Banned From Digg

I’ve just found out from HMTKSteve that he tried to submit my Coming Full Circle story to Digg and found that Digg had banned my URL. I sent Digg an email asking for an explanation. Here’s the reply I got:

When submitted stories are consistently reported as spam and users complain via our feedback email about submission spam, we ban the domain. The domain will not be unbanned. The domain would consistently get reported as spam otherwise. Please review our FAQ ( for more information.

–digg support

It seems there’s an “I hate John Chow” Digg group that is burying/reporting all my stories as spam. If a sites gets reported enough, Digg bans the URL. I ask Digg to unban the URL, but judging by the reply, it doesn’t look good.

138 thoughts on “Banned From Digg”

  1. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, John, this doesn’t surprise me at all. For a while, it seemed as though you were writing posts solely to get on digg, and then you’d make posts about being on digg that would then get on digg. I’ll admit, I was starting to get annoyed, although I never did anything about it, but I definitely understand why people were burying your stories. Sorry 🙁

    1. really well that’s quite sad considering your one of his readers.

  2. HMTKSteve says:

    I checked their FAQ and I didn’t see anything about this. I guess there’s always Netscape?

  3. John Chow says:

    This is from the FAQ:

    Are blog posts okay to submit as stories on digg?

    Blog stories are fine as long as the story is not plagiarized. However, if any URL within digg is consistently flagged as SPAM by the digg community, that URL will be blocked from submission.

    It only take 10 bury votes to kill a story – even if that story received 1,000 Diggs. Bury enough stories from the sites you hate and you can get that site banned.

    1. wow never knew that before thanks for bringing it to my attention

  4. Richard says:

    I’d say this stems from how digg users look upon blogs. I think there is a resentment from many of the digg users who may even have small time blogs but can never seem to get their blogs in digg. (just a guess)

    I know that I actually kinda found it annoying how many times your blog was mentioned on digg… I don’t even know why I cared anyway, So I just subscribed to your rss feed and never thought about it again.

    1. I kind of agree with what you have stated because its relatively true but thats not that worthy of what you said about john chow

  5. Stephen says:

    I agree with Richard. People’s jealousy probably killed you. But then again, you did rub it in, fuelling the fire. But I expect that from you. John Chow doesn’t eat humble pie! Live and learn.

  6. Jack says:

    Yes, those people are probably jealous with your posts always get dugg in front of the page. I am wondering if other news submit website does ban the URL?? It make me feel the traffic from google search is better.

  7. With over 100000 visits a day, the jealous people are not hurting John at all.

    When you can’t match the success the childish way is to attack.

  8. Doug Karr says:

    I suppose I see both sides of the argument; however, it there’s a method to indicate that a URL is a SPAM url, there should also be a method to recognize it as not being SPAM.

    I believe PhishTank takes a nice approach to this. Folks actually vote on the URL in question and the vote is what provides the status.

    If Digg could improve their SPAM reporting to this kind of method, then fans of your site could spend time voting to make sure that your site is valid.

    Not very democratic, is it? Sounds like you’ve been Digg-bombed!

  9. I wouldn’t worry. I bet they unban you.

  10. Jon Waraas says:

    Use another domain and link it to this domain 😉

  11. John Chow says:

    Steve – That’s pretty funny! LOL But I’m not really worry about it. If Digg unbans the URL, great. If not, then that’s fine too.

    *BTW – Digg buried your submission already. I hope they don’t ban your account.

  12. Paul says:

    Did any of the alladvantage 2.0 stuff get on digg? I could see how that would be considered spam, since you were pushing a pyramid scheme.

    It’s a shame, since you are constantly making quality posts.

  13. Matt $ says:

    In reply to the “Anonymous” post, I disagree. John, I feel like your stories are always original and insightful. You provide a look into many subjects that normally I wouldn’t see and I think that’s how it is for a lot of other people too. The idea that someone out there thinks that your posts are spamming digg is ridiculous! If they want to clean up digg so much then they should ban all diggs on the Wii and Playstation 3 because that is 90 percent of the posts on there.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the idiots get you down. They are upset because you have something going for you that most of them will never even come close to.

