Better Kontera WordPress Plugin

Kontera ContentLink is one of this blog’s better money makers. However, many bloggers have problems installing the codes. The last Kontera WordPress Plugin I profiled had invisible links in it that could get you banned from Google. Since broke that story the author of the plugin has made the invisible links optional. Why he didn’t just get rid of it is beyond me.

None of this matter anymore because Karol Krizka of has created an even better Kontera WordPress plugin.

The plugin automatically generates the Kontera Ad Code, which is configurable through the WordPress admin panel, and inserts it at the bottom of the blog. The advantage that it has over Rodney Shupe’s Kontera ContentLinks / MIVA InLine Plugin[1] is that in my plug-in you can specify which posts to omit Kontera ads from. I did this because PayPerPost requires you to remove any ads that will overlap the content of the post, and I got too tired of having to add the HTML code to do it every time.

In addition to deciding which posts have and don’t have Kontera ContentLink, Krizka’s plugin allows you to change the link color and other options, all from within the WordPress admin panel. Another nice feature is the plugin restricts the Kontera ads to your blog posts – no text in your sidebar, header or footer will be highlighted. That will really help to increase the click rate.

Installation of the plugin is a simple download, unzip, upload and activate. The plugin adds a Kontera Integration tab to the Options section of your WordPress admin panel. From there you can set your publisher ID and link color. A box is added to the Write New Post screen allowing you to turn ContentLink on and off.

Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up any current advertising spots. Their technology reads your post and turns certain words into an ad. The highlighted words are double underline and an ad pops up when you hover over it. You make money when a reader clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser.

Download Kontera Integration

97 thoughts on “Better Kontera WordPress Plugin”

  1. Etienne Teo says:

    Hey john, i pretty envy wordpress users because of the vast plugins they have. kontera is a good money making source. By the way one of your link is spelled wrong on your first paragraph “The last kontera wrodpress plugin” 😈

    1. Sean says:

      I don’t know what you’re using but WordPress is very very cool just as you said. :mrgreen:

    2. John Chow says:

      I said it before and I’ll say it again – There are only two types of blogger son the net: Those who use WordPress, and those who wish they use WordPress! 😈

      1. max says:

        That’s right, WordPress rules. I am glad my methodology of choosing WordPress about 1 year ago when I could have used MovingType and all this other crap. (They were just not easy to use nor did they support WSIYG…

      2. hahaha~ I think that is true. :mrgreen:

        1. DeboHobo says:

          I am very pleased with WordPress. However the plugins you are recommending don’t seem to work for me.

          1. ashxx says:

            check which version of wordpress you are using, you may need to upgrade

      3. Karol Krizka says:

        That’s right, WordPress rules! It’s the only reason that I got off blogspot and bought a domain name. 😈

        1. max says:

          Oh yeah, I think everyone starts with blogspot and realizes that it sucks so they find their own domain name… I never realized why blogspot never seems to be improving. (The worst thing is the comments section, it takes you like 3 pages just to make a comment…worthless..)

          1. Karol Krizka says:

            I hate how the comments page is separate from the blog post. I usually the text of the post on the same page, so I can scroll up to see what the visitors are commenting on.

      4. Agreed, I love wordpress and it’s all I ever have used!

      5. ashxx says:

        there is not a thing that comes close to wordpress at this time.. its to blogs what Joomla is to full blown CMS’s.

  2. awflasher says:

    Plugin is really very convenient for wpers to insert ads.
    what another Great job

  3. Karol Krizka says:

    Haha, thanks for the shout out, John Chow. Now I just hope that there aren’t any bugs that I missed while I tested it. 😈

    1. Knuckles10 says:

      Looks good. However, Kontera doesnt appear to have a way to specify how many links appear on a single page. Ive tried it for my website but every second word became linked (i guess my site has alot of keywords that Kontera likes). Perhaps you could do this at a plugin level?

      1. Karol Krizka says:

        The Kontera documentation claims that this is possible (and that the default ad count is 5), however they do not specify how you can actually set the number of ads in a page. I’ve already emailed them asking what the setting is so I can add that into the next plugin release.

    2. Knuckles10 says:

      Am I going crazy? or does the link John provided:
      Not have a download link?

      And the download link John provided… I think its the old crappy one because it looks nothing like the screenshots of the new one John is talking about. Can anyone else confirm?

      1. Knuckles10 says:

        Found the download link on the site. Its like dark dark blue and the text is black. Was really hard to see.

  4. David Jones says:

    Its funny, I switched themes on my blog this weekend and a second ago I just added the Kontera code back in on my blog. Then I head here and see the new plug-in. cool deal. Too late to mess with it tonight though, maybe tomorrow.

  5. John, does it really work for you having all those ads crammed together on the top right? I find them messy and annoying AND – they look like ads. But I do dig the photo of the sports car – that really does say “I’m making money”. BTW I’ve just signed up for your ebook but I hope you’re not going to spam my ass for ever and a day (like Joel Comm does). Cheers, Mal, Paris.

    1. John Chow says:

      It seems those buttons work really well. Zac Johnson reported nearly 400 clicks in two days from it. Don’t have to worry about getting a ton of emails from me. I haven’t even sent out a newsletter yet.

