Azoogle Playboy Mansion Publisher Challenge 2010

For those of you who attended last year, the Azoogle party at the Playboy Mansion was THE party of 2009. Well, Azoogle is doing it again! Only this time, it’s going to be much bigger and even better. For those who didn’t attend last year, you certainly missed out. Here’s how to go make sure you’re on the list for 2010.

The Challenge

For publishers who drive the highest amount of incremental revenue through the AzoogleAds network during the period of February 1, 2010 at 12:01AM EST to July 31, 2010 Midnight EST versus the prior 6-month period (August 1, 2009 to January 31, 2010).

Example: Publisher A drives $15,000 in revenue from Feb. 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010. Publisher A had driven $5,000 in revenue from August 1, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2010. Publisher A, therefore, has $10,000 in incremental revenue for the purpose of the challenge.

The standings for the contest will be released on Monday, February 15, 2010 and will be updated every Monday thereafter. The Top 40 publishers win a party at the Playboy Mansion. In addition, the Top 5 publishers will get a donation made by Epic in their name to the charity of their choice.

The Prize

All expense paid trip to LA and a blow out party at the Playboy Mansion! Once on the ground in LA, you will check into Azoogle’s luxury hotel of choice. The first night, you will get to spend time with Epic Advertising staff, including wining, dining and fun. They have a very special night planned, but that is a secret for now. The daytime agenda is relatively open and will allow for free time during the day on Saturday, August 28. Then, around 8:30 PM on the 28th, the real fun starts.

You will be picked up via shuttle right at the hotel and transported onto the Playboy Mansion property. As you make your way up the driveway, you’ll see the “Playmates at Play” street sign and wind your way past the famous front lawn. Upon exiting the shuttle, you will walk through the Mansion gates and into the expansive backyard, which has hosted the most legendary parties in the world. You will walk on the very same ground as the most famous people on the planet. Imagine, the huge pool, the “Grotto”, live petting zoo, multiple food and drink stations…all for you to enjoy. After the party is over, you will be shuttled back to the hotel, a stress-free end to the perfect evening.

But I’m Not A Super Affiliate!

OK, you’re thinking this is the best contest in the world and you would give ANYTHING to go but you’re not a Super Affiliate and the chances of beating the likes of Shoemoney in an affiliate challenge is zero (less than zero even). Have no fear because there will be opportunities to win tickets to the party over the next six months. As a matter of fact, Azoogle had promised me there will be a contest just for John Chow dot Com readers!

However, you can’t win unless you are an AzoogleAds publisher, so head on over and sign up! If you’re already an Azoogle publisher then you’re good to go. See you at the Playboy Mansion!

The 2010 AzoogleAds Playboy Mansion Publishers Challenge

39 thoughts on “Azoogle Playboy Mansion Publisher Challenge 2010”

  1. chester says:

    Nice, I want some of that.

    1. So, you must be an azoogle publisher then.

      1. Really azoogle gave their publishers a night to remember for their whole life.

        1. I think this year they are going to organise in more big fashion and I am sure more and more people are going to join this.

  2. I am already a member of too many affiliate programs and at the moment am focusing on adsense, ebay and clickbank so I’m gonna have to give this one a miss!

    1. So how much you are making through adsense … and your special advice for that.

      Adsense is really pay peanuts … what do you think ?

  3. I tried signing up for Azoogle Ads about 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me. Weird.

    1. purposeinc says:

      Justin, I will point Azoogle to this. They get a ton of people applying when they have contests like this! 🙂 and for good reason.

      1. Thanks.

        When I applied 3 weeks ago I used my email address justin at

        When I checked on the status of my application today it said my email address was not in the system and no one ever emailed me from Azoogle telling me I wasn’t accepted. So why would my email address disappear off their system?

        I tried signing up again today with the same email and another one and now I am not evening getting the email link they send you to go and fill out the application.

        It’s just a weird situation and I looks like I’ll need manual help with it.

        1. If that so, it seems that you data do not record by their system and surely it is because something wrong in their system.

  4. Nick says:

    Great post John and cool video! Actually, I’m focusing on Clickbank, CJ and Pepperjam. I like Azoogle, but I tried signing up for Azoogle Ads about 2 days ago and I still haven’t gotten a reply.

    1. purposeinc says:

      This playboy contest is just so incredibly popular that they just get swarmed with no applications with something like John announcing the contest!

      1. Yes and we love your photos as well.

        You were looking great with those painted girls.

  5. Great to know there is azoogle contest just for john chow readers. 😀

  6. Boraparis says:

    Good one as usual. I love Azoogle and get good respond,
    But now I’m working with CJ and AdWooz and I find out that implementing CJ on AdWooz is worth the time and effort.

  7. aha!! its mean i should join azoogle now, so i can also participate in the contest

  8. That`s pretty cool!

  9. Last year this party was attraction point for every internet based entrepreneur and I am sure this year also they will be centre point of attraction.

  10. Simon Bunker says:

    Great news and glad to hear that their is a comp expecially for JC readers.

  11. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure that I trust myself to behave well at such a party. I have this weakness for certain kinds of ladies and after a glass or two of champers well …

    1. Boy if you will do such kind of act than you will be famous within few days through bloggers.

  12. fas says:

    Another chance to be with the playmates. I wont pass it off this time.

  13. Diabetis says:

    Too bad that Azoogle doesn’t accepts Asians.

    1. S Ahsan says:

      Where did you find that out ! lol..

      1. Saying Asian word is not good here.

        Their service is not available in Asia rite now.

  14. d3so says:

    Will I be eligible to partake in the contest as a new azoogle affiliate with no revenue from last year?
    I’m asking because I’m in the shoemoney system and it seems that we’re going to be working with azoogle

  15. JR says:

    im join in that place but i dont know what i must to do john

  16. Anyone having issues with a pending application please contact me personally Monday and I will see to it that your application is processed.

    d3so to answer your question, yes you are still eligible to participate! Please see for more details.

    Kind regards,
    Audrey Breheney

    1. Thats great Audrey … nice to see you helping in this fashion.

  17. Steve says:

    -30 points for pissing users off with this song and autoplay every time the blog is loaded.

    1. Lyndon Reid says:

      +1000 points for throwing the best parties, for having Affiliate Managers personally respond to this thread and offer help, and for being one of the, if not the best networks out there.

      1. Lyndon I think you should try your luck here as well.

        You are now riding on your lucky timing

  18. mike says:

    How should I participate in the contest, if they do not accept me to their network????

  19. How I wish I had a popular website so I could be present. I’m sure you, John, would have no problem getting there. (And I’m sure you got to go last year?)

    1. John, Jeremy, Neil these people are their cream affiliate member and Azoogle would love t o see them in their party.

  20. RyanBuke says:

    It was a good party last year thats for sure! Ant last year they only brought the top 25. This next one will prob even be crazier with 40!

  21. Scott Short says:

    I’m gonna win. However, if people can’t get to the Playboy Mansion, there is a Hedonism party in Jamaica I can help people with 🙂 It’s in May. Maybe I’ll try a contest, too for JC readers if he will let me. Hmmm…

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