Blog Income Report – June 2008

OK. I’m a little late with the blog income report. I completely under estimated the amount time the Top Affiliate Challenge would require. Anyway, I finally got around to adding up all the numbers and they look pretty good.

For those few who don’t know, way back in September of 2006, I started a case study to see if money can be made by blogging. John Chow dot Com made a bit over $350 during its first month as a monetized blog and just continued to grow from there. Last month, the blog set a new income record of $32,529.40. I’m happy to report that I broke that record for June.

Total Blog Income for June 2008: $40,125.99

The month of June goes down as the first time the blog broke the $40K per month mark. This is a significant milestone. It works out to an annual income of nearly half a million dollar. Here’s the income break down.

So far this year, the blog’s lowest income month was $29,569.05 (posted back in April). Since then income has gone up nicely. The biggest boost came from a pay it forward blog post that made me $10,000.

Blog expenses for the month was $242.90 for contextual advertising on Google AdWords and Bidvertiser. The cost of hosting the John Chow dot Com blog is sponsored by BlueFur Web Hosting. I highly recommend them. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks to get 15% off any BlueFur hosting packages.

How To Be a Six Figure Blogger

The key to making money online is to drive a lot of traffic and then maximize the income from that traffic. Most bloggers don’t do this. I can’t keep count on the number of blogs I’ve seen running Google AdSense and nothing else. If you’ve been reading John Chow dot Com for even a short time, then you know that Google is not the only game in town. Never put your eggs in one basket. It’s a message I’ve been saying for over two years. Check out my recommended money makers to see what ad networks I used to produce my blog income.

I also recommend you download my free eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com. The book explains the methods I used to create content, drive traffic and make money. You can get it by signing up for my free newsletter at the top center of the page.

This maybe my last income report for a while. The original goal of the case study was to make full time income with part time blogger. That goal was exceeded a long time ago. I also don’t think the blog income can go much higher without a redesign and addition of new income streams. I will be working on those items over the next few months.

229 thoughts on “Blog Income Report – June 2008”

  1. Paul says:

    So far, I’m just earning a few cents a month. Congratulation on your milestone.

    Where do you put the ads of Textlink ads and Kontera?

    1. Don’t worry… it will grow as long as you keep building your site(s) with good content and backlinks.

      The textlinks are on the side and Kontera is in every post (although i think John has a deal with the owner where he just gets $1000).

      1. Paul says:

        I still can’t see where are those KOntera ads?

        I’m expecting some pop up adds that are displayed on every post.

        1. Jacky Supit says:

          or perhaps the ads don’t show up on your country? ah anyway, i thought i would break john’s earning, and he just broke his own income report. doh john 😈

          1. Congrats again, John!

          2. abdul says:

            Well my income report has been out since !st of july, click here to see it!

          3. Peter Morow says:

            Wow, John. I was going to say ‘You’ve done it again’, but this is a first for you, so good work. I’m interested to know why you think you can’t make any more money with this layout, because you just crippled your past record. You’re lucky you’ve got the luxury of having a readership that seems to be totally fine with the number of ads you display.

          4. Rajesh says:

            that is easy…He would like to fit in additional ad spots without much clutter…

        2. It’s those double underline keywords you see in posts.

          1. Paul says:

            I’m not seeing any double underline post like I’m seeing on other websites or blogs.

          2. I see them in the comments below – ‘your blog’ phrase from the comment by Giyen is doubled underlined on my computer view.

          3. I noticed the kontera ad moved to my comment.
            Here’s another one – adsense .

          4. abdul says:

            I think that they are country targeted, because I don’t see them either

        3. You can turn Kontera links off in any post you want. He might have turned his off for his income reports. I noticed they got in the way on my revenue reports. But they usually show up on other posts and are represented by double underlines.

          1. I can see the Kontera links in this post.

        4. OCGolfCourse says:

          It could be the country thing that Jacky pointed out and they do take a while to load sometimes. If you see those double underline where there’s a box that pops up when you hover your mouse over the keywords, those are kontera ads.

        5. Finally! I was beginning to think you didn’t make any money last month.

        6. I also don’t see Kontera Ads on all of the pages. Anyways, it’s good that John is stopping to post the income when he believes that he has reached the maximum ( after the one time $10,000 check he received this month).
          The income report was one of the favorite things that attracted people to this site in my opinion.

      2. Some of us will make it eventually. The only thing that can be said for certain is that those who give up will never make it.

