Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter

Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter?

One way that you can make money online is with blogging, but this technique can be very time-consuming. You need to spend time updating your blog on a regular basis, or you have to hire a freelance writer like me to write for you. That said, there is a way around this and it is known as auto-blogging.

Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at Blog Hatter. According to the developers, this piece of software will help you “build your blogs empire for passive income.”

Alice in Wonderland?

Not to be confused with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, Blog Hatter is software that you install on your computer, automating the blogging process. The idea is that you can make a lot of money with very little effort on your part. Since it works with the and WordPress platforms, it also means that you don’t have much of a financial investment either.

Using this autoblog software, you can import articles, search and import images, search and import video, and use the embedded translation utility to publish posts in languages other than English. There is also a “rewrite” tool that inserts synonyms to make “unique” copy.

Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter?

Before all the Mac guys in the audience get too invested, however, it should be noted that Blog Hatter is currently only available for Windows. You could use the standard workarounds, but know that there is no official Mac version of Blog Hatter available right now.

Diving into the Blogging Software

Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter?

The software itself can look a little cluttered (if not daunting) to some users, since there seem to be buttons and tabs in just about every which place. It would have really paid off to hire a UI professional to design a more user-friendly interface.

The top toolbar allows you to configure your different Blogger blogs, adding and deleting them at will. You have the post manager to the left, where you can manage the posts you have on queue, and you have the individual post manager in the center and to the right.

Confused? You can turn to the help page for some direction. Just don’t be surprised to see an immediate upsell on that page.

Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter?

In short, Blog Hatter lets you manage multiple blogs and articles from a single interface. There is a scheduling utility to help spread out those posts, making sure that you blog is updated on a regular basis.

There are other solutions out there that offer similar functionality, but Blog Hatter provides direct support for In this way, you can effectively create as many free blogs as you want. One major component that is missing, however, is the monetization side. Blog Hatter helps with content and not with making money, per se.

Thousands of Free PLR Articles

Since it is meant to provide a semi-automated solution for posting to blogs, it makes sense that Blog Hatter comes with some content to get you started. Rather than providing you access to a database, Blog Hatter lets you download 6500 PLR articles immediately.

Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter?

These are provided as basic text files and they are organized based on topic. You shouldn’t expect the highest of quality when it comes to the writing in these articles, however. Here is a brief snippet from one of the articles on cell phones.

Cell phone has evolved to be one of the most important part of life. Most businesses require their officers to have a cell phone. Even individuals need cell phones in going about their daily lives. This is why acquiring this important gadget require intelligence to avoid inappropriate expense.

The grammar is worse than John’s. That’s because most PLR articles are written in English, translated into another language, and then translated back into English.

It’s All About the Money

So, how can you make money with Blog Hatter? You could use the software itself to populate a bunch of blogs, but it may be more worthwhile to use the affiliate program. It pays you a 100% commission on 50% of the sales.

John Chow dot Com readers are being offered a special price of $47 for the Blog Hatter software. The sales page will show the regular price of $67, but clicking through to complete the purchase will yield the discounted price.

There is a full money-back guarantee, so I guess there’s no harm in giving them a try. However, based on my experience with Blog Hatter, I’d argue that you can probably find a better solution elsewhere.


62 thoughts on “Automate Your Blogging with Blog Hatter”

  1. Sunny Bhasin says:

    Hi John 🙂
    This tool is compatible with both wordpress and blogger :). I had a doubt regarding the wordpress software, as you know we all bloggers use All in one SEO plugin or PLatinum SEO pack where in we need to enter the title ,description and keywords , so how can it be done using this software only ??, firstly we need to publish then again we need to edit to fill fields in the SEO plugin. Don’t you think it takes much time than publishing your own articles with proper format ???