    2. Oh my yeah, Joel is flooding me with newsletter emails, i wish i never signed up.

      1. How long have you been signed up? I got nailed for about a month but after that it went quite. Either Googles anti-spam got better or Joel eases off a bit.

        1. Since i 18th August when i first posted about the Next internet Millionaire. I believe he will flood until he lets me know about all his products (heck, they are already listed in the affiliates) and then he will go quiet.

    3. KingJacob says:

      They probally look like ads because they are πŸ˜‰

  6. I have yet to monetize my finance/money blog but I plan to eventually. Lots of great revenue type ideas here! πŸ˜› With all of the new ad technology out there, I wonder if Google Adsense’s importance will ultimately become marginalized… Companies like Kontera seem to be catching up fast and even overtaking at times!

    — Raymond

    1. Geedos says:

      I think John has proved here that if you have a very successful site (high traffic and number of readers, etc) you can do without Adsense and actually make a lot more money by selling your own advertising spaces privately.

      However I still think Adsense is a key advertising medium while your blog is building. The key though is to have a good spread of advertising on your site (including the excellent Kontera) – that way you haven’t got all your eggs in one basket.

  7. Sean says:

    I signed up for Kontera about 3 days ago and still waiting for their respond. I did have to say that you referred me since they want website with large traffic.

    I hope all will goes well. :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the post. I will install this plugin.

    1. I have had a good experience with Kontera, although it doesn’t pay well until you start getting some real traffic. *=)

      1. ashxx says:

        and it can do more harm than good on a small blog/site.. as it is borderline of alienating your users.

        1. Geedos says:

          You think? In what way?

          I think as long as you link to other posts in your blog and outbound to other sites (which I think is good practice no matter what the size of your blog) then it is acceptable from a user point of view.

          I’ve certainly not had any negative comments or heard of any negative user experience – what feedback have you experienced?

  8. 😈 Hi Devil Camp!! Cuz of you bro, Mr. JohnCow πŸ˜† , I can be one of the Kontera’s members. I’m not surprise, you’re the king of evil!! I’ve implemented your strategies and it works!! Thanks a lot JohnCow :mrgreen:


  9. sandossu says:

    I prefer to do some things myself, so i don’t get lost through plugins.

    1. Geedos says:

      I’m lazy! Plugins are much easier and you (generally) don’t have to worry about breaking something else by accident while installing them.

  10. Nice. I’m going to have to give this a whirl. Does this plugin allow you to specify to only put Kontera ads on posts older than date X?

  11. timsky says:

    is adsense allow to use kontera on the same pages with adsense?

  12. I’ve just got Kontera approved for my new blog so this is great timing. I’ll remove the Kontera code I just added and use this instead.

    1. Installed and configured but when I view source I’m not seeing any Kontera code, anybody else with the same problem or is it just another problem with my non plug-in friendly template?

      1. Looks like I’m talking tomyself here.

        Anyhoo, just in case anybody has a smilar problem it looks like the deault setting doesn’t work very well. I found that I had to go into posts and set the Kontera to yes to get it working.

        1. Karol Krizka says:

          Can you try to redownload again? I looked through the code, and I found a small typo. No idea how it managed to escape me before. Here is the link:

          Karol Krizka

          PS: Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but I was not my my computer.

        2. No probs, I was just hoping that somebody else was having the same problem. Bugs are always much easier that way πŸ™‚

          All is happy again in Kontera land, thanks.

          1. Geedos says:

            This is one of the reasons I love WordPress. Because it has so many users there’s huge support (and therefore testing) for the plugins that are available.

            Chances are if you have a problem with a plugin, someone else has experienced something similar and you can follow the workaround, or it’s in the process of being resolved. It just makes things so much easier.

  13. Now if I could only hear back from my Kontera application!

  14. Of course you could roll your own ad links system and have complete control. I ran some articles about mine this week:

    All the code is available across the posts linked to there πŸ™‚

  15. thanks for sharing this,
    I am not sure yet if ill ever use Kontera on my blog though, but you never know πŸ™‚

  16. Click Input says:

    Have you ever tried Vibrant Media’s Intellitext John?

  17. Never used Kontera myself, but seems like more and more people are benefiting from it. Will go right away and Google it up.

  18. well. but will Kontera effect the adsense paying?

    1. Not in my experience. It just added about 15% on top of my PPC earnings.

    2. ashxx says:

      the people who end up clicking kontera are usually not the people who click adsense in my opinion

  19. HMTKSteve says:

    Once you get into the Kontera program can you add your code to all of the sites you own or just approved sites? I’m using kontera now but since I’ve been splitting my blog into new blogs my traffic is down on the one site that runs Kontera. I can’t find any useful information on this on the kontera website.

  20. Dino Oryza says:

    it’s great plugin .. thanks john for da info πŸ™‚

  21. John,

    I’m getting tons of errors all over your site in IE7 that say “Not Implemented”. I’ve included screenshots here:

    since I’m getting them on too. Is anyone else having this?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s working on my IE7. You’re the first the has told me this.

