Blog World Expo – Affiliate Summit Dinner

On the day before Blog World Expo officially opens, we had dinner at Chinois Restaurant with Shawn Collins and Missy Ward from Affiliate Summit. Chinois is part of the Woldfgang Puck Fine Dining Group and is located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

Wolfgang Puck presents a modern culinary palate of bold and exciting flavors with a menu featuring contemporary interpretations of Asian dishes featuring Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indian flavors. Signature dishes include Tandoori Salmon with coconut cilantro raita and creamy cucumber salad; Indonesian Steak Tartare; Puck’s famous Chinois Chicken Salad with Candied Cashews; Cantonese Duck with plum sauce; and the Sizzling Whole Ginger Catfish with yuzu-ponzu sauce. The menu is perfect for mixing and matching and the ideal setting for friends to gather. I can see why Shawn and Missy chose this restaurant for their get together.

Dinner at Chinois was a great way to start Blog World Expo. We had a chance to catch up with many old friends, including Ian Fernando, Zac Johnson and Jim Kukral. Thanks to Shawn and Missy for the invite and I look forward to seeing them on the Blog World show floor.

Chinois Chicken Salad

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Miso-Sake Glazed Black Cod

Prime Flat Iron Steak “Au Poivre”

Apple and Asian Pear Crumble

21 thoughts on “Blog World Expo – Affiliate Summit Dinner”

  1. Suite J says:

    That sounds extremely appetizing. Well, actually I’d pass on the cream of asparagus, but the rest looks scrumptious!

    Must have been great conversation between you three!


  2. You’re making me hungry… LOL


  3. Ed Lau says:

    Chive mash seems to be the side de jour at most fine dining establishments lately.

  4. Look -what he finds interesting at Blog World Expo

  5. is this a MMO blog or Recipe blog ? 😆

    1. I think its a bit of both 🙂

    2. There’s always gotta be one in the bunch. 😀

  6. Anthony says:

    Looks great, love that your keeping us updated about Blog Word Expo even though you must be VERY busy!

  7. I see you’re sporting the wi-fi detecting t-shirt. Very cool!

    I’m definitely getting me one.

  8. DamnSmiley says:

    Dude this is not what i should be seeing i need photos of whats going down in the expo not the food…come on john why not just quite this food photo thing…you definitely have turn this blog into something else.

  9. Ayako says:

    It was great seeing you at the dinner and nice to finally meeting you in person!

  10. Did I read that right? Wolfgang Puck? Wow. Aren’t you a lucky one! They all look so good.

  11. charles says:

    Those things are yummy!! How much does each cost?

  12. Eric Tan says:

    Crumble looks awesome!

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