Blog World Expo 2009 – How To Poken A Girl

The Poken was out in force at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. Market Leverage gave away several boxes of Pokens to show attendees. If you were not lucky enough to get one, you could buy one from the Poken girl that was roaming the show floor.

What The Heck is a Poken?

A Poken is your social business card. it’s an easy way to share your contact details and online social networks in the real world. just hold two poken palms together – high4! – and you’re connected. As your social business card, your Poken lets you connect on social networks without having to search for them, and you can easily download their contact details to programs like Outlook.

The next time you meet some hot babe roaming a trade show, just Poken her – no need for a pick up line! It’s so simple, even a geek can do it. The following video shows the right way to Poken a girl. We were going to include a clip of the wrong way but couldn’t find anyone willing to give me a virtual slap from the iFight app. They were willing to give me a real slap but I concluded that would hurt too much.

37 thoughts on “Blog World Expo 2009 – How To Poken A Girl”

  1. First to comment! Yay! I’ll watch the video just now, but had to savour this moment first 😉

    The title is intriguing tho…..

    1. Hey Jacques … you act like kid, but however we enjoyed this. 😀

  2. says:

    Just one word about poken… Its the next big thing that has happened to the internet world.

    Its the future with lot of potential

    1. Yes now every one will carry this one and they do not have to exchange their cards, just poke it and all the information shared.

      But I would love to see some official look of this gadgets, these are looking like as for kids. 🙂

      1. Agreed, some nice custom skin would be great! SY

  3. Hey John,

    This is really a video that is fun to watch. I will sure Poken a girl next time.

    You are like a boon to the bachelors… I am sure they would be happy to see this.

  4. I hope you were practicing safe poken while you were at Blog World there John.

  5. MLDina says:

    ‘Even a geek can do it’ LOL and you use Gary as your prime example. Sorry Gary, pub managers are geeks too!

    1. Jennifer P says:

      Anyone who works for an internet company is a geek right 😉

  6. Vanessa says:

    Nice! Sorry I missed out on Blog World, glad to see the pokens were doing a great job representing!

  7. Hmmm, that was a nice-looking lady 😉

  8. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems interesting..this is my first time seeing this word “poken”, I thought it was “poker” when I read the title. lol!

    1. We also saw this one at Pho. When a lady was showing Yoga and John was desperately wanted to poke her … lolzzz 🙂

  9. fas says:

    Haha this is a one of a kind thing.

  10. I do not understand how it works ? She just unpacked one and how she can transfer her information to you ?

    Bit confuse 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      She can fill in her information later and then everyone who she poken will receive the updated info.

      1. EarningStep says:

        you can get your wife mad …john…lol

      2. That is really cool. So each poken basically has it’s own ID, and when it is updated, everyone sees the update?

        That’s pretty sweet. How much do they cost? Did you know about Poken before BWE?

        1. John Chow says:

          I had a Poken before BWE. They cost about $20.

          1. Yes we saw that post … but you told in that video that someone send you 😀

          2. No purchase link? Come on, there is a business opportunity, win / buy a token that connects you immediately with John Chow 😉 SY

  11. Jaisne says:

    John, while I realize that you are having fun, please do remember that women also read your blog. And that women are in business and the workplace too. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed a post here with this tone, but it is the first time I’ve comment on it.

    1. John Chow says:

      You know, you are absolutely right! There are lots of women in the business and workplace, plus those who read my blog. And I want to poken each and every one of them! 😛

      1. Hahahahahah! That is spoken like a true boy! I think that in today’s oversexed world a bit of subtle innuendo should be welcomed, rather than criticized. Jaisne is being far too sensitive 😉

        1. I’m a guy and I think that this is a very good point. It’s about respect, and John’s comment on Jaisne’s very valid comment was rude and disrepectful. As was Jacque’s. I have a daughter and I hope that she would not get this sort of inappropriate commentary, but until we guys stop being jerky, it’s going to keep happening.

          I used to work somewhere that held meetings in strip clubs despite the objections of female co-workers. They were told they were being ‘too sensitive’ as well. When I stuck up for them, other guys said I must be gay. I’m not. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

          However, this post could have been written in a much more polite way so that women in our industry don’t fell like it’s a frat party, even if it is a bit. Grow up, guys!

          1. Relax guys, I am a middle aged, Christian, European woman and I did find nothing offensive in John’s blog post / comment. An American thing? Being a bit over-sensitive when it comes to anything vaguely sexually related? SY

  12. Sounds like a fun event, would one day want to attend.

  13. Well, that’s one way to meet people at a conference like that. Don’t know how many guys I’d want to exchange pokens with though.

  14. You Pokened the girls in the video before they had time to set it up. Will you get their information automatically when they enter their details, or no?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yep! Once they update their info, it shows up on my end.

      1. That one is sounding really great.

        What is the cost of this one. Popularity of this gadget is quite important if you want to use it smoothly.

  15. I like the Poken concept. Most all of us carry a flash drive with ourselves these days, and this concept will pretty much slot in really nicely if piggybacked with the usb flash drive. Expect loads of knock-offs to follow soon!

    1. If we want to use it smoothly than this gadgets should have to be popular.

      I think apple should launch it and I am sure this will be hit all around the world in mere one week

      1. Incorporarating it as a mobile app would actually make even more sense than a flash drive. An iPhone app will be the way to go, absolutely!

        1. But I think not everyone would be able to buy iPhone (Its $600 without tele contract) whereas this device cost only $20 (If I am not wrong). So a teenager can also afford this one.

  16. Hi 4 this one is really thing to notice because they have only 4 fingers … lollzz

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