Bet on Poker Affiliates, Get an iPod

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online, because they typically have higher payouts than equivalent CPC campaigns. Nearly all poker websites have some sort of affiliate or referral program in place, but it can be a pain to sign up for all of them just to take advantage of their affiliate programs.

John received a ReviewMe request from Mike, the guy behind Boogster is an online gaming affiliate site that rewards you with free stuff when you complete certain offers, making the pot even more enticing because of their own referral program.

Are You Ready to Gamble?


In a nutshell, Boogster is encouraging you to play poker and get free gifts. In order to do this, you’ll have to sign up for one or more of the gambling sites listed on the Boogster main page. Most of these are popular poker sites, including some of the biggest players in the game.

You may have heard of them before. Boogster rewards you for signing up with the likes of Party Poker, Mansion Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Golden Palace Poker, to name a few. But signing up isn’t enough. You’ve got to gamble.


In this way, the reward program is similar to the “players club” programs that you find in some casinos. For example, in order to get the Boogster bonus on Full Tilt Poker, you need to deposit a minimum of $50 (in real money) and earn 200 Full Tilt Points (through wagering and playing hands). After you’ve completed the requirements — each site is a little different — you have to fill out the associated Boogster registration form to receive your Boogster Points. I’ll get to what those points mean in a second.

On a side note, something very strange is happening with some of those registration forms. Whoever coded their website had a bit of container goof…


“US residents are NOT eligible for this site.”

This was the first thing that came to mind for me. As you may already know, it is not legal to play poker for money online in the United States. This ruling may get reversed at some point in the future, but for the most part, you technically cannot participate in online poker sites for real money. As such, many of the offers available through Boogster cannot be completed by US residents.

In the notes for many sites, you’ll find a message that says something like “US residents are NOT eligible for this promotion” or “US residents are NOT eligible for this site.” You can’t take advantage of the Party Poker deal, for example.

What I find interesting is that some poker sites are a-okay for American residents. I’m not completely familiar with the legalities of the matter, so maybe these sites found some sort of loophole. Bodog Poker, for instance, is fair game.

Beyond No Limit Texas Hold’em

If poker isn’t your thing, Boogster doesn’t want you to feel left out. All of those mini banners on the main page look terribly cluttered and quite daunting, but if you navigate beyond those, you’ll also find offers for shopping, online casinos, and even Forex. Most of these still involve some monetary cost to you before you can receive any Boogster Points.

They’ve also got an investment blog (which boasts quite the amateur-ish design), a free NFL Challenge game, poker strategy articles, and tips on how to play heads up.


No Money Rewards

I’ve made mention of Boogster Points a few times in this review. Well, instead of rewarding you with actual cash, the kickback from Boogster involves a series of “free gifts.” Basically, you go the Boogster Store to redeem your points. Every Boogster Point is worth about a penny in actual value. For example, a new iPod nano costs 22,000 points.

Other options include Apple iPhones, eBay gift certificates, subscriptions to Card Player magazine, and poker sets.

Special Bonus for John Chow dot Com Readers

As an added incentive, if you sign up for Boogster through this review, you get a bonus 1000 Boogster points to spend at the aforementioned Boogster Store. Sign up your friends through the referral program to get more Boogster Points.

63 thoughts on “Bet on Poker Affiliates, Get an iPod”

  1. Nice post! I’ll definitely sign up for this. :mrgreen:

    1. Michael says:

      Please let me know your experience

      1. Raymond says:

        U.S. Residents Not Eligible for the Site? πŸ˜• Well that pretty much eliminates your main market. Probably should stick to something a bit more legal perhaps?

        1. lyricsreg says:

          I’s a nice change from “only US residents allowed” πŸ™‚

        2. Steven says:

          I believe they banned gambling as a whole (except for legal Casinos) in the US not too long ago. Definitely sucks and I am not sure what percentage of John’s readers are from the US but I am sure majority of internet users are from the US (as far as percentage to population ratio), other than that if you base off just numbers, China.

          In either case, I don’t like online gambling (real money) and would have not signed up anyway.

          1. Shaun C says:

            Yeah, it’s pretty silly. They screwed a huge market, because they think it’s naughty. ::sigh::

  2. Ritu says:

    What?? US residents not allowed!!!
    Anyway it was nice to see a post on about affiliate programs as I had posted an entry on my blog about the largest affiliate marketing forum. Dont know if this is listed on it yet, will have to wait and find out

    1. Googlelady says:

      Ritu that’s the new rules about poker online. Uncle sam decided like this πŸ˜†

      1. Gary R. Hess says:

        Uncle Sam? I believe this law was made by our retarded Aunt Sally.