  14. doyou says:

    Do you get advertising bucks from hits when people view your website?

    If so, and you self promote yourself constantly…then you are infact spamming.

  15. John Chow says:

    Steve – Digg buried your submission already. I hope they don’t ban your account.

    Paul – I believe someone did submit the first story I wrote on AGLOCO.

    Matt $ – Thanks.

    doyou – Yes this blog makes money from advertising. There is also no rule that says you can not submit your own stories. But to answer your questions, all the past dozen of so Diggs were done by readers.

  16. Sonia says:

    The SPAM argument is ridiculous. The site was crowned by majority of Digg users. I understand that digg owners would not mind to see some new faces and this may be a way for them to shuffle their stack of cards. A complete ban because of several votes of non-confidence is an outrageous action, which needs to be reported as a violation of first amendment.

  17. Nick says:

    I just have to laugh at some of these whiners who’s lives center around the “blogoshpere”

    To these idiots complaining about getting annoyed with you always getting dugg. Stop reading!

    If strange peoples blogs ( getting traffic from a site you have no affiliation with ( is a troubling event in your life how do you even function in the real world? Do you even leave your house?

    As for John “writing posts solely to get on digg” this is such a stupid comment I can’t believe any sane person would even post it, but what is John supposed to do? Deliberately write things that no one finds interesting so he doesn’t get dugg?

  18. Eli Burford says:

    Damn damn damn. Not very good for you at all is it. Might it be partly because you were one of the best ‘Digg Whores’ ? I read digg whore from Tyler Cruz’s blog 🙂

  19. Ed says:

    If this site was spam, then it would not be as successful as it in fact is. The vast majority of John’s posts are entirely original and are not spam in any way, shape or form. The problem is that there are a group of people on Digg who are just haters and can’t stand that John’s blog is more successful than theirs.

    To that I say, why hate when you can take notes?

    However, John knows what he’s doing and…c’mon, you’re just throwing rocks at the bears, you idiot. Heheh…

  20. alpha says:

    so sorry to hear this, but i think they will unban soon.

    if not we can start some new website called 🙂

  21. steve says:

    they suspended my account haha (email below)


    title: Suspended account

    This email has been sent to inform the digg user attached to this email
    that their account has been suspended. The reason for the suspension is

    Using a re-direct service to circumvent a blocked URL. However, we will
    unban your account if you agree to not do this again.

    –digg support


    i will agree not to do this again in order to get my account unsuspended, but i will also give them my thoughts on this ban :-\

    btw john, if i could get your AIM that’d be great 🙂

  22. Jan says:

    lol what a pathetic rule….so if people start burying stories, digg will ban them?

    that’s the problem with digg users and the net in general, too many people taking themselves too seriously 🙂

  23. Ian says:

    Methinks with the people you know, you could pretty easily start getting some mainstream sites banned… as a form of civil protest…

  24. Vik says:

    I left Digg a long time ago. That website is full of douchebags.

  25. Jay says:

    Keep up the good work, John… don’t let those self-absorbed pricks at Digg get you down. Your articles are continually relevant and filled with useful information; I’m hard-pressed to say thing same thing about Digg these days. Their site went downhill so fast. One minute it was decent, the next it was spammers and libertarians galore. The whole place is a fanboy-cesspool now, and you really shouldn’t care that they banned your site; it’s their loss, not yours.

    Keep rocking this site and TTZ until the wheels fall off, my good man. And drop me a line if you’re ever looking for a kick-ass developer. 😉

  26. steve says:

    Well, I replied to them with my thoughts and told them that I would not violate their TOS again. For anyone interested here is what I had to say:


    First off, I will agree not to use a re-direct to circumvent a blocked URL.

