Blog Of The Month: David Pitlyuk

I’ve decided to start a new feature call Blog Of The Month. This feature will be used to reward loyal John Chow dot Com readers. Each month, I will do a review of a community member blog that you may not have heard of. This is a great to way for me to give back to the community and a great way for you to get to know the community members. Our first blog of the month is David Pitlyuk.

Who Is David Pitlyuk?

David Pitlyuk’s blog is new but he and I go way back. David used to be the owner of (now call SLCentral), a technology review site much like The TechZone. David and I were part of the Maximum PC network and between us, we practically own the home page.

David’s claim to the fame in the blogsphere is he was the first person to interview me. The original interview was posted on but after David sold the site, the new owner took the interview down. I thought the interview was lost forever but David was able to find it on his hard drive and make it available on his blog.

Reading the interview brought back many memories – especially on the question, “Who are your influences in life and why?”

A girl who’s name I don’t know, because I didn’t have the guts to ask her for it. This was when I was about 15. I was on a bus going home and seated a few seats away was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! However I was very shy at the time and never made eye contact with her. When I saw her looking my way, I would turn away. Anyway, my stop came and I got off. Turning around as the bus left I saw her looking at me…..and she smiled. I would given everything to get back on that bus but it’s was moving and I couldn’t out run it. I went back on that bus for a few day after hoping to catch her again, but never did see her. It was at this point in my life that I decided if you really want something really bad, you’re just going to have to go for it. You never know what could have been.

What Is David Pitlyuk About?

David’s blog is about his life adventure and his miscellaneous ramblings. David and I share many of the same interest so if you like my blog, chances are very good you will like his. I have cars, David has cars. I talk about money, David talks about money. David even tosses in the occasional restaurant review. Some of the more noteworthy posts include:

A very clean two-column WordPress theme with colors that are easy on the eyes power David Pitlyuk. Currently, the blog is monetized with just Google AdSense but I’m sure David will be adding more revenue streams as the blog grows. David has done a good job keeping the blog updated with at least one new post per day. If David can apply what he learned from to his blog, I’m sure he’ll do very well with it.

Congrats to David Pitlyuk, our first Blog Of The Month.

How You Can Be a Blog Of The Month

Don’t email me asking if you can be a blog of the month. The answer will be no. Future members to the Blog of the Month will be based on how well you can grab my attention. I am looking for blogs with great content that are updated a lot.

51 thoughts on “Blog Of The Month: David Pitlyuk”

  1. Chris says:

    I liked that quote from the interview, gets a good message across (:

    1. blogcrowds says:

      I second that. Excellent inspiration but what did your wife say?

      Good interview as well, now I know a secret 👿 Moto 👿

    2. zaki says:

      Yea….it’s a really touching story…and it almost impacted me as well…ha ha 😎 😀

  2. Jason says:

    Hmm … this new idea of yours sounds vaguely familiar … 😉

    Nice to see it in action. I think it makes a great addition to your blog, and I’m always happy to learn about new blogs to visit.

  3. Patrix says:

    Nice idea. Great for bloggers who can’t yet afford to order a ReviewMe review 😉

    1. But it will only be for those who can get his attention… “unheard of members of the community” 🙄 lucky ones… 😛

      1. Mark Shead says:

        Doesn’t matter. It will keep hordes of people here hoping to get a review.

        1. I guess you still have to know John from way back in time. Start to know him better, folks.. 😀

      2. I guess that means I’m out! 😥

  4. IndoDX says:

    You Idea, that make Blog Of The Month is Great John… this very creative idea…

    Keep on Moving John ^_*

  5. Michael Kwan says:

    Interesting idea, John. And that was a fantastic quote from the interview: I’ve been guilty of being too shy as well. (Asian stereotype?)

  6. at one review per month, it may take about 5 years for you to get around to me 😆 I like the idea though john, good work.

  7. Dave says:

    Thanks for the mentioning John 🙂

    I would be David Pitlyuk, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you guys over my blog.

    I just hope this doesn’t become the #1 thing when you search David Pitlyuk on Google! I managed to get my blog to the top after just a few days of launching it.

    1. Mark Shead says:

      That is a very real possibility.

  8. Chris says:

    The traffic surges from message boards can be exceptional (yahoo message boards and investorvillage help me in my niche). 2000 visitors in the first week is impressive.

    1. Bob says:

      promising people money for a silly challange pays off too 🙂

      I hit over 10,000 in one day with one article on my blog.

