Big Email Marketing from Big Response

We’ve got another familiar face popping up on John Chow dot Com again. Perhaps you already know about Mitchell Harper from his old blog. Maybe you’re more familiar with the company that he co-founded, Interspire.

Well, after a year’s absence from ordering a review on John Chow dot Com, Mitchell “Harpz” Harper is back with a new product. As its name implies, Big Response is a program that will help you get a big response from your potential customers. Can you guess how it does that?

Why Email Marketing?

Seeing how Mitchell Harper is already well-ensconced in the world of email marketing, it should come as little surprise that Big Response tackles this world as well. According to the main page on the site, “Email marketing drives sales. Period!”

Some people may say that email newsletters are a thing of the past, but they are just as (if not more) lucrative today than they have ever been. Speaking for myself, I subscribe to the email newsletters (e-flyers) of a couple major electronics retailers, as well as the John Chow dot Com newsletter.

The key advantage to email marketing is that it’s a passive experience. The potential customer doesn’t have to actively visit your site or subscribe to your RSS feed, because your targeted updates are sent directly to their email inbox. This helps with continued brand presence and the promotion of your latest content, sales, or whatever else you’re trying to promote.

Personalized Emails and More

It is important to have good management software when you embark on an email marketing campaign. You could try running it from your regular email client, but you’ll quickly learn that this simply does not suffice. It’s too slow, too unorganized, and too inefficient. Big Response sounds like a much better solution.

While there are certainly other selling points, Big Response focuses on four main features: build your subscriber list; create professional HTML emails; send personalized messages; and track open and click thru rates for emails.

Big Response comes with the ability to upload your existing subscriber list directly and it is loaded with dozens of premade templates. They say that if you can use a word processor, you can use Big Response.

A nice feature is being able to send personalized HTML emails. Instead of “Dear subscriber”, it’d read “Dear Michael.” Further still, you can target the list and message based on criteria like age, sex, and geographic location.

Tracking Your Performance

The Big Response user interface is organized by a series of tabs near the top of the window. These guide you through the various sections, like those handling contact lists, custom fields, and autoresponders. This appears to be very intuitive and simple to follow. Don’t worry. Support is close at hand if you need some help. Big Response is a part of the Interspire portfolio, so you have access to all of its resources.

Just as you need to track the traffic coming in and out of your website, it is important to track the performance of your email campaign. Big Response can do that too. You can keep an eye on the number of contacts, number of unsubscribes, number of click-thrus, and so on. This helps you tweak your campaign to gain greater success.

Pricing and a Free Trial

The pricing plans for Big Response are based on the number of email messages that you would like to send out each month. For example, if you think that you’ll have 100 subscribers and you send out a weekly newsletter, then you can expect to send 400 messages. This would barely squeeze in under the cheapest ($10/month) plan.

Ramping up from there, up to 1000 emails costs $15 per month, up to 2500 emails costs $29 a month, and so on. You can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. The largest plan on the site accommodates 100,000 emails a month for $649. If your needs exceed this, you’ll need to call for prices. These are in Australian dollars.

Not sure if Big Response is for you? Try them out with a free trial. No credit card is required and you have access to the full functionality of this email marketing software. You are only limited to 100 emails, but it gives you a taste of what to expect.