    Secondly I would just like to lay out my thoughts on this issue…

    Banning URLs solely based on digg users’ opinions is not the best way to prevent spam sites from making their way onto digg. If I understand this correctly, if users bury stories as spam enough times from the same URL, the URL will be blocked – no questions asked.. Isn’t the whole point of digg to display the content that users find useful and interesting? Just because certain stories from are off topic and of little value to the majority of digg users, who is to say that none of his posts are? If one post is spam, it will be buried as spam and not displayed on the homepage. This accomplishes what digg sets out to accomplish by filtering out spam posts and only displaying submissions that the digg community finds useful. I will be one to admit that not all of the posts on are digg-worthy- not because it is bad content, but because the only people it may bear any interest to is readers of JohnChow’s blog (which has many different subject matters, some which are more appealing to the digg community than others). This is where the conflict lies in this certain case; viewers of his blog are submitting content that is not valuable to the majority of digg readers and many users are burying these submissions as “spam” while many of the blog’s readers are digging the stories with blind loyalty to john chow(i can’t imagine they would digg some of these submissions if they were not from In short, I think that john chow’s site should not be blocked because although there is the occasional unnecessary digg submission from his site, a lot of his content is good, rich, and useful content that the digg community should see. Banning sites is a good idea to prevent spam and complaints in certain cases, but I don’t believe much is being accomplished by banning In my opinion, the digg moderators should block sites at their discretion(not the user’s) and ensure themselves that a site in question is truly useless to the digg community and that it is a spam site before blocking it.


  27. furst says:

    The AGLOCO is probably what did it, as someone already said.

  28. Carl says:

    I say we get together and get some other sites banned just for the fuck of it! Let’s start with Tech Crunch and Engadget, just to show how retarded this rule is. Make an example out of the biggest blogs, that should prove a point!

  29. Victor says:

    Digg is losing it.

    John’s articles are in-depth and relevant. Spam articles have misleading titles, links and content.

    There is nothing wrong with promoting good articles. For digg to remain relevant, they need to get off this path.

  30. Jack says:

    johnchow: you blog about your earning after get dugg in the front page. So some people might feel jealous with that. 😀

  31. Brendan says:

    I can see why they do this so people don’t just submit a site to get some hits, but in the case of your situation i believe the articles that get dugg are worth being dugg. Its not like your submitting your own storys. Apparently some people do have it out for you. If they they refuse the change it just find a loophole. Get another domain and do some kind of url fowarding if someone feels the article should be dugg.

  32. Bob says:

    I agree with Victor. In fact, I’ve stopped reading Digg for about a month. It’s simply too easy to game the system for your own evil purposes (that have nothing to do with finding the best news/stories on the web.)

  33. Brendan says:

    It seems someone already said my opinion, but on the odd chance they don’t unban your url, you seem to be doing very well regardless. Yes, digg will send a shit load of visitors to you, but you already have a shit load, so its not too big a deal. Good luck John Chow, as a reader of your blog i will putting my opinion of this situation to my 5 visitors a day in favor of your side.

  34. Peter says:

    Sorry to hear you got banned dude. Dont take it to heart, your articles are worthy of being on Digg. I guess people just got sick of seeing your articles there though and started to “bury” you.

  35. Lawrence says:


    You need to demonstrate how stupid this is. Post something trying to get egagenet or hackaday banned. I will bury any site you ask me to.

    Your loyal Viking,

  36. Although I have only been a Digg user for a couple of months it seems as if lately it is getting absolutely out of control. Every day there is at least 50 Apple stories on the front page (I’m an Apple fan, but still…), and there are tons of spam stories that get thousands of Diggs.

    I’m on the side that suspects there is a large group of people that play the system.

  37. Shane says:

    Won’t be long before these voting sites have to bring in outside observers to make sure everything’s on the up and up – sorta like third world elections!

    hmm … lol

  38. Louis Lang says:

    It probably won’t be looked upon by Digg very well, but you could always digg it under one of your other domains that redirects to your blogs page 🙂

  39. John Chow is the BOMB! banning a bomb does not detonate it, The Web space is bigger that Digg, let’s fly on. MySpace and Youtube never needed a Digg to be big web player.

