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The following is a video of a keynote presentation I made to the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) convention in Dresden, Germany. The presentation was about successful blogging, but since it was also the keynote address, I had to include a few personal anecdote. Not only will you learn some great blog success tips, but you’ll also learn my story and the secret of my success.

The SATW holds their annual convention in a different country every year. Countries actually bid for the rights to host them. At first, I thought this was insane, but then I realized that the SATW represents the cream of the crop for travel writing. Their members write for tier one magazines like Time Life and National Geographic. If you were the tourism minister of Germany, wouldn’t you want to have 400 of America’s top travel writers coming to your country and writing about it? Needless to say, Germany rolled out the red carpet.

All this added a lot of pressure to my keynote. It’s one thing to give a blogging presentation to a local meetup group. It’s another to give the keynote address to 400 of the world’s best travel writers. To say I was nervous when I got on the stage was an understatement. In the end, I think I did a pretty good job.

The video is 35 minutes long. I recommend you grab a snack, a drink, then pull up a chair and enjoy. Your feedback on my presentation is welcome. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. thanks for the help sir!
    i like it and also follow your blog for further updates..

    1. Hi newbajajpulsar, I have always know this to be my best blog…John is an icon

  2. KevinTH says:


  3. fas says:

    Awesome, can we download it.

    1. John Chow says:

       @fas Yes, you can download it at YouTube. 

  4. beresh says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, John. I haven’t watched the video yet because I’m using limited bandwidth right now. I’ll be back home next week and can’t wait to hear what you have to say on this and to also learn from your personal experience. Thank you.

  5. JasonGeiger says:

    Ok John.  You’ve got us interested, where’s the 2nd video on how to get a higher monetization?
    I’m willing to give you $10 for it right now!

    1. John Chow says:

       @JasonGeiger Unfortunately, I never recorded that. 🙁

      1. JasonGeiger says:

         @John Chow  Are you kidding me?!?!?  I thought this was your evil plan from the start.  I was certain this was all a lead in for monetizing the second video.
        Maybe you will grace us (or just me.  I’m fine with just me) with a blog posting or new video detailing why the rest of us are missing out on real monetization techniques.

  6. Enzo Testa says:

    great presentation, great humor and always a pleasure john 😉

  7. Hotdogman says:

    John I have been following this site since the beginning. Most of what I know about blogging came from these pages and it was cool to see this video to bring the “big picture” of your story together. That’s what blogging comes down to for me: the story; if it is compelling, educational, inspirational, funny and insightful, then it cannot help but be successful. I have been blogging since 2007 and my most successful blogs are the ones that I am passionate about the subject matter. The money part comes by marketing that passion to others who share it.
    I have tried three “how to make money” blogs; they all failed. Don’t get me wrong, I AM passionate about making money-online or off, but I am not quite as passionate as writing about it. There are so many others who do it better and I found myself better off applying those lessons to support (monetize) MY passions and interests. This mindset has led to new partnerships (initially forged here on this site) that are taking my blogging business to new levels and new heights of income.
    You got big laughs when you told the crowd, “I make money online by telling people how I make money online;” I have heard you say that many times. Imagine the laughs I will get when I speak at a conference (yes that WILL HAPPEN) and tell them “I make money online by eating hot dogs online.”
    Thanks for an entertaining and informative half hour. And thanks again for being a good online mentor to me and the thousands of others smart enough to take your advice.

    1. John Chow says:

       @Hotdogman  Thanks for the feed back dog. Looking forward to partying with you again at ASE. 

      1. Hotdogman says:

         @John Chow No ASE for me- kids going off to college and all around that time-plus I can’t drag myself away from the beach to dreary old NYC. Blogworld in the fall and ASW2013!

