Bishop’s – Vancouver’s Original Fine Dining Restaurant

John Bishop and John Chow

For our third wedding Anniversary, I took Sarah to Bishop’s Restaurant on West 4th Avenue. Bishop’s is considered by many as Vancouver’s original fine dining restaurant.

John Bishop’s love for cooking began when he was a child growing up in Newton Powys, Wales. Starting out by helping in his mother’s kitchen to eventually as a young man learning the formal requirements of traditional French food preparation at a hotel school. After working as a chef in Great Britain, John moved to Vancouver in 1973. During the recession of 1985, John opened Bishop’s and pretty much put fine dining on the Vancouver map.

John Bishop is a consummate host. He personally greets every diner that comes into his West 4th Avenue restaurant. Bishop’s has been somewhat of a training ground for the city’s top chief. Many of them had their start at Bishop’s. Iron Chef America champ, Rob Feenie, started his cooking career at Bishop’s. If the Vancouver dining establishment ever decided to give out a lifetime achievement award, I’m sure it would go to John Bishop.

Caramelized Walla Walla Onion and Fig Tart

My opening dish was made with castle blue cheese, rosemary puff pastry, house cured berkshire proscuitto and a fig vinaigrette. It was very refreshing and all the ingredients worked well together.

Roasted Glenn Valley Artichoke

Roasted Glenn Valley Artichoke with seared albacore tuna, rye toast and anchovy gremolata. This was Sarah’s starter dish. With the way the dish was presented, it could have been called Seared Albacore Tuna. It was really good.

Qualicum Bay Scallops

Sarah’s main course was the Qualicum Bay scallops with caramelized nectarine and baby fennel. The scallops were huge! And oh so tender! An absolutely amazingly prepared dish.

Roasted Polderside Duck Breast

My main course was the Roasted Polderside Duck Breast. It was made with caramelized garlic potato gratin, braised ‘glorious’ greens, baby leek, carrots and turnips and thyme jus. This dish was every bit as good as the scallops.

Vanilla creme br没l茅e

The Vanilla creme br没l茅e was a great way to end our dinner. Adding the “Happy Anniversary” cookie was a nice touch by Bishop’s and shows John’s attention to detail.

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  1. Ryan McLean says:

    I don’t know what this has to do with MMO?
    Please explain John

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s not enough to know how to make the money. You have to know how to spend it! 馃槇

      1. John is right. After you spend it on hookers, gambling and booze, you need a good meal.

        1. ROFL. T’is hilarious, but if what these peeps have gotta say isn’t consturctuve (or heck, at least semi-interesting), then perhaps they should all keep their thought to themselves.

          Of course, I can pretty much guarantee that the same thing will happen next time too. And the time after. And the time after that.

          *rolls eyes sardonically*


    2. You keep asking the same question. “MISCELLANEOUS” ramblings.

    3. Ed Lau says:

      I love it when people like this comment every time John posts about food or entertainment or something. You can almost hear exactly what they’re thinking.

      “Oh man, no one has commented yet! I should get first…but I don’t know what to write since I’m not interesting enough to know anything about fine dining. I know! I’ll complain about how this isn’t anything to do with making money online!”

    4. Please stop asking this question over & over because it’s getting highly annoying. Me & other people have already said that it says MISCELLANEOUS Ramblings at the top. It does not say anything about being a making money online ONLY blog.

    5. Debo Hobo says:

      Yum, scallops & creme br没l茅e loves it!!! 馃檪

      1. I think the real problem hear is that the meat looks raw to me. Am I correct? I guess I like my meat well done so I am not fine dining material 馃檪

        1. Ed Lau says:

          That’s right. Anyone who likes their meat well done has no business ordering a meat dish at a fine establishment like Bishop’s. Cooking your meat all the way kills the real flavor. It should at least be pink in the center. Anything over a medium rare is a travesty to good cuts of meat.

          1. I love my beef to be medium rare! It has to squirt blood everywhere when I bite into it. But my fish or chicken can’t have any pink in the center.

            Anytime I eat any fish or chicken with pink in it, I can feel the salmonella starting to take over my insides. Blech!

          2. Well.. But you are increasing your chance of food poisoning with meat that’s not cookeed. Anyways medium rare is fine..Raw..That’s an experience but yet.. I have a long ways to learn 馃檪 That’s why I am reading this blog I guess..