    2. It’s illegal in the US I believe

      1. Michael says:

        Are you sure ❓

      2. Online gambling got a major ass whooping in the US, it seems that there was some worry about people spending money outside of America. The (non)legal case against NetTeller sums it up quite well.

        1. I’m not sure that’s what they worried about. I’m pretty sure this legislation came from the gambling lobby groups lining pockets of politicians.
          I.E Vegas saw online gambling as a threat to their profits and had their buddies in power to have it outlawed. It’s b.s. but that’s the system.

      3. True, like gambling in Second Life 😈

  3. squaretan says:

    gambling is bad for health! 😈

    1. Googlelady says:

      …and for your money πŸ™„

      1. especially for Your money, and relationship with Your wife πŸ˜‰

  4. Jon Kelly says:

    I would recommend that everyone be pretty careful with this. As John, mentioned online gambling is illegal in the U.S. and there are further sanctions in some U.S. states (e.g. Utah) on promoting gambling.

  5. bolehan says:

    It seems like an interesting website. But I don’t like the design of the site. It’s not decent at all.

    1. Michael says:

      It doesn’t have a web 2.0 look, very plain. 😯

  6. Too bad it is outlawed in the states. This sucks…

    1. Neil says:

      You should try living in other parts of the world and seeing how many times we (people living in other countries) are refused entry or participation into certain promotions on the back of having no Social Security number, US Postal Address …. seriously you’re not getting the rough end of the stick!

      1. Maybe it’s first time they see this case from our perspective.

  7. Dan says:

    You mean as Michael mentioned πŸ™‚

  8. Michael @ Tech Help Videos says:

    I don’t like the idea of Gambling and earn points for prizes services. I tried one but it wasn’t very good. If anyone tries Boogster and likes it, please let me know and maybe I will try.

  9. Michael says:

    I don’t like the idea of Gambling and earn points for prizes services. I tried one but it wasn’t very good. If anyone tries Boogster and likes it, please let me know and maybe I might try it.

  10. C.J. says:


    Some online casinos are able to skirt the U.S. laws because the money you deposit doesn’t go DIRECTLY into their online player account, but rather a third party intermediary who deposits the money into the casino for you (as you mentioned, BoDog has one of these “clearing houses.”) There’s this method and about a half dozen others by which U.S. citizens can still legally play poker online.

    I’ve been playing professionally online for the past four years and the legislation that my Congress past last year was utterly ridiculous. On a list of things the government shouldn’t be concerning themselves with, much less legislating, well…don’t get me started. Whatever the case, that’s how certain casinos are still accessible to US Residents and others aren’t.

    1. The list of things that government shouldn’t be involved in is pretty short and simple to write: Just About Everything.

  11. This is a nice twist on the standard poker review/affiliate/reward site. Will be interesting to see if he gets any sign ups with this.

    1. Michael says:

      I will be interested too. πŸ’‘

    2. He will, it’s John Chow! πŸ™‚

  12. KingJacob says:

    So you pay to complete offers in order to get booger points, can you say incentivized affiliates.

  13. ❓ Is this illegal in Canada or no?

  14. Bobby Revell says:

    I hate to leave an off subject comment but Google Announces The End of PageRank and introduces a new Digg like system to replace it. It’s yesterday’s news, Read all about it here:

    I think it is a bad idea!
    Don’t forget who told you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lincoln says:

      Lies. Filthy lies.

  15. Michael says:

    This is off-topic but BLOG RUSH FLAVOURS is now live! You can read this article for now until John Chow blogs about it. (I’m sure his is going to be better than mine πŸ™„ )
    URL for Blog Rush update

    1. Michael says:

      You can also view it via this URL –
      And there’s also critical updates too. 😎

  16. Etienne Teo says:

    Bobby that was a good article written by her and she just got the humor running and spreading, that google page rank is dead! :mrgreen:

  17. I do not live in the USA but am an avid poker player if I can get enough enthusiasts. Unfortunately, where I live, poker is not a very popular game, though a simplified version with three cards is popular in some circles.

    On line poker playing has been a disappointing experience for me. It is not quite the same as live games. I play rarely and only when I am desperate for some excitement. No freebies will entice me to play when I am not in the mood.

    I asked another on line player whether the offer will attract him to play more on line poker and he too said no.

  18. Actually, playing online poker is NOT illegal in the USA… it is only illegal to fund online gambling accounts! Individual players can play online poker legally, however… banks, credit card companies and payment processors (such as NETeller, Paypal, etc.) cannot legally allow you to deposit money into online gambling merchants.