    An elephant does not need prayer to be big, “BIGNESS” is its heritage. The talented and creative content of this blog cannot be “killed” by the Digg’s assassins’ hate bullets!

  40. Rex says:

    Very sad! Come and blog on my blog now! haha

  41. Jerry says:

    I can see a digg backlash happening…

    Who needs digg anyway

  42. dean says:

    Basically this is a huge hole in, now if you wanted to you could knock out any site you wanted from Sort of the reverse way of digging up sites. I would think digg will eventually change this once the abuse happens.

    John don’t worry your blog is great you have a great following. You will no doubt be back on digg.

  43. Tony says:

    @dean – I was just gonna suggest that. John could easily game digg, but in the reverse way – get a list full of sites banned with a couple of simple posts, ordering his subscribing troops (that would be us) to *click*.

  44. Nick says:

    I’ve just emailed digg with my opinion on how banning JC is ridiculous.

  45. Sean says:

    I think it’s time someone created a Web 2.0 Blog site that focused directly on blog posts, rather than forums and hardware releases. Something of a mixture between Digg, Technorati, and Slashdot, where the people vote, but there are numerous moderators watch the real spam and hate clicks.

    Response to some of you: There’s no reason to start a war at Digg for one site being banned. Don’t make examples. It’s not making you any better than those that got John banned. Move on to something better.

  46. Sorry to hear that John – don’t let them get you down.

    Hopefully your getting banned from Digg will spark a bunch of blog publicity, softening the blow to your traffic growth!

  47. weirdoux says:

    You are a true friend!
    You need to demonstrate how stupid this is. Post something trying to get egagenet or hackaday banned. I will bury any site you ask me to.

    Your loyal Viking,
    Lawrence .

    That’s what I called Yin & Yang.
    Batman also got his enemies. Now as a good blogger (you!), when you did a good job, you have to alert with the bad-ger (bad-blogger)!

    Never mind John, you still have a dozen of Robin behind you….! Yup, it’s me and the rest of your friend here.

    Keep it up!
    I believe there is a group of people outside there which they think the 2nd (digg) must release a.s.a.p. (new site similar like digg)
    And maybe they will come up with the best offer or forfeit all the (silly) rules like Digg did to you just now.
    After that, the site will hot like Digg.

    Do you ever think of that?

  48. HMTKSteve says:

    Someone Dugg my blog post about your banning. Then the submission got buried… Does that mean I’m next?

    It seems kind of scary that a determined minority of Digg users can have a site banned from Digg.

    Then again, we do not know how many buries plus angry emails Digg received about you!

  49. Ian says:

    The Digg Spam rule seems v flawed to me. How can Digg justify identifying something as spam that receives such a large number of diggs? I think the number of burys/mark as spam it takes to bury/ban a URL should be proportional to the number of Diggs. Also, they should have some kind of manual reveiw process so that stuff that has been incorrectly marked as Spam (it would be clear to most people that your blog is not spam) can be appealed against. Otherwise people could easily sabotage websites and get quality information sources banned.

  50. ren says:

    I found your site from Digg and has been a loyal reader since then. Your posts are original and fun to read, Digg is making a mistake to ban you.
    I am sad to see a few people can game Digg in this way.

  51. Mayo says:

    Fu#k digg…

    I never use digg, i use relevant sites that have
    content, and digg is not one of them, only site i MAYBE SOMETIMES !!! use i reddit and it’s tied with programming.

    Digg is burred… 😉

  52. Seopher says:

    John, I was very shocked to read that this has happened to you – i’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time now and admire all that you’ve achieved.

    Digg has faced some harsh words in recent months and events such as this just reflect so badly on one of the most visited sites on the Internet.

    I’m going to continue reading your blog as normal anyway, it’s just a shame that such a good source of traffic has turned it’s back on you.

    I’ve written more thoughts down (, I just find it hard to believe such a respected blogger faces such a level of ‘hate’.