      1. zaki says:

        Your stagering stat really caught my attention. That’s great man…I need to learn from you… 😛 😉

      2. Erich says:


        That’s a great idea! It’s amazing what little things can do to cause a Tipping Point in your blog! Good job!

      3. Gosh! I would want to try this out someday too. What a way to grab some attention.

  9. So nice of you to give back something to the community.. it’s very rare these days to see someone who’s doig well but still thinking about others.

  10. Another brilliant idea brought to you by Next week, watch as John single-handedly shuts down technorati.

    1. Mark Shead says:

      What do you mean next week. I thought that already happened.

  11. ALways nice to give back.

  12. simon says:

    😈 😈
    Does this evil smiles grab your attention!

    1. Goob says:

      Nope! Wait…dang.

  13. Bob says:

    Where do you get the time 😯

  14. Evarest says:

    I keep on being impressed of the fact that you really take time for helping other people! It probably fits in some evil scheme of you, not? 😉

    It will certainly be a great help to those who start their blogging life, and it’s great that you actually share some of the glory you get by doing this!


  15. Zach says:

    where do you usually find these blogs? Are you going to have people submit their site, or are you just going to pick one?

  16. Goob says:

    I was wondering if you’d ever start doing something like this! Kudos on passing the wealth back to the little men.

  17. Jon Lee says:

    Great idea! Nice to see you boosting up the small guys 🙂

  18. Philip Liu says:

    John, if that story is true then someone plaigarized it. I remember the same story from a Demi Moore movie. It was….. Indecent Proposal! Robert Redford’s character tells the same story. Except it was a subway, not a bus.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m sure something like this has happen to more than few people.

  19. thanks for this new feature.

    this way we can get to see blogs we wouldn’t otherwise see.

  20. Let me guess, Michael Kwan will be the blog of the month for next month? 😆

  21. David Pitlyuk is the chosen one. The luckiest man alive! 😀

  22. ketyung says:

    Again another John’s evil idea to pull more traffic 😀 …

    1. Mark Shead says:

      Based on that he should review someone who is not part of the community in hopes of attracting them as a reader.

  23. Cognoscente says:

    Congrats on being the inaugural Blog of the Month David. Your blog (as well as John’s) is full of insights that I will keep in mind as I launch my own endeavor.

  24. Josh Rives says:

    Great way for us to find new quality blogs. Also I was under the impression that the real big mansions were in the McLean, VA area

    1. Dave says:

      Yup, that’ll be next mansion hunting journey. From what I’m told, the houses I took pictures of are shacks compared to what I can find there.

  25. Shaun Carter says:

    Good choice John. I know David from – I advertised one of my sites on SMV with the peanut butter, jelly and feathers covered Viper 🙂

    1. Dave says:

      Hey Shaun! It has been some time, hope everything worked out well.

      I was just taking a look at the stats for your ad on SMV. It looks like you had 12,099 outgoing clicks for an average of about 20 cents a click. Then keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of views on the video, etc.

      Did it all work out for you?

      1. Shaun Carter says:


        The ad worked out great, I was really pulling for you to get some more growth after my ad and things could have EXPLODED. But all in all I got a good return and a sweet video. I still get steady traffic from the link – even now with the homepage changed.

        I’m glad you guys were able to get the Viper fixed up though!

        Hopefully we can collaborate on something again in the future.


  26. zaki says:

    I think I better focus and make my way on grabbing some ones attention. I need to improve my content and my presentation. Need to include some good and catchy key word(s). I don’t know how long and when…but I’m going to work for it….hopefully somebody will notice….I hope so…by the way, I love manchester united…I hope we can repeat the Treble that we made in 1999. Glory-glory man united…. ❓ ❗

  27. Yumcha Girl says:

    Just the thought that John Chow may even look at my blog gives me goose bumps 😉 Another great idea John and the very reason your blog is so compelling. Good on you.

  28. Cool review – but I’m getting 404 errors on all those blog posts (permalinks).

    1. Dave says:

      The links should all be working now…had some sort of issue that I’ve fixed.

  29. Dave says:

    This is a great idea John. As your site continues to grow…giving back to the community like this will only help you grow further.

  30. I like the idea because it shows that you were once a relatively new blogger at one point. It brings your blog to a level where readers might look at your site differently, but for the better. I hope that I will have the ability to give back to the blogging community the way you have. Congratulations on making the Top 100 and keep up the great content.
    – Tim AKA Armenian Eagle

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