Back Home From The Hospital

Today we took Sally home from the hospital. It wasn’t a moment too soon for me. You see, fathers get treated like second class citizens at BC Women’s Hospital. The hospital’s most important people are women – new mothers to be exact. Everything is designed for the care of the mother, nothing for the father.

Sarah got a nice bed to sleep in each night. I was given a floor mat with no pillow or blankets. The fridge is stocked with milk, cheese and juice – for the mothers only. Fathers can use the vending machine. The moms are served free breakfast, lunch and dinner during their stay. The dads have to buy their food at the cafeteria. Any requests by a dad seem to fall on deaf ears – unless that request was on behalf of the mother. Based on the handout, we’re not even call dads – we’re a “support person.”

I’m not use to being second class but for this one time I accepted it. The payoff was more than worth it. I guess it’s call BC WOMEN’S Hospital for a reason.

6 thoughts on “Back Home From The Hospital”

  1. Justin says:

    geez, that sucks. You poor thing! To work the system just have the mother request everything.

  2. John Chow says:

    That is exactly what I did! 🙂

    While it did get me into the juice fridge and blankets, I still had to sleep on that mat. 🙁

  3. Jan says:

    it’s like that in every hospital…the patients are the ones that get cared for and every one else is really just in the way.

    It would be retarded (money wise and productivity wise) if the hospitals served food to all visitors, did everyones laundry and provided free drugs to visitors.

  4. Teresa says:

    Gee, I just can’t picture you sleeping on a mat on the floor. I picture Bellagio penthouse, MGM Skylofts…etc..but yes, it was definitely worth it. When can we all see more pics???

  5. John Chow says:

    I’ll have more pics soon. Right now I’m working on her blog. If you’re smart, you’ll be able to guess the URL. 🙂

  6. Ian says:

    I had the same thing happen when my daughter was born. My wife gave birth at 1 in the morning. By the time she got into her room, it was closer to 3. We had paid extra for a private room specifically so that I could stay, and then they tell me they didn’t have any more rollaway beds (no mats either), so here I am driving home at 4 in the morning after already being up for close to 36 hours. For the next night I brought my own floormat.

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