  53. Jim Kukral says:

    Yes, John, but why care? You’re going to get all that sweet pyramid, I mean, Agloco moola anyway, with or without diggs.

    Seriously, ReveNews got banned too because one of my authors kept submitting stories over and over. They won’t unban us either. Ah well. If you are surviving from Digg traffic you’re not a very strong blog in the first place.

  54. Nelson Muntz says:

    (points) Ha-ha!

  55. Victor says:

    I think eventually everyone will be banned from digg…

  56. Mayo says:

    Jim, i think it’s otherwise — the prominent bloggers will ban Digg … 😉

  57. Leonard says:

    I like Digg but what a load of bull shit that was. So what if you’re banned John, we will still visit you anyway!

  58. mrrbob says:

    You can blame all your little fanboys or just accept that you were on there a little too much and accept what you got. I think after reading all your “look at what expensive meal I’m having tonight” stuff they got a little sick of your brag, uh, I mean blog.

    Personally I could care less about your bragging about stuff like what your eating etc. I still think this blog is worth reading but that kind of shit does piss off a lot of people. I got friends that read your blog and rip on you all the time for that stuff, but they do keep reading though, haha.

    If you still want to game digg just start a pure tech blog and put your tech articles and tech news stuff over there then reference them here. Have your fanboys submit that blog instead of this one but make sure that blog is more commercial or just make it a part of ( or put it on another URL so when the next blog gets banned you can just 301 everything to the new URL and keep the train going for ever.

    While the traffic here may feed your ego the bottom line is what really matters right?

  59. Sonia says:

    Mrrbob: I am worried a bit about Internet laws for Web2.0, which may be relevant for many of us and how these laws are mapped to the state laws.

  60. proggy says:

    There’s a concept of social news system using no voting. According to this article the system is resistant to spam and voting cliques. I actually don’t know if it really works.

  61. Sunny says:

    don’t worry about it, your blog has a good reputation anyways

  62. David Mackey says:

    Mmm…My url is also banned, has been for months.

  63. Sonia says:

    Thank you, Sunny, I did not know I had so many fans 🙂

    Going back to my previous statement, I feel John’s published many good articles and even though I do not always agree with his point of view I have a pleasure of reading most of his articles.
    The problem with Digg is that there are some rules in their terms of use, which may contradict with an acceptable fair use policy for John’s site. Moreover in some cases Digg community enforcing the unenforceable, such as SPAM mail whereas according to TOS section 12 such provisions will be “limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that the Terms of Use shall otherwise remain in full force and effect and enforceable”.

  64. anonymous says:

    I think mrrbob is exactly right, you’re blog isn’t all that bad, that’s not what I meant in my comment (first one) its just that you had so many diggs in such a short amount of time, and talking about living the high life just rubbed some people the wrong way. Like I said, I don’t mind, but I can see why others would get annoyed.

  65. John Chow says:

    I’m not blaming anybody for getting banned. It’s just really too bad that a small group of haters can get together and pretty much ban any sites they want from Digg.

    All it takes is 10 bury votes to kill a story. Kill 10 stories and that site is banned for life. It doesn’t matter how many positive Diggs the site have gotten. A group of 10 can kill it. Not exactly democratic is it?

    I highly doubt my posting pictures from my dining out pissed the haters off. I think it’s when I said getting a job is the dumbest thing is the world to do. 🙂

  66. HMTKSteve says:

    Where are you getting this 10/10 figure from?

    If it is true, my blog may be banned soon too!

  67. John Chow says:

    I am not 100% sure on the 10 buried stories to get banned, but I am sure on the 10 bury votes to kill a story. Also, the bury votes has to be for “Spam” and not the other reasons for being buried, like dupe. Then again, I’m sure if you get enough dupes, you will get ban as well.

  68. Nikolai says:

    we all know that there are teams on digg that are actively promoting some and bury another stories. there are lots of money to be made from the traffic that digg generates. John, you probably were getting too much traffic that they wanted for themselves 🙂

    I am sorry that this happened to you.


