to hear. But im not to sure about implementing AuctionAds on my site. Im not a fan of ad networks!

  34. Martial says:

    I have actually noticed an increase in performance over the last week.

    My site is very aligned to AA

  35. Ebay_Tips says:

    Another vote for loving the new design. So web 2.1 πŸ™„

  36. Very smart marketing move by TLA to increase the referral percentage imo. I like what they have done with Auction Ads since picking it up.

  37. i hope to make some money because today i signed in

  38. Aditya says:

    AuctionAds never worked for me. I guess it is for all those people who have a way too much traffic like . May be something more than 2000 unique hits per day. Or else it is way too difficult to make money using auction ads. Though i am already trying it out on one of my technology daily blogs. Lets see what results it brings in the coming days

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