Automated Timestamps with Blog Warrior Elite

A blog that isn’t updated regularly is a dead blog. You might as well say goodbye to your readership if you don’t have quality posts on your blog on a regular basis. That’s why both John and I have discussed the power of the WordPress timestamp feature. By using the timestamp, you can effectively write many of your blog posts in advance, getting them to go live at whatever point in the future that you’d like. This comes in really handy when you go on vacation, for example, and you may not have consistent access to the Internet.

Expanding on this concept is Blog Warrior Elite, the online application that serves as the subject of today’s review. You get the same concept as the WordPress timestamp, but Blog Warrior Elite is quite a bit more powerful than that. Don’t just timestamp one post at a time; timestamp tens, hundreds, even thousands of articles at a time.

Designed for Regular Bloggers, PLR Article Users, Slave Sites…

This may be hard to believe, but you may not always have full acecss to the Internet. During these times, you can still draft up your blog posts in Notepad and save them on your local hard drive. Continuing with this concept, you may have multiple authors on one of your blogs and you may not want to grant them full access to your WordPress dashboard. And let’s not forget about people who purchase PLR articles for posting on their sites as well. There are literally tons of scenarios just like these where Blog Warrior Elite can come in pretty handy.

In a nutshell, you can compress your articles into a single ZIP archive and upload them into Blog Warrior Elite. From there, the individual articles can be published on your blog using whatever schedule that you would like. When you consider the alternative — copying and pasting individual articles into the WordPress Write tool — you can see how an article import tool like Blog Warrior Elite can save you quite a bit of time. Don’t set those timestamps one at a time; set them all at once through the Blog Warrior Elite online interface. You can also publish these articles on multiple blogs from a single interface.

Adding Blogs and Importing Articles

The main user interface may look pretty confusing at first, but that’s why there is a substantial help section on the site as well. The quick start guide is particularly helpful. In short, you create a user profile in your WordPress blog, add your blog to the Blog Warrior Elite application, upload your articles, select the ones that you would like to publish, and set the time intervals for the articles to go live.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of Blog Warrior Elite is the ability to create a semi-random publishing schedule for the articles that you are uploading. When you have a very distinct posting schedule, readers may think that the publishing schedule is automated. This semi-random schedule, — read more about it here — gives readers the impression that you are actually publishing these articles live. Much more organic-looking.

Lucrative Affiliate Program

You do not need to sign up for the Blog Warrior Elite service to run the partner program. Simply sign up for the affiliate program, provide your PayPal details, and you’re ready to go.

The affiliate control panel is actually much more attractive than the main control panel for Blog Warrior Elite. Don’t you think it looks a little like the user interface on the Apple iPhone, only with a lot more red? The individual icons illuminate as you hover your mouse pointer over them.

The affiliate program pays 70% for every sale that you refer and these commissions are given out for every month as long as the referred membership stays active. It’s also very nice that you don’t necessarily need to use your provided affiliate link. Simply provide your own domain, verifying it by uploading a small text file, and all traffic sent from your site to their site qualifies for affiliate commissions.

Timestamp Your Way to Success

I’m not entirely sure how useful this online application would be for regular Joe bloggers who only publish a new blog post once a day or so, but it can come in very handy for people who manage multiple blogs and those who import a good number of PLR articles, for example. The interface is quite streamlined and I particularly like the option for a semi-random posting schedule. There’s even a built-in tool to check for duplicates.

Blog Warrior Elite costs $17 a month on a month-to-month basis. Alternatively, you can opt to pay $84 for six months ($14/month) or $120 for twelve months ($10 a month). Feel free to check out the free demo to get a feel for Blog Warrior Elite, but know that the free trial has limited functionality.


31 thoughts on “Automated Timestamps with Blog Warrior Elite”

  1. Eric Tan says:

    Time Stamping is an awesome tool… Thanks Blog Warrior Elite for taking it to the next level….

    1. Time stamping is a godsend. I’ve only recently began using the feature to write posts at night when I have more free time and less distractions.

      1. I also like writing some of my posts in advance sometimes for as long as 1 month in advance. After that I go on a blogging vacation.

      2. I am the same way. I just find writing articles at night a lot simpler because I do not have as many distractions.

  2. thats look like a great tool
    i will check it out.

  3. Great tool. I like the ability to choose how many posts you want displayed in how many days. I also like the commission payout for the life of the referrals.

  4. kenny says:

    Am I missing something? This tool seems completely useless for all but the spam blogs out there. The built in timestamp feature can accomplish the randomized posting schedule, and it takes next to no time to schedule up to 20 posts if you have them all written anyways.