        1. I agree. You have to have serious drive.

        2. I guess they can always go back to a job…yuck!

      3. mr nice guy says:

        Yeah, THat is also my suspicion that JOhn was contracted by Kontera for $1000 per. Good for John. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. Oh just to give you an example… my blog never generated anything for about a year and a half and all of a sudden the money just started rolling in. Now I’m earning mid 4 figures per month and every month is a record earnings so it’s not just the super bloggers like John who are making the money.

      Good luck.

      1. What changed after a year and a half? More visitors, more frequent visitors, more pageviews, or better monetization?

        1. What changed included:
          1. more search engine traffic (mainly for adsense)
          2. more credible in my niche and thus more exposure to advertisers (once you are known then advertisers tend to come to you for advertising through your contact pages
          3. more frequent visitors… these people comment and bring live to your blog (and you).
          4. your writing also improve as you go along (you see this in every blog… just check out everyone’s first post versus their latest)

          1. So basically, you improved on all the key dimensions due to aging.

            I’d love to hear somebody explain how to speed up the process of gaining credibility over time.

            Are there any examples of “flash in the pan” success blogging? Has anybody skyrocketed in a few weeks?

          2. Probably lots have but the secret formula is luck and/or throw money behind it (advertising)

          3. I think the secret formula to your success was “After a year and a half” – you outlived most blogs by 10 fold.

    3. With adult site you can earn more than that 🙂 👿 👿 🙂 😆

      1. I thought about that years ago and I’d probably be really rich by now if I started but I could never come up with what I would tell my family and friends of what I did for a living 🙂

        1. Maybe you could run that site on the side & keep it a secret. Shhh!

          1. I think you’re onto something…. I can hide behind my other blogs 👿

          2. Yup. All while cashing in!

    4. Syed Balkhi says:

      John displays Kontera in every post. See the contextual text ads in the post like some keywords become underlined. That is kontera.

    5. They are intext ads – he gets $1000/month set rate.

    6. kahoongchai says:

      same same with me..a few cents per month..but it’s a beginning of our long journey..take time :mrgreen:

  2. Frank says:


    It’s amazing what you made and all your thousands of fans are extremely impressed.

    Anyway I hope, that you won’t stop posting your income report for the next time, even if it shouldn’t increase.

    1. This monthly post has become a status post for the blog so I’m sure John will post it every month 😀

      1. Didn’t he mention it will be his last one for a while?

        1. Hmm you are right.. I’m quite interested to see what happens to his traffic over the next few months after he doesn’t post this monthly post anymore 🙂

  3. Giyen says:

    Woohoo! I visit your blog for inspiration, keep it up John Chow! You rock!

  4. Collin LaHay says:

    Yet our team is still getting anihilated revenue wise on the Top Affiliate Challenge. 😀

    1. You’re not evil enough 😈

    2. feel reality says:

      Unfortunately on the TAC you can’t just make money by talking about making money…

  5. David Hobson says:

    Very nice stats john.

    1. You mean GREAT stats John? 🙂

  6. Ian Fernando says:

    it is about time john! the evil chow has a super evil plan a head whil in Nebraska

    1. Collin LaHay says:

      Did you mean the $40,125 pay per click budget that he promised me for the Top Affiliate Challenge?

  7. Wow. Here I was getting excited about $2.50 from adsense last week and then I see you’ve made more than that every minute for the last month. Congratulations!

    1. You actually have a great carnival (judging by the name) that you can really build on! You should make a lot more in no time. Just think of how you can monetize the traffic and keep building.

      1. Thanks. We’re really new and I consider $2.50 in adsense for the first week to be very good. It’s no $40k a month, but for a brand new website I’m thrilled.

        The race is long. We’ll get there eventually.

        1. Yeah, that’s not bad for a new site. Many others don’t make anything until a LONG time.

          1. Thank you. We’ll see.

            At the very least isn’t this a fantastic game? Far better than Risk.

        2. $2.50 is amazing for the first week actually. It just proves your domain name selection was that much better.