          3. Mine has to be well done. I have a sensitive stomach unfortunately. And I like it better that way anyway!

          4. And don’t forget that when you are up in the hierarchy, you could go to the finest restaurant and it’s their responsibility to make the food your way no matter how many stars the restaurant has. The customer is always right do not forget that. He is also the one with the money..

    6. You pose this question every time he posts a non-MMO related article. Check out the categories and you will see that you can expect posts on a variety of different non-MMO topics.

  2. SmallBizBee says:

    John, are you 7 feet tall or is Bishop really short? If the blog doesn’t work out, a career in the NBA for you perhaps?

  3. Jeffrey says:


    Your right john! Until now I don’t know how to spend my money well. All of my blog income has been spent on eating. T_T

    1. I actually spend all my blog income to create real income streams aka dividends from stocks, real estate investments and interest income. If a WEB 2.0 crash comes, i will be fully prepared 馃檪

  4. That makes me sooo hungry!

  5. Carl says:

    Happy Anniversy! 馃槈

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    2. John Chow says:

      Thanks! We had a nice dinner. It was still a nice touch by Bishop to make that cookie, even if he didn’t have a enough space to do the full spelling. 馃檪

  6. Justin says:

    That food looks incredible. Congrats on the Anniversary, I bet your wife loved the dinner.

    1. Justin says:

      And hopefully she didn’t notice that they spelled “Anniversary” wrong on the cookie!

  7. No offense but you should change the name of your blog to something like “John Chow dot Com – I make money online by telling people about what I eat”

    1. Oh god, another one asking the same question. Did you not read the definition of the blog at the top of the site?

      1. What the hell are you talking about?

        1. You’re another one who has been harping on the whole thing about John posting too much about the food he eats. At the top, it says MISCELLANEOUS Ramblings.

          Note to John – I’m starting to think that you should probably filter these comments. If you got $200 every time someone made one, you’d be even richer. Good lord.

      2. Vadim says:

        And why are you defending him?

        1. It has nothing to do with defending. It’s the fact that the question is getting old & it’s clear what John’s site is about. If some people don’t get it by now, they must be blind.

    2. Vadim says:

      Or “John Chow – food for your eyes”. Many good posts though. And good photographs and interesting videos.

  8. fahry says:

    Happy Anniversary
    Thanks for sharing
    You are really a good teacher 馃檪

  9. Kenetix says:

    Happy anniversary man. All the best 馃榾

  10. Djole says:

    How much was the dinner?

    1. John Chow says:

      $215 with tax, tip and half bottle of wine.

  11. Yours & Sarah’s main courses looked good, even though I’ve never had scallops.

  12. Borgo7 says:

    I want to eat those things too!!! 馃槢 馃槑

  13. PaulB says:

    How many shit-for-brains does it take to make the same old comments about “MMO” whenever John does a post like this? FFS lads, stop the moody poses, get out of your bedrooms and get a life, it’s John’s blog he can write about whatever he likes. If it’s not your thing, then stop reading. IMHO the video posts from China were some of the best posts on here and they had nothing to do with MMO..

    Back on topic that creme br没l茅e looks a little too br没l茅e for me but I’d definately have a go at the duck. It was expensive right?

    1. Exactly.

      On top of that, John has already made lots of posts about how to make money. They keep whining about these food posts, which makes me think they’re sitting there, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for another post about how to make money online.

      If they’re not already making some serious money, then they have other problems & should be more concerned with that than what John posts on his blog.

  14. sunduvan says:

    Ohh shit!! looking on those food I wonder how John has the appetite to eat them. Sorry John, I am vegeterian and those are mostly red meat. Haha. Well John is right. Taking his lovely Sarah to a fine dining is good for weeding anniversary. I read in the newspaper in Singapore that kids are not allowed to enter fine dining restaurant. They said kids are noisy and difficult to control. I am not sure whether kids are allowed to enter fine dining restaurant in Canada. One thing is only your picture rubbing shoulder with the bishop. You should include Sarah’s picture in there too. You are not fair to Sarah. 馃懣 馃槇 馃槇

  15. Well now you have me craving creme brulee. That would have to be one of my favorite desserts. Happy anniversary!!

  16. shawal says:

    Happy Anniversary and good choice of restaurant…

  17. The scallops and creme brulee looked delicious, but the other stuff looked gross! I guess I’m still not into the “fine dining” type of meals. Give me some great southern cooking and I’m happy.

