Automate Your Follows and Likes with Follow Liker

There are always going to be people who are against social media automation. I remember when I was one of the people who was opposed to scheduled tweets, but I use those all the time now. Most of us time-stamp our blog posts too. As long as the system isn’t abused, this kind of automation just makes sense, especially if you are using social media for business purposes.

And yes, there is definitely still some opposition to automated likes, follows and unfollows, because no one likes spam, but there is value in having the right tools for the job if you are using social media platforms for marketing. In today’s review, we take a look at one such tool and it’s called Follow Liker. Let’s see what it has to offer.

What Is Follow Liker?

The main idea behind Follow Liker is that it is able to handle many of your social media tasks automatically. You simply set the parameters of the jobs you want done, hit the start button, and let the tool do the heavy lifting. Since you can manage multiple accounts with Follow Liker, it is particularly useful for people who need to maintain several social media profiles.


There are two modules to Follow Liker: Twitter and Instagram. You can purchase either one of these separately or you can save some money when you buy them as a combined bundle. The fundamental functions are similar across the two modules, but they are naturally adapted to each platform.

Follow Liker can be used to follow and unfollow users automatically, as well as reply to similar tweets, like and comment on photos, automatically retweet relevant tweets, and so on. One of the keys here is that Follow Liker performs all of its functions via the web, rather than using the APIs, so your automated account activity isn’t nearly as hindered. You can also set limits and delays to further avoid detection.

Automate Your Twitter Marketing

After downloading the software, you will need to enter your Follow Liker username and password during the installation process. It is highly recommended that you go through the extensive user guide to makes sense of it. Despite its relative simple appearance, the Follow Liker software is not as intuitive as it could have been.


The visual style of the software is decidedly dated, looking as if it belongs on Windows 95. I suppose this helps with making it look more approachable by novice users, but it certainly doesn’t have the look of a professional tool. As mentioned, I also found the actual interface to be more confusing than it should be.

The simple act of adding a Twitter account should be much more immediately accessible. Instead, you go through the wizard and get to the account screen where it just looks empty. It uses the Windows-style “file” dropdown menu to add a “new” account, but the “file” button isn’t even in the extreme top-left corner. The same struggles are encountered when going through the wizard to add “follow” parameters or “retweet” features. Everything needs to be a lot more obvious.

Like and Follow on Instagram Too

The other side of the software is for Instagram marketing and it works in much the same way. You add your Instagram credentials and then you can go through some of the available features to automatically like or comment on photos.


The photo searching feature is perhaps one of the most important, as it allows you to find photos to be liked based on keyword choices. The hope, of course, is that if you are going around liking and commenting on photos that other users will start to follow your Instagram account too. There are scraping features too.

How Much Does It Cost?

Follow Liker is not a SaaS, so there are no monthly subscription fees. Instead, you provide a one-time payment and you can use the tool with as many social profiles as you’d like. If you have a lot of accounts, it’s handy that you can save your work into separate projects too.


The Twitter Edition and Instagram Edition of Follow Liker sell for $97.99 each or you can buy the combined version for a one-time payment of $177.99. It is Windows-only software, so Mac users are out of luck. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only if the software does not work on your computer.

17 thoughts on “Automate Your Follows and Likes with Follow Liker”

  1. Sire John,

    This is really informative but I believe there is going to be negative side of this tool but if however there isn’t, then it’s worth try and the best tool to increase followers.

  2. Sounds like a good product if you want a good amount of followers. I might just give it a try.


  3. Raymond says:

    Sounds like there’s another automated tool out there for social media. I guess with some many tools out there it’s a matter of finding one that suites you and stick to it unless you find something more effective or user friendly.

  4. I. C. Daniel says:

    Pretty cool this one!

  5. faisal says:

    Is it worth doing?

  6. John says:

    Any policy within Twitter/Instagram that would ban a service like this or get an account removed? I recall MySpace friend adder programs that allowed you to add thousands of friends in a few days that worked great until on day they banned all of those accounts and killed all the tools.

    If it is within the rules it could be a great resource – if it is in the grey area I would be careful using primary accounts with it.

    1. Sandra says:

      I bought Followliker around 2 months ago and I have never had any issue with my accounts. The tool posts through the web to make users activities look natural. It has delay settings so that users who wants to do activities with moderate speed are able to do so.

      It is users who wants to gain thousands of followers or get popular overnight that gives tools like this a bad name. If you do things in moderation, Twitter/Instagram will never suspend your account.

  7. Jindo says:

    I might try the demo software?

  8. Zubin Kutar says:

    There are awesome toolss to manage your social media presence, this one looks super. I wonder how life would be without such tools 🙂

  9. Susan Velez says:

    This seems like a pretty cool tool to help automate some tasks. It will definitely help someone get more followers. But it seems like everytime you try to automate something it turns out to be a negative thing?

  10. I have not heard of follow liker but looking on it i can say its very promising. I might take a consideration using these for my blog and on my twitter account.
    thanks John.

  11. Charles says:

    Great article. Really informative. It is my understanding that Social Media is easily accountable for more that fifty percent of SEO. Every search engine seems to put much emphasis on Facebook likes and Twitter followers. I think the price of this software is very reasonable, and I am going to purchase it. I don’t think there is a WordPress plugin that can do what this software can do.
    Thanks Michael. I really enjoyed this article.

  12. Steve V says:

    Interesting article I will checkout the software. It would be great to automate some of my social networking sites and this may help

  13. Follow Liker are new for me. After reading this review i am going to create an account 😀

    1. But price is higher for me 🙁

  14. Zakasdeals says:

    great job and good tips also. But costing is little higher. But the information is great. Thanks for sharing such nice info.

  15. Ammar Elahi says:

    Seems like a useful tool. Will make sure to check it out

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