      2. constantine says:

        Am yet to install adsense on my blog, does installing adsense boost blog traffic

        1. You won’t get any additional traffic from adsense.

  8. Heh helps when you get $10,000 from someone 🙂 Good luck topping this month!

    1. It’s going to be a bit hard making up for that $10,000 bonus in June…

      1. Not unless the new methods he comes up with work fast.

        1. He has a month to bring his income up by 33%, that’s gong to be pretty difficult at the level he’s at.

  9. Nice work John! Thats a pretty awesome milestone to hit and will be interested to see if you can beat it.

  10. Rockstar Sid says:

    Dont you donate any money to charity/org ? Coz 40k+ is a lot of money and donating some to poor people will get you a lot of blessings…

    1. he does once in a while… check the archives… he had a post on it.

    2. Tyler Ingram says:

      Yea he gives to the Union Gospel Mission during holiday seasons when they are in need the most. He also matches donations of bloggers etc.

  11. AJ says:

    excellent! congrats john

  12. Amazing. However, that 10k from the Pay It Forward guy really put you over the mark. More inspiration for us folks that didn’t break the $10k mark yet.

  13. Congrats John for getting bigger and bigger.

  14. stocks says:

    So next month, are you going for above 40k? or are you subtracting that in your head, to make the income 30k, which is 2k lower then last month?
    Still impressive..

  15. Tinh says:

    Great, congrats to you.

  16. Dan says:

    You actually made 30k, that is lower than the last month.

    Those 10k were not made from this blog.

    1. Marky Munco says:

      I thought the same thing.

      Without the 10k ‘donation’ your blog earning were actually down on last months.

    2. Too chicken to post your name?

      1. What’s in a a name. Capulete, montague, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet A statement on the interenet is that rose, is it not?

        1. Well, it seems like almost every time someone posts a negative comment, they never leave their name. That just screams chicken to me. Leaving your name after making a negative comment takes moxie & leaving your site link also [if you have one] is a plus.

          1. Fair point (I had been drinking when I defended him/her)

  17. Gerard says:

    40K?! Wow..How I wish, even in at a young age, to be you right now…

  18. mohamm says:

    I hope I can crack at 12k-30k this month. I don’t use website, and blog to make this 12k-30k. 😯 Its about trusting your self and have confidence.

    Thanks john. I have read your blog for the last 8 months.

  19. chetan says:

    Its amazing, you are earning 40K every month. And I know this figure will only increase.

  20. I just re-read this post. Do you really not use adsense at all? Have you ever?

    1. He used to have Adsense on here, but took it off ages ago.

    2. No adsense at but for most people its the lazyman’s advertising 🙂

      1. Then Myspace must be lazy as hell, because they have Adsense! I can only imagine the kind of money they pull in from it…

      2. Matthew says:

        Adsense can be a good starter.

        1. Adsense is a great way to get started.It may be lazy, but it pays great!

      3. I hope we’ll move beyond adsense, but beyond adsense and maybe project wonderful it takes some pretty large scale to justify additional revenue streams. IMHO

  21. BloggerSpeed says:

    wow! That’s a great number I could imagine to earn! My mission impossible to get that sum of money from my bloggerspeed blog!

  22. SuperTips says:

    Well done John, you set a benchmark for us to surpass. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. bonoriau says:

    Congrats and well done John. Are u interested to come to our part of the world and share your success. Of cause knowledge is not free…

  24. Well done John! Envy you.

    Do you know any way I could drive traffic to my blog written in simplified chinese?

    1. Could you not translate some of John’s more useful articles into chinese?
      I remember reading somewhere that kids, trying to write essays on Topic X, are googling and finding Topic X essays in another language, then using a translator program, converting them to English, change a couple things around and presto – an essay on Topic X. Now is that plagiarism?
      If all things fail, then write about ‘toilets’. :mrgreen:

      1. hello Clickusername!

        I was not talking about blog content, I was talking about how to drive traffic to blog written in chinese. What is point to copying someone content even it is in another language?

  25. Bro Alex says:

    Why is always the Kontera revenue 1000$ ? I keep on asking this question. Otherwise a great income , anyone would like to be earning $40,125.99 monthly. 🙂 One more question , if you don`t want to keep this private ! How were you able to make $350 during the first month? It`s pretty impossible. 😈

    1. Matthew says:

      $1k for Kontera is a deal he has with them regardless of traffic I believe.

      $350 for the first month wasnt the first month of the blog. The blog was maybe a year or more old running without ads. The $350 represents the first month it was monetized.

  26. Anil Gupta says:

    I still don’t know how you are able to make so much of money from private ads. Can you tell me how you are able to make such a big amount from Private ads?

