Best Beginners Tips for New Internet Marketers

In this Driving with John Chow video, I show you my top two Internet marketing tips for the beginner Internet marketer. Do these two tips correctly, and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the affiliate marketers out there.

You Must Own The Customer

Most new affiliate marketers getting into the business do what I call hit and run affiliate marketing. It’s the model they’re all familiar with because it’s the one they hear about the most. The hit and run marketing steps goes something like this.

  • Select an affiliate product to promote
  • Send traffic to the advertiser’s landing page

The flaw with the above model is you don’t own the customer. The customer belongs to the advertiser, and he’ll be the one contacting them and offering them additional products, that you won’t get a commission on.

Spending money on advertising to get a customer for someone else is the dumbest business move you can make. The real money is not made with the first sale. The real money is made with the sales after the first sale, but you’ll never get a piece of that (unless you’re using a licensing model) because most affiliate programs pay on the first sale only. To make maximum online income, you must own the customer. How do you do that?

You Must Have An Email List

An email list is a must-have. This is your customer base. The money really is in the list. Look at all the really big affiliate marketers. Guys like Frank Kern, John Reese, Shoemoney, etc. They all have huge mailing lists. And because they have huge lists, they don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands per month on advertising.

My biggest email marketing tip is to start your list from day one. The biggest mistake I made with John Chow dot Com was not starting my list when the blog started. Had I done so, the list would be twice the size, and so would my income. It’s a mistake I hope you never make.

My recommended email service is Aweber. I’ve been using them for years and they are by far the best in the business. Aweber works seamlessly with LeadPages and its web interface allows you to access it from any computer, anywhere in the world. They even have a smartphone app!

Aweber offers a free trial account for all new customers. The account is just like a normal Aweber account and includes unlimited email campaigns, newsletter, broadcasts and follow ups. It’s a great way to test drive Aweber to see what it can do for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find that email marketing is not for you, contact Aweber within 30 days and you’ll pay nothing.

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13 thoughts on “Best Beginners Tips for New Internet Marketers”

  1. David Hunter says:

    Here’s another tip for creating an email list:

    Don’t be cheap and go with a free email service provider. You’re better off starting off right and being ahead of the crowd than in the middle of the crowd trying to get out.

  2. home says:

    If we already had tons of e-mail list, we also can create our own product then try to promote it to them. Sometime they will buy if the product suit them.

  3. Edgy Freddy says:

    I made the same mistake when I first got started online. It literally took me 7 YEARS to stop making that mistake. 🙁

    Now, list building is the primary focus of my online business and here’s why…

    An email list is more than just a list of email addresses in a database.

    Its is an asset!

    An asset that you can continue to make money from over and over again if you know what you’re doing.

    If you build and nurture your list the right way, you will literally be able to print money on demand.

    Now wouldn’t you like that?

    Thought so.

    Edgy Freddy

  4. hopeton says:

    Building an email list is not easy as you guys make it out to be. The top guys like Frank Kern years to build his email list.
    if you do not have a sizable email list then the conversions will be very low.

    1. John Chow says:

      Anyone can build a list of 10,000 in less than 30 days. I’ve seen Shomoney build a 100K list in 30 days. It does not take years.

  5. Hi John,

    Ditto on list building!

    I don’t do the regrets thing here in paradise but offering advice to my clients and to anyone, I suggest building a list from day 1.

    People check their emails many times each day, or at least once.

    You want to be in their inbox, to form bonds, to make friends and to prosper.

    Night-day difference once I started list building as people shared my content, read it of course and bought my Blogging from Paradise eBooks quickly when I got in their inbox.

    JC, more real talk.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tweeting from Bali.


  6. Anthony says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips john your posts are very helpful and inspirational

  7. Judy says:

    Thank you, John. I’d been wondering for a while what the first step was to begin an internet business, and then I came across your tweet which caught my eye. Perfect timing. Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Alice says:

    I like how you simplify things John! Great post and a good reminder to start list building.

  9. faisal says:

    awesome tips, but you have said them before ;p

  10. Hey John,

    Great, sound advice as always.

    While it can be possible to make money from someone else’s customer if you have that customer tagged to you for life, there aren’t too many product owners who offer that, I don’t think. But even when that is the case, it still makes sense to own the customer yourself.

    Starting your e-mail list from the get-go should absolutely be a priority. Sure, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll run into frustrations and you may not even have the opt-in process sounded down to begin with, but getting it going is key. Plus. once you have it going then you’ll be learning how it all works and you will be constantly improving things as you go. But you can’t learn from it unless you’re doing it.


  11. Will says:

    This is the best and most classic tip for all internet marketers out there newbies or pros.

  12. Caleb says:

    I have found the important thing about list building has to do with the emails you send them as just having them on your list does nothing. You have to stick to the promise you gave them at the point of their subscription because once you start sending them other than what you promise you lose credibility .

    Of course the worst is NOT sending them anything at all..

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