    “Continuing with this concept, you may have multiple authors on one of your blogs and you may not want to grant them full access to your WordPress dashboard.”

    Thats why you create an account and give them only Contributor access. They can only write articles and submit for review. An editor can then publish these at a later date.

    1. Tushar Dhoot says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Is it just me or this just one of those ideas that you think are good when you conceive of them but then are like “this is dumb”.

      Definitely no point in using this unless you are a spam blogger.

  5. I’ll be perfectly honest. It’s a nice little tool but I agree with Kenny. Whats the point. The built in timestamp is quick, easy and effective. Lets be fair it takes 5 seconds to cut and paste from words or note pad.

    I think a copycat offline wordpress tool would be better no?

    Anyone know of one?

    1. It seems that the Michael and John did say that it may not be useful for a blogger that has one or two blogs to update. This tool would be for someone who has multiple sites that need to be updated. I have one blog so I keep everything under “drafts” on wordpress. If i had 5-10 then I would have to have some automation and this tool gives someone some leverage with it

      1. Tushar Dhoot says:

        So you’re saying you would be willing to pay monthly for a service that takes 10 minutes of your time into 5 minutes of your time?

        I wouldn’t….It’s not like I’m Warren Buffet. I don’t get paid per minute, so I can take the time out and do stuff for myself.

        1. It’s not about being buffet it’s about attaching a $ to your time. Now, if you don’t have the money to do so then you have to do everything yourself. I did and so does everyone else. However, If you pay to free up your time to work on other profit making things they it would be worth it. I am not lying when I say that I worked almost a total of 10 hours to get a peel add on my site that would work with every major browser. I finally gave up and turned to
          The guy that I used got it working for me in less than a day for 100.00. I think that is was way worth the money. Again, it depends on your priorities and what helps you. I’m sure there are things that you would pay for that I wouldn’t too.

    2. You’re completely right on that one. It really does not take that long and it is just making us even more lazy. I understand why he did the product review but to you and me it does not seem worth it.

    3. I agree. I’m not knocking the tool either – it’s cool, but it’s nice to keep things simple.

  6. Clog Money says:

    I’m going to agree with the above two comments as well. Seems a better feature would be a plug in that imports zip files to wordpress.

  7. Kok Choon says:

    I can’t see the difference between this tool and WordPress timestamp post, may be a video tutorial would help…

    1. Dion says:

      Very useful for PLR article users, like me. Someone … anyone should develop this.

      I like this idea. When it makes everyday work easier, it has potential for many people.

  8. Wow , this tools will help me save a lot of time! Normally I blog on Saturday and Sunday , then stamping it to future 7 days. But everytime have to remember which date have to stamp next ……. quite annoying when you forget or stamping the wrong date.

    1. Yeah, but do we really want to have to pay to be able to do this? Isn’t WordPress just good enough to help us do this? I don’t know though. I guess I would just have to try it out first to see if it really is worth it or not.

      1. The problem with the WP default is that it does not always work, I went to Vegas a couple of months back and set the posts to future dates and not one of the three posts posted when it was supposed to.

  9. Time stamping element looks good , the cost is also affordable

  10. soares says:

    Realy its affordable but at this moment i wont buy it maybe in a month or so,im going to work outside my country 6weeks out 6 weeks in so…..that will be handy!!

    Best Regards

  11. Tushar Dhoot says:

    Too bad reviews on this site are not impartial and even service that the most amateurish of webmasters would give a negative opinion on are displayed in good light.

  12. Hilmy says:

    I am not sure if I can compare BWE with Windows Live Writer minus the random posting feature.

    I am pretty happy with Writer as I can write offline, format pictures, add watermark, web preview, insert table easily, supports WordPress (.com and self hosted), Blogger and few others.

    It’s from Microsoft so some might like it or otherwise and it’s free.

    1. Dion says:

      In BWEI love mass check for uniqueness and autoresponder connection features, which Windows Writer does not have.

  13. Jon says:

    Interesting program, I can see it being very useful for people or companies that write-up A LOT of content in spurts.

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  14. Zak Show says:

    Nice tool, I should use it as I spend a lot of time traveling a,d sometimes I don’t really find the time to publish a post even if it’s already written!

  15. MAtt Borden says:

    This is great! I have used wordpress for a while, but never even knew you could post date a post. lol I guess I need to read more. This is really going to save me some time. Thanks.

  16. Automated timestamps are a must have for any blogger who wishes to be taken seriously. The people will not wait!

  17. Keral Patel says:

    I am also using tricks like this to post into future dates from right now 😀 Saves lots of energy to instantly think on articles when the blog posting due date is there 🙂

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