    1. It’s not hard when you have a very popular site/blog that many people know about.

    2. When you’re big, advertisers will contact you.

  27. OMG… I just slipped on my prediction, was expecting it to be at 43K!
    You underperformer John 😉

    (I would start with my income reports soon… To make things easier, I am planning to make the report in number of cents and not dollars… that way I can still project myself to be a six figure blogger! )


  28. I’m so freaking jealous already. 😈 😈

  29. Nice going, John. I’m interested in seeing what other methods you come up with.

  30. Jim says:

    excellent john :mrgreen:

  31. fas says:

    Congratulations JC, thats a fantastic amount.

  32. amirulcyber says:

    wow,a lots of money you are my make money online idol. 😉

  33. Free poker says:

    I thinks it’s cool that you share your monthly income with us. Most of the bloggers say that they make a lot of money but don’t say exactly how much. This way we can have a better overview of this business. I’m wondering how much visitors do you have each month?

  34. A Great Month John, Well done! :mrgreen:

  35. So without that 10k$ check you are on 30k$ of normal income for blog or that guy payed you 10k$ to be on your blog ???

  36. That’s it, amazing, great; but, a feeling of missing to not expect these reports hereafterwards monthly. 🙁

  37. John do you use/publish trackbacks on your site? I just wanted to make sure that you know that I mentioned this article in my daily money links category:
    Just wanted to make sure that is fine with you.
    Great job btw! I hope that you’ll break your record soon again.

  38. I think the next logical step would be to begin leveraging the subscribers email list. Email marketing can be a powerful way to make a solid income and will be a pretty good compliment to this blog.

    I was actually just talking about this over at Problogger. Here’s the comment I left there:

    … with blogs, you may get too busy to read them sometimes and eventually you could forget to visit for a period of time.

    Having an email newsletter allows you to easily pull those readers who’ve gotten busy back to your blog again, since people check their emails more frequently than they read blogs. On top of that, it’s just another way to expand your reach and find new channels of communication like how you would with podcasting and videos.

    An email subscribers list to which you regularly send out newsletters and have a good relationship with is a very powerful compliment to a solid blog.

    1. I think he’s trying already. I already got a few emails from him recently to sign up for his newsletters.

  39. Mats says:

    Nice John! Well done again.
    You are a big inspiration! So I started a Norwegian blog last month, its brand new and made me 200$ from June 13. to 30. I’m ok with that, still a long way to go! My host killed the mysql so earnings wont be much better in july 🙁
    Good luck with further earnings!

  40. logosamurai says:

    Congrats, John!

  41. Clement says:

    Congratulations, man. I really envy you. Wishing you all the best.

    BTW, what do you do with all this money?

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      Invest probably… Save some, Pay his bills, Buy Sally cool stuff, and enjoy his lifestyle.

      1. Clement says:

        That will still leave him with a lot of money.On the issue of investment, I think the best community for him to invest in is that of his readers. For a blog to be successful, it must have a large number of committed readers. John’s blog has a huge readership and without that it would not have been making all these monies. I therefore would like to suggest that John should be paying a certain percentage (10% or 20%) of his monthly income back to these readers as a token of appreciation to them. This kind of arrangement will not leave him in red simply because he will just be sharing a percentage of what he has earned in a particular month. He has to devise a way of rewarding his readers based on their level of activity(number of visits, comments and their value etc.). If that is not possible, then the cash must be shared equally amongst all the registered readers.

        Rewarding his readers will have a two-fold effect. Firstly, his readers will feel rewarded and therefore they will become more motivated to be coming back to his blog again and again. This will cause new readers to flock to his blog resulting in more traffic and obviously more money.Secondly, he will be making even more money because of the great biblical principle which says…Blessed is the one that giveth than the one that receiveth.

        1. constantine says:

          John’s blog is not about free hand outs. We live in a capitalist society. Self reliance is the word man!

          Read John’s Ideas and use them to make your own money.

  42. I have posted my income for the month as well, $65, not as much as you, but one day, I hope to make MORE than you 😈

    Big Cajun Man’s Income for June 2008

  43. Excellent report! I was wondering when it was going to come out! Wanna make even more? I would suggest that you have a JohnChow seminar and convention in Las Vegas…charge $500 or so for a 2 day learning session. If only 2000 people go…you just made a million dollars! Contact me at my email address if you want me to go into more details about how I can help you make this happen!

  44. Syed Balkhi says:

    the $10,000 dollar post helped you reach a new milestone eh.

    Congrats on the income stats.