  2. Steve says:

    Well, I purchased BlogHatter when it was released on the 1st december and my experience with it is really awesome.
    In the review you don’t mention how easy is to enrich your articles with images or video (take a look to the search video or images tool) and how easy is to schedule the posts. The interface could seem a little cluttered at first impact, but when you start to use it you’ll find it really really simple and straight forward.
    The plr package is just a bonus, of course you should use your own content to make good blogs. I used the plr bonus just to build blogs for backlinks.
    Can you make money with it? Well, it’s just up to you and how good is the content you can put on your blogs. For sure, the software is a great tool that every blogger should have. I use it and it’s worth every cent and much much more

    1. That’s the way to do it with Blog Hatter, build those links.

  3. Darni says:

    Well,I think the mainly use of the sorfware is rewrite your article.There are many kinds of these products in the market such as “Mass Article Control”.To be frankly,I don’t like them.Except they can let you write less,I don’t think they can do anything good to your blog.It hurts SEO!

    1. How can building links, which is what you should do with Blog Hatter, be bad for SEO?

      1. It won’t necessarily hurt your SEO, but you better make sure that you install those blogs on different IP’s than your main one your pointing it to. To be honest, I don’t like these “programs” at all. For link building, yes, but for any type of experience that an actual human comes across, they’re horrible. Almost all of the blogs I’ve come across that use one of these things reads like something someone with no understanding of the english language wrote.

  4. Great review Michael, but imho, using auto blogging software like this is a) an insult to your readers and b) will get you the Google slap for your niche blogs faster then you can say “oops”. It is exactly this kind of app/software that is a red rag to Google and its SERPentines. So, if you don’t mind about your search engine related traffic and if you are on a Windows based computer, use it. If you would like to keep your search engine related traffic, like me, stay clear, just my 2 cents, SY

    1. But, i think this software can give original like article. It can deceive google.

      1. Just like Google deceives us.

    2. Harry says:

      Not sure why is promoting this… Seems like the wrong audience. As to the insult to your readers, your Seo Contest linkspam is insulting, as well as a massive nofollow fail. The googleslap? As long as you make the $10 for domain back no one cares. Just buy a new domain.

      1. Ever looked at the top commenter feature on this blog, Mr. Anonymous? It is dofollow, in case you haven’t noticed 😉 As for spam, I think it is for John to decide what is spam or not. I personally consider spam on my blogs when it is a) obviously posted by a script b) has nothing to do with the blog post c) in, case of all comments being dofollow, aims at older blog posts that have already achieved an own page rank. But like I said in a response to any earlier attack on me (which you never had the courtesy to answer). Who are you to decide which comments John approves on his blog or not? SY

        1. Harry says:

          I’m just a dude fecking around on the internetz, making random statements.

          1. You can chill out now, the contest is over (check my blog to see if I won or lost ;-)) and I am changing keywords again, poor John must be dizzy by now! SY

    3. You can always use it in a domain that already has PR and just use that domain for inbound links.

      1. That’s a geat way to do it and one that many people don’t do. You can go into the godaddy acutions and pick up a domain that has age and PR and put these type of blogs on them. Good for SEO, but again, horrible for actual user experiance.

  5. Great Article John, sounds like it saves time but I too would be concerned if it is using duplicate content out there. Down in Australia this is another company that is making something quote similar a automated websites “parklings” it grabs content based on your web domain. Great concept but is it quality?

  6. Yes, filling your blog with bullshit re-phrased useless articles is a surefire way to success!

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      It can bring you a lot of traffic

      1. And a lot of Adsense clicks.

        1. Do you think Automatic blog allow in adsense ?

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            Why wouldn’t it get allowed?

            @Weight Loss…. is your blog genuine content written by yourself or is it someone’s article using an automated article plugin such as unique_article wizard?

          2. As always you would use it for links to other blogs with Adsense to get better SERP’s results.

          3. Because if you use it for your main adsense blog, your going to get your account banned. It may take some time, but google will catch you eventually and ban your account. Using these things for anything other than link building is dangerous eventually.

