Become a Movie Producer By Being a Member of Team WGH

If you’re a regular reader on this site you know all about the remarkable tricks and tips that John Chow has come up with to turn your blog into a moneymaker, but just as remarkable is his own story of how he got to be a dot-com mogul. To quote John, “I grew up in the Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in Canada. I did not come from money. I am where I am today because I know that in order to receive any blessings in life, you must first give. The more you give, the more you receive.”

On the road to your own personal mogul-dom, I think that it’s really important to keep in mind the potential we, as social media makers, have to make a difference at the same time as we’re making a buck. Not sure where to start? How about by becoming a movie producer?

For the past year and a half, director Andrew Lavigne and I have been hard at work crafting the feature length documentary “With Glowing Hearts”, which is a compelling look at the role which social media can play in shaping real world issues. Shot entirely in the Downtown Eastside and set against the backdrop of preparations for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the film asks the question, “What happens when you level the playing field and give everyone access?”. As more and more of lives move online and get digitized, not having access to this world creates a “digital divide” and prevents the “have-nots” access to potential jobs, their friends and family, and the world at large. WGH is a film about the people behind the Twitter handles, and their efforts to make sure that all those other potential John Chows out there get a fair chance at success.

Now we’re offering you the chance to get involved in the project and show the world that you’re a blogger to be reckoned with through your micro-investment in the film. Here’s your chance to spread your name and social media reputation off the Internet and onto movie screens. The minimum contribution to get yourself in the film’s credits as a producer is $2, but we’ll be structuring the presentation as a “word cloud”, so that the larger your investment, the larger your name will appear. We’ll also be offering a select number of larger investors a first-of-its-kind opportunity to promote a personal, non-commercial blog during the film through the placement of a QR code directly in a scene.

Please follow the links below to find out more about the project and how you can become a member of Team WGH.

Email: [email protected]

20 thoughts on “Become a Movie Producer By Being a Member of Team WGH”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Well it really does depend on whether what you give is something that you actually make money from! 😉 Sure everyone can give away free things, but you could make huge amounts of money with it too!

    1. Hey Dino …

      Will you please describe it more with few examples.

    2. d3so says:

      This is how people take advantage of newbies. They sell them a product with watered down info and create hype around by starting JVs with other well-known marketers.

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        Yeah, that’s why they are all disappointed. They buy some stuff and hope to get rich the next day.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          There are many “get rich” myths on the Internet. It definitely takes a lot of hard work, time, and determination to make money online. It’s a great way to go but there is rarely “easy money” as many newbies are lead to believe.

          1. d3so says:

            Yeah, Im ashamed by how I get suckered into buying products.

  2. d3so says:

    Sounds very interesting. At $2, why not. But if a bunch of people pay higher the $2 spot could be the size of a pixel 😉

    1. I was worried about that same thing. $2 is hard to argue with but too many people could make this very low impact.

      1. d3so says:

        It would saturate quickly.
        Though, the preview makes it seem like it’s worth checking out.

        1. I think they have their own way of making the $2 donators to appear in the movie. Even if it is not much exposure, at least you will be in the movie credits for as long as the movie exist.

          1. d3so says:

            Yeah, you get some exposure but I don’t think you’d get enough for effective marketing.

          2. Jon Ornoy says:

            Thanks for your interest in the film everybody, let me clear up some misconceptions. One, this isn’t a scam, we’re not trying to separate anyone form their money. Two, yes your $2 contribution will render your name fairly small, but it will be there, and should be legible on the big screen. We’ve invested a lot of our own time and money into this project because we believe that social media does have the power to change people’s lives for the good, and that doesn’t only mean by making them richer. Free broadband in itself will obviously not end poverty, but when enacted in conjunction with other efforts can be a powerful tool to giving peopl the power to control their own lives and improve their situations.


  3. Kirk Taylor says:

    Free broadband wont solve poverty, it wont level the playing field, it will just make broadband worthless and put some business out of business.

    Leveling the playing field requires giving someone something that can’t be bought. That is a self belief that they are able to change their life through their own hard work, efforts and dreams.

    Your opportunity to demonstrate this is through John and others like him, who didn’t rely on the system to solve their problems. If you really want to change lives, you have to show them what John and others found that caused them to do something different then what society encouraged them to do.

    I’m curious, so if your movie is a great success and it makes it into theaters, are you going to let everyone watch it for free? After all, you do want to level the playing field, right?

    1. d3so says:

      I doubt this movie will level the playing field.
      There will always be skeptics.

  4. When you click the youtube link, it says ‘this account is closed. ‘

  5. An old saying comes to mind: ‘Give a man a fish and he has to eat for a day, teach him to fish and he has to eat for a whole day.’ As for leveling the digital playing field this means, imho, to teach people how to use it – for free, SY

  6. Peter J says:

    A documentary about social media, now thats something i want to see 😀

    1. I agree with you @Peter. This would be a really interesting documentary to watch. And it would really boost the future of internet marketing.

      1. d3so says:

        It would definitely do the Internet good and bad.

  7. @Jon, this is an interesting opportunity to get ourselves in the movie credits. Thanks for the post. I just donate and are you contacting me back for the info?

    The $2 min is really attracting @jon

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