  45. Congrats! Definitely am interested in seeing how you further monetize.

  46. Forumistan says:

    Excellent! Just incredible man!…

  47. Shams says:

    Ok, ok. Now when CNN is going to interview you 😆

    1. Does CNN even know about John? Someone needs to email them at their news department. Come on guys, lets help out John…this would make a great Saturday morning feel good story!

  48. Minal says:


    John, Can you share a template with us to contact advertisers for private ad sales. Basically want to learn how to sell a site and present it in the best possible ways.

    It can be a good topic to post on

    Keep it up.

    1. I could be wrong, but I could’ve sworn that there was a post on this already.

  49. Ganesh says:

    Woah! Last time I made a comment to break the $50k mark. Now it is $40k. Next time $50k. Hey John, why not give me a piece of your income? You know, I’d like it. 😉

    1. Time says:

      John is so poor to give u a piece. If he did i will give the same amount hat john give you. I promise!

  50. dcr says:

    I guess I wasn’t close. My guess was $48,722.07. Please try harder next month. 😉

  51. Onebrown says:

    Congrats on breaking 40K for the month. I was close…working on breaking $20. But, I continue to tinker with the ads! I hope you do continue to post the income report. I am aware that you proved your original point many, many months ago. But, these income reports are extremely popular! And, I find them to be motivation each month to keep going forward.


  52. July probably will be a slower month because of TAC and no $10K cheque, so my forecast for your July income is $28,000.

  53. Bro Alex says:

    Somebody said earlier something about giving 10 – 20% of the blog`s income out to readers. Of course this is up to John , he decides what to do with his own money , but as long as his affiliate commissions were somewhere around $8,779.52 , a minimum of $1000 should be spent on monthly contests , or just free stuff for the readers. This is what I would be doing if I was him. 😈

  54. Krsto says:

    I think we should all start working harder so we could make money. Not this amount, of course. 40k is too much for me, I’m just a kid yet, but a couple of hundreds per month is just fine. And I think making good content is what it’s all about, so I’ll keep posting on a regular basis. Someday never comes as John said it in one of his articles, so I expect to build a nice income in about a year. Make a time limit guys, it will make you work better…

    BTW, read my blog sometimes:

  55. revenue says:

    Awesome earnings Mr John if i had earning like that for just blogging i can sit n relax at my home 😀

  56. John says:

    Congrats once again. It’s well deserved I am sure. I just wish somebody would give me $10,000. 😛 Cheers and keep giving out all the great advices. 😆

  57. Wow that is impressive. I am learning a lot about monetizing a blog from you.

    I will say your strategy on Top Affiliate Challenge is counter-intuitive


  58. Ecko says:

    What an income!!! Mine is about $50-150 a month. Anyway, I’m optimistic I can reach bigger income just like Mr. Chow or any other top income blogger. 😀

    Congrats, Mr. Chow.

  59. feel reality says:

    aweber huh…. I think you missed the first movers advantage on that boat 🙂

  60. There is more and more income every month 🙂

  61. Pheak T says:

    this site by far is one of the most influential that i’ve been on. Congrats on the June income and I’m just starting out but i hope to make those figures one day (shouldnt have said “one day”)

  62. Shawn K. Castille says:

    Man John your income report is inspiring. Not just on the face value but it shows that someone can really have a meaningful business blog that’s profitable at the same time.

  63. Vick says:

    Wow… i’m so amaze with your monthly income. I just start a new blog after compiling lot of tips collection how to drive traffic for blog, may be one day i will become like you earn lot of $$$ 🙂 . If you have time please check my website and give me advise for my website. I really honor if you can spent some time to check my website…


    Fan Forever

  64. adStrategist says:

    Congrats, but…
    What if you take the 10k off?

  65. venkat says:

    Not sure but do these means of revenue making my means of faking users actions and looting publishers revenue in the wrong way?

    Take control over red weevil and save the trees, visit now!!!


  66. venkat says:

    Got to get this right about the revenue?

    Take control over red weevil and save the trees, visit now!!!


  67. tyas says:

    one word,

  68. Blogging is not the only game in town. 4 of the first 32 thirty day challengers 2 years ago are now millionaires.
    Check out the latest Web 2.0 tactics: .
    IT’S FREE to join.