  7. Hem… if you hate to blog why do you blog?

    We should ask this to each blogger that use auto blog.

    1. I agree with Dana here. If you don’t enjoy blogging and you’re using this software it would seem you’re maybe in the wrong industry?

      Maybe it’s a case of you wanting to make a passive income on the side along with your other blogs where you actually do blog?

      Sarge |

      1. These tools are not used for “blogging” in the sense your thinking of. They are used to build a shit ton of links back to the main blog you want people to go to. The more links, the higher your search engine ranks. Since the content on these auto blogs is relevant to your blog, they pass PR and link juice quite well.

        Many people also use them with the Ebay affiliate program since you can link to auctions. Even if they can’t read what the blog says, if there’s a picture of what they were looking for, they can click on it and the blog owner gets paid.

  8. S Ahsan says:

    This one looks like another wprobot or article fetcher kinda thing! Although i found a tool that can actually fetch articles, spin it to some extent and post it :); whatever it is, doesnt make much money anyways!

    1. For most people it isn’t intended to make money, it is strictly for links and that’s it.

  9. This tool is pretty good I find nothing wrong with but i feel there has been too many blogs which run automatically extracted content. This can lead to serious trouble, one of it can be niche saturation. These days internet entrepreneurs start their companies not to run them but to sell them, these kinds of things encourage such entrepreneurs. I’ve received many investment opportunities from entrepreneurs who focus on selling there blog instead running it.

  10. oes tsetnoc says:

    WOW thats a big amount of articles

  11. sam says:

    I think that people should write content, I can appreciate that trying new ways to ease your workload at certain times can help reduce pressure but in the long run you want to be successful with your blog and that means writing good content and interacting with your readership – although I appreciate the review I think I will stick to blogging myself.

  12. I subscribed to this blog a couple days ago and have been disappointed. Is this post really the best post that could have been written?

    To me it’s cool to have affiliate links in the sidebar if that’s what you want to do but when your content is selling an affiliate link it defeats the purpose. This site is no different than IncomeDiary or any other make money online site. You’re sole interest is profiteering and not providing quality content.

    Would you still make all the posts on this site and invest all the time if you didn’t make as much money as you do from it? If the answer is no then you shouldn’t be allowed to use a keyboard.

    1. The trick with learning from the gurus is observing what and how they are doing things, not do believe everything they tell you 😉 BTW if you get used to the style here at Johns blog, you will notice that this is actually a negative review. SY

      1. Thats the thing with “gurus” though. If they are telling you to do something, there’s a good chance thats what they were doing yesterday, and it’s not what they are doing today.

  13. Kajanova says:

    I don’t like the idea of automated blogging… what happened to the good ol’ days when blogging meant writing your own content and it wasn’t just about the almighty dollar? I’d feel like a sell out if I used this.

  14. Not a big fan of autoblogging, most of the content is just duplicate content, you cant beat writing your own posts and having 100% unique content on your website.

  15. fas says:

    Why would you hate blogging and still want to blog?

  16. Chris says:

    I don’t know why you all think that this software is ONLY able to generate duplicate content. Take a look at the video on the main page, and watch that it is just an automation tool. The content is yours: you decide what to post, not the software. It makes only easier to do the rest.
    Going to buy and test it 😉

  17. Melvin says:

    building real blogs is still the BETTER way i must say

    1. oes tsetnoc says:

      Yeah!!! you are right orignal content is always batter

  18. Just like the reviewer said, it’s all about the money. Think about that…

  19. Voodoohexe says:

    Software can´t replace a human beeing but nethertheless this software could help you sometimes a bit.

    But I prefer do do the texts (and magic) all by myself, I know there is always a different power behind the things you do yourself because you put your very special and individual energy into it…!!

    Greetings from Kenia,

    Achieng Ovieto

  20. Kevin Pasco says:

    I think I may pick this up to go along with one of my niche sites. Having more than one blog can KILL you if you post all the content yourself so this would make it a lot more “do-able”!

