Big Jason’s Blog Contest with Over 40k in Cash and Prizes

In many ways, Big Jason Henderson is like a cockroach – you can’t kill him. I voted him off The Affiliate Challenge and he managed to get back on the show and make it to the final four. Now he’s running a contest that is as big as he is.

Big Jason’s big blog contest has over $40,000 in cash and prizes and is going on right now. It is free to enter, and every single person who registers will get access to a free one hour Webinar with the world famous Jack Humphrey on how to become the authority in your niche.

Some of the prizes that total over $40,000 include the following:

  • 1hr Private Consulting with Jack Humphrey ($1000) of Authority Site Center
  • 1hr Private Consulting with Muhammad Saleem ($3000) of ACS Consulting (Neil Patel)
  • 1hr Private Consulting with Dean Hunt ($2000), World’s Leading Buzz Marketing Consultant
  • 4hrs Private Consulting with Ms. X ($5000), Leading Social Branding Expert who was responsible for bringing in over a million vistitors and over 45k signups in just two days for one client. (you must sign NDA to accept this prize)
  • Complete Website and Copy Critique on Video from Millionaire Copywriter Ray Edwards ($4500)

And these are just a few of the prizes you can win by subscribing to big jason’s blog feed with your primary email address. Registration through email subscription is required so he can contact people if they win a prize.

You have until the end of the month to go register for the largest blog contest ever. Good luck!

29 thoughts on “Big Jason’s Blog Contest with Over 40k in Cash and Prizes”

  1. thanks john. i would list you higher on the list if you would spill the beans and let everyone know what your “mystery” prize is. 😉 you are such an evil tease 😈

  2. Steve says:

    “Over 40 Thousand Dollars in Cash and Prizes” (as the title of Jason’s blog posting states) is a bit misleading.

    It should be more like “$500 In Cash, Some Ebooks, And A Bunch of Arbitrarily Overvalued Consulting”

    1. Jason says:


    2. fas says:

      Totally agree with you 🙄

  3. MoneyNing says:

    I don’t really like these types of contests where the prize claims to be very high but is all made up of consulting worth $x and something else worth $y.

    I can just have another $1 million contest with a 2 hour consulting time with myself……………

    at least my own contest going on right now gives out free gas cards worth the real amount…

    1. despite the sarcasm, i see your point. if you are not familiar with jack humphrey, muhammad saleem, dean hunt, ray edwards, etc. it might not seem that big of a deal. however, people that recognize these people and what they can do are drooling.

      and if I was just going to pull values out my ass, it would be pretty stupid to give jack humphrey, the headliner, a lower value than everyone else.

      if you can produce better resulst than everyone I mentioned, lets talk. 😉

      1. MoneyNing says:

        I know who they are and while I can see the value of the prizes, I fail to see how the values can be calculated.

        1. there are several methods to calculate how much your time is worth. there is also percieved value. I perceive an hour of private consulting from jack humphrey to be worth way more than $1000, but I’m going by what he wanted listed. I talked to one person about muhammad, and they initially thought the $3000 was a bit too high…..but that was based on their perception of what he was going to do. after discussing the matter a bit more (this is a high profile blogger), $10,000 in value was realistic. so we definitely have some perception, marketing and promotion going on here. definitely some kick ass prizes

  4. wow, great contest and prizes

  5. I’m not big on contests. I never enter them. I prefer a site give me solid content rather than free stuff. Unless its Entrecard credits in which I can use to advertise on high profile blogs like yours.

  6. this is interesting considering it is said to have over $40,000 in cash and prizes. One question I would ask is where this money is coming from? I really don’t think he has that many sponsors. who really knows though but I’m sure that it will get him a lot more subscribers.

  7. These prize amounts are peanuts. I’m holding a contest with a million dollars in prizes. That’s right, the winner will receive a personalized congratulations e-mail from me. By my calculations that e-mail will take a minute to write and since I charge $60 million per hour… well you can do the math.

  8. Noobpreneur says:


    That’s a hefty prizes! Private consultings are worth more than the money spent 🙂

    I’ll join right away!

  9. Cool, looks like a kickin contest with some great consulting prizes.

  10. Sooo many consulting prizes. Looks like I’ll have a decent chance at winning!

  11. Consultations are great if people acty on what they are told, or come to the table with some good info to get advice on. I see this as a good opportunity to get some useful info, even if I wouldn’t pay those prices, myself.

  12. This just gave me some great post content. 😈

    1. Steve says:

      Good catch!

      Everyone should check out the trackback above, it shows what a douche Big Jason is.

      1. yes, please do, but do not for any reason read the comments on my blog contest post which shows this was already discussed and shown how easy it is/was to find out my real count. lets keep the douche bag thing going.

  13. Really like your evil picture John, first time I’ve ever seen it 😆

  14. Shaun Carter says:

    I’m in it because I want to win the John Chow mystery prize!

  15. Some great prizes; some that I’m not ready for. Really good chance to win something. These are early days for easy-to-win-blog contests.

  16. boldoject says:

    I can just have another $1 million contest with a 2 hour consulting time with myselfv 😎

  17. Damn, who makes $3000 / hour? Those numbers seem totally inflated. But – go Jason. 🙂

  18. Jerry says:

    why does jason have an image for his feedburner chicklet and not the one feedburner provides? Are his reader counts accurate?

    1. big jason says:

      because i told john we would be evil together one day. 👿

      could be for several reasons

      1. psychological tactic against other competitors – check. that worked

      2. bait ethic nazis to blog about how evil I am and link to me – check. that worked

  19. John and/or Jason,
    I am willing to donate to you guys 3 full, one year memberships to my site, (limited memberships free monthly) but full memberships cost over $500 each! Let me know if I can help.

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