  69. Andy says:

    John, this is awesome! 40K Nice….
    Greetz from Germany

  70. Ruben says:

    This used to be an interesting website. Now the articles are so dull. It seems that JohnCow is going to surpass this blog in the Alexa ranking. It wouldnt surprise me. How sad, the imitator is going to beat the imitated.

  71. Your comments about adsense are interesting. I only use adsense on my two month old blog and so far things are going well. Of course no where near this figure. Anyway after two months I’ve managed to pass the $100 mark (so at least I can get my hands on that google money).

    So it seems to be working for me.

  72. wisdom says:

    Very impressive indeed. Congrats.

  73. heidi says:

    who is clicking on his ads? for the love of god.. John Chow is nothing but a spammer! I like thousands of other people use ad blocking software.. I mean please.. who actually LIKES ads?


    Search Engine Optimization just RUINS search engine results for the rest of us so idiots like JOhn CHow can make money.. what the hell.

  74. soares says:

    Congrats John you really earned a lot of money wish i will earn with time half or more than you lol 😉

  75. Since you reported the Pay It Forward post as income I assume you won’t be giving that away in a contest as us readers had hoped?

  76. Simpson Blog says:

    Nice Stats John Chow Glad to see the money coming in keep it up 😀

  77. Make Money says:

    Congratulation John, TLA is still worth for blogger 😀

  78. Man, I’d hate to see you not do income reports any longer, but I was kind of thinking the same thing that oyur income wouldn’t go much higher without some major changes in the design and income streams. You can always raise your rates.

    1. Imagine if he started charging per week instead of per month…

      1. I don’t think people can handle too high of a price. It’s already quite hard for most people to afford these prices and once in a while you see empty ad spots already.

        1. One of the people who gets away with it is Perez Hilton. I believe he makes around $40,000 a week.

          1. It all depends on the advertisers. John Chow’s niche is for startups and bloggers, not multi-billion dollar enterprises…

          2. Funny thing is, most of Perez’s advertisers are not multi-billion dollar companies. Most are other blogs & clothing stores.

  79. AH man, what a shame not to include the Blog Amounts every month. You’re an inspiration for people like me.

  80. Wow!!! That was great! Congratulations for breaking your last month’s income report. You rocks! 😀

  81. Selva says:

    Congrats on reaching the milestone John!

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  83. Chicken Say says:

    always envy on what u earn… 😯

  84. Mr MultiVar says:

    Now would be a good time to sell the blog. Maybe for $1,000,000 😎

    1. He’d be nuts if he did that now. There’s so much more he can do with it.

  85. Club Penguin says:

    Wow John, good to see a new record for the blog income.

    I was looking back at earlier blog income reports, and i think it was about a year ago you were only making about 7k per month. It’s amazing how much you continue to grow the revenue.

  86. Dan says:

    @TYCP Entertainment Magazine

    Actually I entered my name, even on this post. But I don’t have a website and it seems there’s a bug here, if you only enter a name without website john chow’s blog doesn’t display it.

    Look for chicken elsewhere.

    1. Matthew says:

      Lets test that theory… I edited my website out but kept my name, email as the required fields.

      1. Matthew says:

        Yep, you are right. It doesn’t display your name if you leave no website name.

    2. Excuses, excuses. You can leave your name at the bottom of the post.

  87. Amazing income! Keep up the great work.

  88. Lisa Irby says:

    Congrats John,
    I hit the $30,000 mark for the first time this past February but that was mostly from my website affiliations. I’m now working on doing better about monetizing my blog. I’m still fairly new to the blogging world and I always learn a lot from your blog.

  89. Hammad says:

    congratz john
    great work i hope i will be making that much some day

  90. kahoongchai says:

    ur earning increase !! Dunno when only can same like you.john..

  91. Forumistan says:

    What a nice month !

  92. chetan says:

    John can I ask you something, What were this blog’s earnings in its first 3-4 months.

    1. Club Penguin says:

      go look through the archives, everything you need to know is right there.

  93. John Chow really ROCKS. 😛
    It’s really cool 😆 to see this 5 figure income in your blog.

  94. Ari says:

    John Chow,wow thats great to have income like that,I envy you LOL.Btw I am just curious did you make that amount of money on 1 site?or do you have many sites to obtain that kind of figure,please share your story,we really apreciated

    1. Club Penguin says:

      It is the income from this site, did you even read the post?

  95. It seems 40k per month is great, in fact, it’s not good enough, you can make more. Internet is such a powerful tool that there is no limitation for you to make money, the sky is the limit.