    Thanks John

  21. Nick Aviles says:

    You don’t have to hate blogging to use automated software to spin articles for you and pre-set publishing times. Of course, in my opinion, those articles will not achieve any substantial rankings whatsoever, even if they are posted over a substantial period of time. While it may look somewhat legit in the spider’s eyes, it won’t be much use to the visitors since the articles will have many grammatical mistakes.

  22. Todd says:

    The #1 build-a-blog site refused to mention this product – and for good reason. I am disappionted John is on the take with this shill product.

    1. Steve says:

      Which is the #1 build-a-blog site?

    2. Steve says:

      Ah, probably John has been paid $500 by the software owner to have this sponsored review ..It’s all about money…

  23. Tradeprofits says:

    Now that’s just great. So we can have even more blogs with “unique” content… I really wonder if people actually make any money with this kind of sites…

  24. Englishland says:

    This software may be good for those who cannot write a post for their blog a day. But I will not use it. I have a website for English learners and a blog about naval architecture. i write most of the articles by myself. Originality of posts or pages is important to keep the reputation of the blog or website high.

  25. So Michael Kwan according to you how any one should monetize an automatic blog.

    I mean adsense on them will be tough and risky task.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      Some blog design can increase your adsense earning by making your links mistaken with the content… but I never tried this methods, just saw it on several forums and sites.

      BTW, nothing stop you from writing your own article as well along with the automated content so that you can accept paid review or paid per post…

    2. The ebay affiliate program is one way,, Amazon, anything that you can get a picture that links to something that the person who visited the blog was looking for. Choose your keywords and let the program go. Thats the main way people monetize them. But most use them to build a ton of links pointing back to the site they want to rank.

  26. Scott says:

    Not that I’ll be saying anything new here, but in my experience, anything that seems like the lazy way out…is the lazy way out. And you never make much, if anything, from laziness.

    This software mostly appeals to the kind of people who will go through their entire lives waiting on a get rich quick scheme to actually make them rich. It never will, but the individuals and companies selling this stuff to them probably will.

    Not to say software like this couldn’t, in some circumstances, have a use. But for me, I would never use it because I don’t see how it would ever result in making a significant amount of money.

  27. Dean Saliiba says:

    Has anyone ever made money with auto blogging?

  28. I’m pretty wary of any auto generated content. There will be a penalty paid for it at some stage, ans unless you’re a spammer you won’t want to put in all the other hard work only to have this trip you up somewhere down the line, maybe at a stage when you least need it.

    1. Thats the problem with these types of tools. It’s not hard work. You just load it and go. It does the rest for you. So it gives off the false notion that you can do all this stuff so easily and still make money from it. Isn’t that the IM dream you see “advertised” everywhere? Work very little and make a ton of money. Of course, this is bull sh#t

  29. k7ail says:

    I don’t like the idea of automated blogging… what happened to the good ol’ days when blogging meant writing your own content and it wasn’t just about the almighty dollar? I’d feel like a sell out if I used this.

  30. Bvit Laptop says:

    This tool is good if you have many blogs, but it is just not friendly enough when communicate with your readers. Being alienated with the blog poster made people leave also…But what i am thinking this is a good solution for time-cut consuming when blogging.

  31. Being new to blogging, I am really overwhelmed by amount of work that i have to do. This technique of software blogging looks very fit for me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. If you are new to blogging and already think of using auto blogging software, perhaps blogging is not for you? SY

  32. enciktitan says:

    i still prefer with normal way and real time. Its better and looks honest.

  33. Eman Cruz says:

    A lot of people are working hard to update their blogs manually and fill it with original content, yet they are still having a hard time making a lot of money. So, why bother filling your blog with bullshit, useless, and re-phrased articles?

    John said once in his book not to use PLR Articles on your blog because it will devastate your blogging career, but his blogs promotes an auto blogging software? Ehh? I don’t get the point…

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