  69. Lawrence says:


    We need another post about this. You would be doing Digg a favor by getting hackaday banned and exposing this flaw to the world.

    Your Loyal Viking,

  70. Michael says:

    I think one of the issues here is that Digg users only respect their own. If you aren’t on there actively promoting stories from all over the net, but instead only Digg your own blog or related sites, then you’re going to get buried. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t the only one submitting your stories, as you have several fans such as Crest444, hav0k and others who pretty much only submit stories from you or Stephen Fung. Whether they do so purely because they like your site a lot doesn’t matter if it starts to give others the impression that their sole purpose on Digg is to promote you and your friends. After a while, those users begin to look suspiciously like sockpuppets.

    Sure, such factors aren’t exclusive to your presence on Digg, but eventually Digg management has to do something that makes it seem like they care about the quality of submissions, even if it means picking on one of the few bloggers who regularly produces good, original content. Singling your blog out is easier than going after the really big fish, who seem to be immune from Digg justice.

    I love your site and have subscribed to your RSS feed for some time, but Digg is Digg and works the way it works. Anyway, I really think you can do without them. They helped bring you some exposure, but I’m sure you’ll bring in much better traffic and more users through other channels and means.

  71. John,

    This is a tough break. Is your #1 source for referrers?


  72. This is really bad John. Can we readers do sumthing to get it unbanned?

  73. John Chow says:

    steven – Digg accounts for 17% of this month’s referrals.

    Anshul – I doubt there is anything you can do to get me unbanned, but thanks!

    Lawrence – I may do a post on Digg’s bury system.

    Michael – You make some good points but I don’t think that the reason I was banned. Remember, it only takes a small group to ban a site. I doubt this group represents Digg in general.

    Everyone else – Thank you for the support! I’m not going anywhere.

  74. Well John…..Thanks for visiting my blog. I meant if we can digg your stories or do sumthing to get you unbanned.

  75. John: It seems that you received an automated message, because when I asked to be unbanned from digg last month, I got the EXACT same awnser from them..

    We all know what most digg users think of articles on blogs..


    This is ridiculous. It’s not like we cannot provide innovative content after all..

  76. Rat says:

    I just tried to submit a story on digg and i too am banned. I am guessing if you don’t do stories on x-box or play station or submit a video about diet coke and mentos from youtube then you don’t stand a chance with the cartoon kiddies at digg. geez, what is their audience age range, 11 to 15?

  77. Jason says:

    Hey John, I am also a great fan of this Blog and I have been trying my hand at Digging aswell in recent times and I found that Digg has a lot issues they need to sort and if the ppl running Digg is oblivious to the fact that they don’t have perfect system then we better start our own Digg asap 🙂

    Then Kevin Rose will have to pull Digging together.

    Just a thought 😛

  78. smbale says:

    Digg banned me for quote “being a middleman”. I manage websites on behalf of people who do not have the time to maintain websites. Is that a sin?

  79. Jason says:

    I agree I have been in the Digg game for some time and have realized that Digg users are the worst time of traffic you can get in terms of earnings. They come, they plunder and the leave never to be seen again. So even though at times the majority of traffic for most sites, those sites never get any Adsense clicks nor traffic that comes back.

  80. András Puiz says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve just started a blog, with all-original content. I figured one way of building a readership would be through Digg. While trying to add a Digg This link to my posts (not very simple unfortunately), I thought I’d Digg my own posts, since I’ve never found any rule against this.

    In a few weeks, I Dugg a total of six or seven of my own stories. They received a small number of Diggs, but sent quite a few much-needed visitors.

    Now I was shocked to find out that some people got me banned from Digg. I received the same automated response.

    I did take part in some debates, maybe some of the people who disagreed with me chose to get me banned.

    In any case, the Digg community seems to be very immature and superficial, very often commenting and Digging stories after only reading the titles.

    Digg is still a worthwhile service, but their handling of spam allegations is ridiculously wrong.

