Bidvertiser Offers FeedBurner Solution

Bidvertiser opened their RSS advertising solution on January 2. The new service allow bloggers to monetize their RSS feed but required them to run a new Bidvertiser feed in order to do it. Many bloggers didn’t want to give up their FeedBurner feed because it’s what they used to display their feed stats. Bidvertiser listened to these concerns and came up with a solution that will allow you to run the RSS ads while keeping your current feed address (and FeedBurner subscribers count).

To address this, we have now launched 3 unique solutions:

1. WordPress Plugin to allow you to seamlessly embed the BidVertiser Ads in your feeds. You can download the plugin from your publisher account.

2. Solution for FeedBurner that allows you to embed the BidVertiser Ads in your current FeedBurner address. Click here to learn more about the FeedBurner solution.

3. Solution for Blogger/Blogspot that allows you to embed the BidVertiser Ads in the footer of each of your post feeds. Click here to learn more about the Blogger solution.

All of those new features are now available for you in your publisher control panel under the Get Feed Widget button (after registering a feed). If you are new to BidVertiser, then you will need to create a publisher account before you can use their service.

34 thoughts on “Bidvertiser Offers FeedBurner Solution”

  1. dcr says:

    Yay! Will beat adding ads manually. 😉

    1. Hah, i have actually never liked bidvertiser, their ads have never been targeted and the click through rate was yikies. I would rather see them displaying more relevant ads rather than playing around with feeds, but I will give them another try.

    2. There are other options including adsense with is another easier and more efficient service to implement. Although bidvertiser is trying to build market share in this sector, i still think bloggers will stick to adsense because, its easier to implement.

    3. Mystery says:

      Shoooot! I get an error everytime I try to use them with my feedburner… followed their steps, but when it comes to placing their new feed into the original feed place in feedburner, there is an error generated.

  2. Joey Burdick says:

    It seems to me that bidvertiser is becoming a better ppc choice then adsense. May have to test them out on my new blog to see which converts better.

    1. They’re not becoming better, just the way they go about their business is getting better and they are trying to compete on a level which isn’t targetted by rivals to adsense.

  3. Sounds like a great solution. I’m going to have to give it a try when I get a few more subscribers.

    1. dcr says:

      Why wait? If you wait until you have a larger number of subscribers, you could risk ticking people off when you start putting ads in your feed.

      If you put the ads in from the get-go, you reduce that chance. Plus, you could still get some income (pennies though it might be) now too.

      Not that I’ve followed that advice, but then again this wasn’t available previously. 😉

  4. I understand Aweber also recently released their own feed product also, and I hear it’s pretty nice (though it’s not free). John are you going to switch up or still stick with feedburner?

  5. While I don’t have ads on my main site, this is definitely something that I will recommend to some of the sites that I write for. Looks like a very good solution to a frustrating little problem.

    It’ll be interesting to see how much more money people make with their ads (percentage wise)…

  6. Shaun Carter says:

    This is great news. I’ll have to get on it and start monetizing my RSS feed.

  7. Alan Johnson says:

    A great decision on their part. The folks over at BidVertiser offer excellent support, working with them is a pleasure on my part and I am looking forward to seeing their project become a success.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  8. Bidvertiser is great… I just got an email from them a few days ago regarding this.

  9. Honest Ed says:

    Smart move on Bidvertiser’s part. Still, I think a lot of newer bloggers are going to opt into the “Incorporate Adsense Into Your Feedburner” for simplicity’s sake.

    1. Adsense is the easier option, since Google bought feedburner its not like you even have to use as many steps as bidvertisers option to implement.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        It all depends on how it works out for publishers, if there will be some great reports it’s quite easy to imagine that more than a few bloggers will be trying this one on for size.

        Alan Johnson

  10. Will says:

    Wow that’s pretty cool. I need to focus on the content of my blog than ads atm though.

    1. Thats a nice idea, although you should focus on implementing some form of advertisements to start earning revenue from your blog so readers are building with your ads their otherwise, if you implement them later on…your readers will kinda get abit annoyed and you’ll loose some with them saying “i only came because, you were ad free” etc.

      1. Alan Johnson says:

        Indeed, there is nothing wrong with monetizng your website right from the start, as long as the content you are publishing on a regular basis makes your resource worth following.

        Alan Johnson

  11. The Mad Ape says:

    Hmm Maybe I am out to lunch but I don’t see a need for this plugin. I continued to use my Feedburner feed through Bidvertiser when you first mentioned this. I just typed in the url of my Feedburner feed at Bidvertiser and pasted the updated feed link into my theme.

    The Mad Ape

    1. It allows you to keep your feedburner stats and use the feed at the same time without transfering the feeds to bidvertiser and loosing the increased stats etc.

      1. The Mad Ape says:

        Good points. I am implementing this plugin right away.


        The Mad Ape

        1. Let me know how it goes, I’m thinking of doing the same thing.

  12. I got the email off them promoting this too me. Although its a nice idea, I’m not sure i’ll be implementing it yet 🙄

  13. Venkat says:

    But I still don’t find a way to control the number of ads that appaer, I mean now ads appear into every post in the feed.Hope they come up with a solution for that also.

  14. geomark says:

    I previoulsy tried Bidvertiser (not the feed ads) and was not impressed. In fact, their stats were suspect. They consistently reported 1/3 the number of ad impressions as the page views I knew I had. On top of that they promote their “free” $20 of ads offer, but require a credit card – a free offer is free, no credit card should be required. One DP poster tried it and found that they immediately ran through the “free” $20 credit and charged his credit card.

    You must be ok with them since you promote them on your blog. But everything I’ve seen indicates there are issues with them. I won’t be trying their feed ads.

    1. The Mad Ape says:

      They want the CC in case you go over the limit. Don’t worry they will not charge you. I used my $20 worth and never went over and they have not charged me a cent.

      I think it is a great deal.

      The Mad ape

      1. Yeah, a lot of people complain about the credit card thing but to me it just makes sense. I mean if you bid $1 per click you’re going to burn through it pretty quick. The company has to be getting something from you, these types of deals are pretty standard.

    2. Alan Johnson says:

      AdWords/YSM/AdCenter have the same approach, it is simply common sense to implement something in order to make sure that people are not going over-board as far as taking advantage of the offer is concerned.

      Alan Johnson

  15. This was definitely called for. It would be impossible for an established blog to use the advertising if they had to get a new feed. I might play around with these to see their revenue potential.

  16. Haroon says:

    well now i will surely be running it with feedburner
    A nice addition to the advertising options

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