    So I think it is not strange to make 80k per month on internet.

  96. Chris says:


    Have been following your progress for a year now – congratulations on reaching this milestone. My blog is very much for a niche audience, but I should be able to make a few thousand a year out of it by diversifying the range of monetisation techniques as you recommend.



  97. Good job John!

    I also posted my blog income for June here:
    It’s sad to see you will no longer be updating your monthly income.

  98. Free poker says:

    @ Online Dividends
    What do you mean? Who said he wouldn’t share it anymore?

    1. Free Poker, This is what he says in this very post:

      This maybe my last income report for a while. The original goal of the case study was to make full time income with part time blogger. That goal was exceeded a long time ago. I also don’t think the blog income can go much higher without a redesign and addition of new income streams. I will be working on those items over the next few months.

  99. Congratulations John! Recently I started my own blog, and I am using yours as an example to monetize it.

  100. Nate says:

    40k a month and I could buy that quilted, two-ply tp I’ve had my eye on.

    1. kahoongchai says:

      aih..i wonder when John Chow becomes the next millionaire or billionaire.. 😎
      (or he already is ?)

  101. Swamy says:

    Congrats John. You are a serious rocker man. Keep up the good work and my advanced wishes for the 100K mark soon.

    Please take a moment to read my blog


  102. Wow this is fantastic. My top earnings were in April and have been going down ever since. I put it down to the credit crunch but as you have had your best month yet, I need to stop using that as an excuse and get my nose to the grindstone!

  103. Bro Alex says:

    Blog for 3 years and a half and you will see the results. Try to bring great content, some search engine traffic, build up a community, and there`s your 30K + 😈

    1. kahoongchai says:

      Wow, it’s a long period man..I wonder how long is John blogging to get this huge amount

  104. nate says:

    Good point, Bro Alex….it takes time. As far as building the search engine traffic, I hope this can help you and any others out there:

  105. Erica says:

    Wow! That’s pretty incredible. My jaw actually dropped when I saw that number.

  106. Wade says:

    Some nice figures there. It is no wonder why you made that much. You are the biggest blog/online hustler around. 9/10 posts are a ploy to an affiliate link, or a picture of your seafood. I do wonder, how much to you pay for your traffic? Your SERPS are horrible, main keywords are horrible. I can’t imaging you get much free search engine traffic. I bet majority comes from paid advertising, PPC, and direct links. No disrespect though, you do it well and well hidden too.

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  107. kahoongchai says:

    seems kontera doesn’t pay kontera earning like Turtle..don even more than $0.1 😆

  108. exgrafix says:

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  110. fas says:

    You dont use google adsense?

  111. Dave says:

    Excellent! Xie xie for sharing, John! 🙂
    Gong Xi Le!

    Dave 🙂

  112. Glad to see that you are still going strong and making money with your blog.

  113. Forumistan says:

    Why dont you use google adsense ?

  114. fas says:

    John Chow it will be kind enough if you let us know about when you started and how you started, since there are readers who are new and don’t know much about your blog. Thanks.

  115. Thorsten says:

    Congrats John,

    on to the 50,000 per month benchmark!

    Keep the cool content flowing…always a pleasure to be educated on your site.

  116. Good job dude 😀
    anyway, have u check my site. thanks before 🙂

  117. Haven’t been here in a few months – amazing how your income has grown so much so quickly! Keep up the great work!

  118. Stefanie says:

    Need a virtual assistant? No, really… I’m being completely serious here.

  119. Diablo says:

    Really nice to see, how much $ you can make with a blog.
    Are there any statistics about your daily PI/unique Visitors?

    My own Blog is quite small, but i´ll do my best to get some traffic.
    thanks for your great hints.

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  121. Steve says:

    When you think about ebay you think online auctions

    When you think about blogs you think John Chow

    Great work!


  122. indocontest says:

    Nice Number.
    Someday I’ll earn as much as you do. 🙂
    BTW Jonathan Volk Made $170,000/month. Superb!!

  123. All right the race is on. Will John publish his report for July or not?
    Come on John even I posted mine already 🙂 I had a big %-age increase in earnings.

  124. The idea is to be unique to the most amount of people. (And yes, creating controversies every once in a while helps too 😳 )

  125. Caden Grant says:

    Wow $40,000 that’s crazy! Good job.

    Caden Grant’s last blog post: Add A Link To Digg, Delicious And More To Your Blog Posts

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