    This law making online poker funding illegal is currently in dispute in the World courts as Antigue and other countries have filled a compliant through the WTO.

    1. Brett says:

      Good point. I don’t know why the US isn’t legalizing this since they can bank on the taxes generated from online gambling. As far as I know it only affects US residents and not Canadian or European or Asian residents. If anyone tries it out, let us know how it goes. I’d be interested in trying it out since I enjoy playing hold’em and blackjack. John, I hope you make some money from this referral program. It seems cool.
      –Overall, good review John.

    2. CJ says:

      Excellent point. Many people are unaware that the law that was passed last year was based off of some archaic provision in the 1960/61(?) Wire Transfer Act, making it illegal to wire transfer money to certain establishments, or…something to that effect. But, yes, the law really punishes credit card companies, banks, etc – anyone who transfers money to these accounts. That’s why the law is being enforced, and why it was designed to bypass John Q Poker Player.

      What’s interesting – and I may be wrong on this – is certain types of online wagering are still legal. For instance, you can still bet online on jai lai (sic?) as I understand it. Why? Because it’s big in Florida, and Florida has a large congressional delegation. The Poker Players Alliance really needs a voice in Washington and Americans at large need to get over their puritanical views of gambling.

      I live in Las Vegas, and our whole state economy is better off because of gaming. I don’t know the numbers but the Australian government has an online casino, where the money the house makes goes into social programs. Also, they’re able to keep track of people’s winnings and tax them. The obvious threat of hackers aside, it seems like a win-win. But again, puritanical thinking.

      As a brief aside – the Congressman who authored that legislation was booted out of office by his Iowa constituents last year. His name was Leach, he was a Republican and he was in a safe district which no one really thought would fall (and by no one, I mean the DCCC). He lost and it was a surprise upset. I’d like to think that had a little to do with the PPA.

  19. I’m too much of a player to ever join such a site, but thanks for a good review. πŸ™‚

  20. BlogForSale says:


    1. Poker Sharks says:


  21. Haven’t we seen enough of those 888 ads already?

  22. eSeduce says:

    I don’t like the name “Boogster”. It sounds like something I might find in a Kleenex after blowing my nose πŸ˜‰

    1. Israel says:

      i agree, the name sucks.

  23. uberum says:

    It’s the first time I see US citizens cannot play :mrgreen:
    However, I think it’s better not to risk money in such games… as usual only few actually get something…

  24. Unless you are playing a hold em game. This is the most popular one right now and a lot of rookies have proven this theory wrong. That’s why it continues to attract more and more fans.

  25. Etienne Teo says:

    gambling is no good…but it does make good money online, don;t you agree?..

    1. That’s true, but it’s going to be illegal soon I suppose.

  26. Kirg says:

    Sorry but As you may already know, it is not legal to play poker for money online in the United States. is NOT TRUE.

    This is something the non-poker playing community needs to know. The UIGA (Unlawful internet gaming act) – which was tacked onto the port protection bill btw, gotta love how the US system works – makes it illegal for GAMBLING SITES TO OFFER GAMBLING TO US CITIZENS and does NOT make it illegal for US citizens themselves to gamble.

    This is why big offshore poker sites like Pokerstarts and Full Tilt poker still offer poker to Americans. Because it is not illegal as an american to play and the sites themselves don’t care about the UIGA because they are offshore and the US can’t touch them.

    It’s disinformation like this that creates these myths to the uninformed though.

  27. Israel says:

    i knew a guy that ran a poker affiliate site, but after the USpassed the new laws, he lost his entire biz because he was based in the US. sucks for him, i wish this guy luck.

  28. Ian says:

    nice post. i’ll try this out and post my results in a later comment

  29. πŸ™„

    Yet another example of government action that harms the consumer in the name of “protecting” the consumer.

    It was good competition for brick and mortar casinos.

  30. Not sure how many here follow Agloco anymore–but I’m still believing in their vision and, in fact, believe in it more now that I see they are following through after such a long period of time. In any case, Agloco’s said on their blog this week they will announce first payment distributions.

  31. John,
    I have tried using Google Adsense along with Google Adwords to drive traffic to my site. Problem is I find myself often operating in the red! Ouch!

    Got any tips on how to use both Google Services and come out ahead?

    1. Good question, I think it is big secret you can discover only by yourself.

  32. Poker says:

    So what are the experiences with this program? I recon i would give it a try if there are some recommendations..

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