      1. Strange πŸ™

        Do you have IE set to show all errors? There’s an option on the Advanced Tab of Options that says “Show a notification for every script error” or similar. If it’s unticked, errors won’t pop up as dialogs.

        I’ll check from work tomorrow – if it doesn’t happen there, I’ll assume it’s my machine – else it might be something to look into! πŸ™‚

        1. btw, you’re right – the error is definately coming from the javascript in the avatar sections!

        2. Whoops, I thought you were the John that commented on my blog post, but it was another John πŸ™‚

          He found the error was with the Avatar plugin (I’m guessing all you guys are using the same one), and it’s barfing in IE, only by default IE only shows javascript errors in the status bar – load one of these pages and check in the bottom left corner – it’ll probably say there were script errors πŸ™

      2. Happens here at work too – definately a javascript error. Try checking the status bar (bottom left) when you load a page with comments on and you might see there are script errors.

        There seem to be other people on the web noticing it too (happens on every blog using the avatar plugin):

    2. I saw this the other day, and though it was my computer. 😯

      1. Not just me then 😈

  22. Wayne Liew says:

    Kontera is really a good earner, although both AdBrite and Clicksor also provides inline text advertising, I still prefer Kontera more because of the advancement of their technology. I will download this for my blog for sure!

  23. orha007 says:

    it’s great plugin, Im going to test them…

  24. I’ve been holding off applying for Kontera with the John Chow referral comment. What would you say is the minimum amount of content you need to get approved?

  25. Webee says:

    Thanks for the update.
    I’m yet to get the approval from the Kontera to use ads in my site.

  26. Cigar Jack says:

    I’m approved for Kontera, but I’ve been debating adding it to my site. I found these type of Ads along with the Snap utility that so many WP users seem to love very annoying and seem to distracted from the content.

  27. I was told that Kontera no longer had a minimum traffic requirement but reviews sites on a case by case basis. Is this accurate? πŸ˜•
    — Raymond

    1. I believe so! I signed up through this site, when my blog was quite new…

  28. Etienne Teo says:

    yes, kontera accepts on case to case basic now, so you can apply it now.

  29. Any clue on what the unofficial minimum traffic requirement is for Kontera now?
    — Raymond

  30. max says:

    hmmm… i don’t see the advantage of using the plugin, the javascript works fine why use the plugin and slow down my wordpress even further John?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s for publishers who have trouble installing the codes. I did it the old fashion way.

      1. I wondered why you were still getting Kontera links in your sidebar.

  31. max says:

    Oh yeah, then I completely agree. It is easier for sure.

  32. Great news and plugin. Thanks john.

  33. Yogesh says:

    John the direct link for download isn’t working.

    1. Karol Krizka says:

      For a second it didn’t work for me either, but it all seems good now. I’m assuming my web host had a temporary lapse.

  34. Karol Krizka says:

    What do people think about Kontera ads in the comments section of the blog? Would they be any good?

    1. max says:

      Unless you got tons of comments, it might not make you any money…

    2. max says:

      Check out my first check from Kontera:

      πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

    3. I generally don’t mind it… but I’m sure there are people who probably hate it.

  35. ashxx says:

    unless you have a huge site, kontera is just going to annoy the crap out of your visitors and make them go away

  36. max says:

    That’s true in some sense but Kontera could make your site look huge they way it’s advertised… (positive look at it..)

    1. KingJacob says:

      Thats not likely, using kontera forces users to think is the content worth putting up with inline links.

      1. ashxx says:

        i dont think that would force users to think the content is any better than they already think the content is…

        thats just being too optimistic

  37. Wahlau.NET says:

    I have not used kontera, hopefully it would be useful in the future when i decides to add more ads into my blog

    1. Geiger says:

      I guess bitching works. A few hours after writing this article Kontera seems to be giving me what I want.
      Here’s my post about Bitching Works I add, it works as long as you do it publicly. Complaining quietly has no hope πŸ˜‰

  38. Are you not using it? I could see links propping up even in comments! (not limited to post contents as you said)

  39. I just got accepting into Kontera and was planning on running it for a few weeks and comparing it to my custom ad system that links to Amazon products in UK/Us depending on the visitor location (see: where I’ll be publishing results).

    However, I just realised all the ads I’m seeing on this blog seem to be US-targetted (with any figures in $). Do they target UK too??

  40. William says:

    Hi, I’m having problems installing Kontera ads on my blog, which runs on Blogger. Please help John! It will do wonders. Thanks,


    1. Karol Krizka says:

      Add the JavaScript widget to the bottom of your template, and copy/paste the code from Kontera into it. I used to use blogger with Kontera before I got my own domain, so I know it works. πŸ™‚

  41. I wish they had a better plugin like this for vBulletin forums. I don’t like where some of the Kontera content links are placed on my forum.

  42. frdtan says:

    hi John Chow.
    i’m a student come form Malaysia, now i’m 21 years old.
    i want start learn make money in online.
    i just a beginner, many thing dont know and scare get cheat.
    can u teach me??
    i learn from u doing blog, and apply google absence.
    this my blog.
    hope you can give me some comment.
    this my e-mail and MSN.
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