  8. SurmingaWN says:

    Cheers John, great presentation…

  9. JohanCyprich says:

    Great presentation. BTW … “antidote” should be “anecdote”. 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

       @JohanCyprich Thanks! 🙂

  10. allindex says:

    Back to back presentation but videos

  11. Thanks for sharing this presentation.  You did a great job with it.  I’m curious how long it took to prepare and practice/

    1. John Chow says:

      Not that long. I wrote the keynote in a day and didn’t really practice it at all. I use an iPad app call teleprompt+ to keep me on track and on time during the actual delivery of the presentation. I highly recommend this app if you have to do a keynote:

  12. Gilles says:

    Good summary of all your experience. I had to listen carefully (cause i am not a native english speaker, i am french). I agree that success does not come from luck only.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m pretty sure your english is way better than my french. 🙂

  13. sandytmoore says:

    That was a great way to start my day John…. 30 min workout and then 34 mins with John Chow…
    You had me on the floor laughing.
    On a more serious note though, having followed your blog for a long time now it was awesome to hear where you came from and your philosophy on life, business and blogging.
    You are the ruler of your destiny!!
    Sandy Moore

    1. John Chow says:

       @sandytmoore Thanks for the feedback Sandy. I’m glad I was able to make your day a bit brighter. 

  14. 1913Intel says:

    Hi John,
    I enjoyed your presentation. Did the travel writers like it?
    I’m wondering how much of your success is due to your early entry into blogging? If you started a new blog today, could you make big bucks with it? Oh, and don’t tell people that your name is John Chow.

    1. John Chow says:

       @1913Intel While timing does a bit to do with it, I doubt it made a lot of difference. There are many bloggers that start around the same time I did. They are not around anymore. I feel it’s easier to start today than when I started. Back then, you have to create everything yourself. Today, there’s a plugin for that. 🙂

  15. zeus says:

    Great job as always John. I learned a lot from you by reading your book but I also learned a ton by doing. By establishing relationships with my readers I’ve experienced much more sucess rather than just trying to reach them by writing.

  16. huasang says:

    What an inspiring sharing… The tips are very userful too. I especially like your part of highlighting the importance of positive relationship towards your sucessful journey.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Melvin says:

    Wow, you’re now in Germany John. 🙂
    As usual your presentation is witty and humorous but in the end I think you get the point across. Have you ever spoken here in Asia?

    1. John Chow says:

       @Melvin Yes I have spoken in Shanghai before. I did a guest lecture to what is known as China’s MIT.

  18. Deen says:

    i want to give  a lot, i want to give love 🙂 john, thanks for this inspiring video……………. i hope my journey on blogging is the best journey 🙂
    it make we, as a reader know you better…. 

  19. Great video John! I see you know The Secret 🙂

  20. This was great!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Funny and informative!

  21. classified says:

    Thanks for big hand contribution

  22. hamids9898 says:

    hello John Chow what is the problem in my profile why this livefyre is opening…instead of my blog

    1. Toddjir says:

       @hamids9898Go to your livefyre profile add you website and click save.  This should save it and make it start showing your link on here.

  23. classified says:

    Great Idea to get something

  24. Jack Coxill says:

    Hi John, 
    Awesome post and video here, you really have some eye opening points here to mull over about creating a successful and lasting blog. 
    This has given me some real inspiration to add into my own blog, as I always try to over deliver to my followers just like you have here. 
    Jack Coxill

    1. John Chow says:

       @Jack Coxill Thanks for the feedbak. Your response was a lot like the response I got from the travel writers after my keynote. 🙂

  25. freeismylife says:

    I enjoyed the presentation. You are funny and informative. I loved the end where you said to not take blogging to seriously.  I have to remember that.

    1. John Chow says:

       @freeismylife Taking things too seriously just causes stress and makes things not fun. If you’re not having fun at it, then it’s not worth doing. 

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  27. kaveshvisaria says:

    Thank John! Wonderful Article.. tried to use it in one of my site <a href=””>Radhanath Swami</a>… Hoping more such articles…

  28. kaveshvisaria says:

    Thank John! Wonderful Article.. tried to use it in one of my site… Hoping more such articles…

  29. Audra says:

    This is very entertaining, informative, and inspiring.  Thanks for sharing.  More than $100/mo is better than 90%?  That’s very interesting. 

  30. Keep that blogging tips comin’ John!

  31. JorgeDelgado says:

    Great Presentation John. Took a few notes and laugh too. Thanks for sharing

  32. nick says:

    Thank you for sharing your success secrets about blogging. The way you presented it was the real fun part. I have also shared this video on my new blog.

  33. DonX69 says:

    Excellent video John, VERY good job and thank you!

  34. PamDeer says:

    I saw this video somewhere a few days ago. Some great tips in it, and funny, thanks for that 🙂

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