    Just one question: what if the domain in question is totally innocent, and someone else is spamming it in a blatant way, either in order to get it banned, or just out of misguided good intentions?

    This is sad. I’m sure John’s site won’t miss the Digg traffic, but not everybody is so lucky… OK, it’s not about luck but hard work, but still.

  81. András Puiz says:

    OK, when I said I Dugg my stories, I obviously meant submitting them. Sorry for the confusion. I’m a bit mad right now, as it all happened just a minute ago.

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  83. Thilak says:

    It doesn’t even take more than 20 buries to get a URL banned. This isn’t something good for digg. Their spam tackling technique is gonna kill them someday

  84. Andy says:

    Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened
    Sorry it happened to you John

  85. luca says:

    My blog url has been banned also.
    It seems that Digg is a perfect not-working-fine web 2.0 service. They do what they want, democracy is a “banned” word with them.

  86. anon says:

    its cuz you ARE a spammer you f*cukin douche.

    you actually thought you’d get away with it?

    how many of your lame ass stories had to make it to the digg front page in a row b4 people caught on? WAY TOO MANY. l8r “mogul”.

  87. John Chow says:

    This blog wouldn’t be the same without anon. 🙂

  88. I just purchased and

    Don’t be afraid to speak out.

    Join us in the fight.

    Join us in out discussion @
    , send me an e-mail @ [email protected] or PM me @:
    AIM: useri4823
    Yahoo: sinjix_media
    MSN: [email protected]

    We’re looking for experienced web developers interested in helping us develop the site.

    Don’t let this injustice happen without a fight.

    Quote from our discussion:
    “When Danny attempted to contact Digg regarding this issue, as we are still a small site trying to expand, and one of the avenues we’ve selected in order to achieve this is through partnerships with sites like digg to get our content out there – he received the following (I presume automated) response from digg:

    When submitted stories are consistently reported as spam and users complain via our feedback email about submission spam, we ban the domain. The domain will not be unbanned. The domain would consistently get reported as spam otherwise.

    -The Digg Watch Team.”

  89. IndoDX says:

    banner by digg? wow I just hear it…..

  90. bypass the digg ban u say?
    really now.

    do share.

  91. Nomar says:

    your still banned or ??

  92. Ryan says:

    Nomar, this blog is obviously spam. Actually, digg just doesn’t like blogs, or something? Who knows, but yes he’s still banned afaik.

  93. adrian says:

    That is completely ridiculous! How could this blog with hundreds of posts be marked as spam. This is just a result of the Digg system being abused by the few people who want all of the traffic.

  94. Andy says:

    So…how has traffic been since

  95. Andy says:

    Also, John – how much do you get when TTZ gets dugg to the homepage

  96. Jeff says:

    Politics of jealousy.

  97. HMTKSteve says:

    I’m gueesing the bury brigade has never read your blog so they do not know you are related to TTZ!

  98. Bob says:

    maybe because;

    1. it was obvious from the user digging pattern on your submits it fell into the “gaming digg” category

    2. you out and out stole their icons for your little comment voting, god forbid you make up your own

    3. no one gives a shit about how much money you make i.e. -my interview about my $10k car stereo (translation- look at my wallet, not my dick)

    i for one am happy i don’t have to see your posts there anymore. they were constantly 2 days too late to be relevant

  99. Hey John, my harmless little blog just got banned from Digg too. Did you ever have any luck getting ‘un-banned’? I sent them an email but at best I’m expecting an automated style response! 🙁


      social bookmarking demon’s last blog post: Review Of The Email Messenger “Mostly Known” As AWEBER

  100. Danny says:

    Does anyone want to do anything about this?
    This cant go ignored any longer.
    We need to do something to BURY DIGG

    1. well i can see why they banned john because of jealousy but for the small marketer i don’t see why

  101. Derrick says:

    Dont worry John, you have our support..

    We are consistently visiting your sites for tips,informations and making money ideas..

    Derrick’s last blog post: What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

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