    Was that tuna still mostly raw?

  18. Gyutae Park says:

    The food looks delicious… It’s 8:30am here and my mouth is watering already. Happy Anniversary to you as well, John.

  19. Clement says:

    Happy wedding anniversary. I did not know that you got married just three years ago.BTW, how old are you?

  20. Congrats on the anniversary , i am sure you and your wife loved the food

  21. Kekec says:

    How much does a meal like this cost?

    1. John Chow says:

      $215 with tax, tip and a half bottle of wine.

  22. dibee27 says:

    Delicious foods yummy! john you are so tall! How tall are you?

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m 6′ 2″ or 174cm tall.

      1. 100kjob says:

        looks like 184cm though

  23. Pheak T says:

    i took my girlfriend to Atlantic City, NJ to dine at Buddakan (spelling??) for her birthday, i tried to be smooth and surprise her with the creme brulee and a single candle as well, but you, John, is smoother with the ladies, the happy anniversary cookie is a nice touch. i should’ve done something like that, but with “happy birthday”

    i always like the food posts.

  24. Oh yeah happy anniversary. I wish you a long and happy marriage and that all the money you make online to help your family get secure and happy ( and hopefully growing :-))

  25. Takumi86 says:

    Happy Anniversary John 馃槈
    Looks tasty 馃榾

  26. Happy Anniversary John. I am not big on Gourmet food but that looks pretty good.

  27. Chris says:

    another useless food post? cmon John, get some more useful posts goin!

    1. The food posts is what he’s known for… if he gets rid of them, he’ll lose his identity.

    2. Just b/c you’re eating prepackaged noodles and a little jealous doesn’t mean that you have to “BE HATIN””

      1. If he loses the food posts..the blog would be so different.. He’s no longer posting his monthly online income. If he loses the other entertaining posts, then this will turn into another one of those make money online only sites. And then we are all wondering why noone visits them …

      2. Chris says:

        lol. if i take the time out of my busy day i’d hope to see something useful or at least entertaining. seeing food laid out is neither.

  28. I believe this is called networking. High-end owners have high-end friends and high-end friends have high-end things they like to share with their friends. In addition, those high-end friends know that john can offer them something very valuable if they make it on the blog. Also, those high-end friends will be more than willing to help john with his business needs.
    Life lesson #662:
    If your networks aren’t doing it for you . . . find one that will!! 馃槅

  29. Holy cow John. Ive only seen a couple of your food and fine dining posts but these meals look fit for a king. Making me hungry bud.

  30. Happy Anniversary!

    BTW, the foods look raw! Arghh!

  31. Pheak T says:

    hey John, how come you didnt post a picture of you and your wife at the table eating or holding up a glass of wine…or do the whole arm intertwining while sipping on the wine.

  32. Moulinneuf says:

    Happy Anniversary John and Sarah , may this be one of the many great Anniversary you get to enjoy togheter.

  33. ipanks says:

    thats must be very delicious foods.mmm yummyy 馃榾

  34. 100kjob says:

    I think John Bishop will give you a free dinner next time as this is a perfect ads for him, at least I’ll go and taste out next time I’m in Vancouver.

    1. John Chow says:

      Tell him I sent you! 馃檪

  35. John,

    Wow you really treated your wife to a gourmet meal. It looked like I could stick my fork in it and eat it right from my monitor.

    Our last Anniversary (# 21 by the way) was at Stewart Anderson’s Black Angus in California. We got a free dessert by taking the telephone survey at the table! Our bill was less than $100.00 including wine and garlic-bread appetizer.

    I imagine your entree was $45.00?

    The dot com lifestyle, still just a dream for a newbie like me who just had his first web profit, an $8.00 CPA from Market Leverage text-linked ad on my debt blog!

    Respectfully, Nicholas

  36. Amanda says:

    Your food/restaurant posts always look so yummy! Congrats on the anniversary! 馃檪

  37. VeRonda says:

    OMG! The scallops would’ve been my fave! I love food and your pics totally upped it for me… I was glad for the history on Bishop’s b/c it’s always nice to get referrals from people who have already tried something. Happy Anniversary!… My husband and I have been married a little over 3 years, too!

  38. Ashley says:

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