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I received an awesome bonus before the start of Blog World Expo. Guy Kawasaki was keynoting a luncheon for the E&E Conference. The Executive & Entrepreneur Conference is an exclusive pre-show conference that began one day before Blog World. Sessions were focused on corporate blogging and use of new media in the business environment. Attending the E&E will tack on $550 on top of the $400 Blog World full access pass. However, it’s worth it for lunch with Guy Kawasaki.

Guy Kawasaki is the managing director of Garage Technology Venture, creator of Alltop, author of eight books and runs one of the biggest Entrepreneurial blogs on the Web. Guy has over 180,000 RSS readers and 20,000 Twitter followers.

Like many new users, Guy didn’t understand what the fuss was about when it came to Twitter. In the video below, Guy explains how he came upon Twitter and how it changed his life. I never thought Twitter was life changing but I am starting to understand the power of that little application. If you’re not on Twitter yet, get on it and then add me to your follow list.

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  1. Clog Money says:

    I’m not quite there with twitter yet. I’m amazed I have any followers at all considering I’ve only made 4 tweets. Which, if I’m honest were not fascinating, insightful or indeed even entertaining.

    1. I enjoyed Guy’s speech… hadn’t heard about him until BlogWorld.

      1. Guy writes the “Rich dad, poor dad” series of books. He’s branded the color scheme of the books black and purple. I read the “rich dad, poor dad” book. I really liked it and thought it had some really good principles to apply to the personal and business life. I almost wonder if the rich dad poor dad didn’t really exist but who knows. I have never spoke to guy. Funny thing though is I bought the book at a used for about 3-4 dollars. I think that i would have been a little upset if i purchased it at barnes and Nobles for the regular price.
        You should take a look at it Chris. In fact, guy and trump wrote a book entitled, “Why we want you to be rich.”

        1. You’re geting your saki’s mixed up. Robert Kiyosaki wrote those books, not Guy Kawasaki.

        2. I though Robert Kiyosaki was the author of “Rich Dad , Poor Dad “

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      I am not a big fan of twitter yet either. I don’t really understand what the rage is. Though I don’t work full time online (yet) and maybe when I do then I will understand microblogging….until then I steer clear of it a little

  2. Dude….I’m on twitter and I forgot who it was but I found a ebook on using twitter. It seems that I found the link on John’s site. Anyway, it is a great way to let people know about your new posts and what you are doing. It’s like showing up at main events. The more you show up and the more you keep people updated the more people are going to recongnize you and see what you have to say. It don’t have 20k followers but I do have more followers that I am following. That was a goal that I have been trying to reach.

    1. John Chow says:

      The book is call Twitter Revolution by Deborah Micek and Warren Whitlock. They were both at Blog World. Warren gave me a copy. I like chapter 24 – Twitter is like sex.

  3. Twitter is definitely powerful IF you use it right. I’m using it for one of my sites & I was pretty amazed at the results.

    1. what are you doing to get people to come to your site? i imagine that you are doing more than just telling people that you’re eating a bag of chips

    2. DamnSmiley says:

      how do you use it to get traffic to your site apart from spamming the hell out of it? i wonder cos each time i try to say something about my site some idiots on there will say im spamming the hek outta twitter. lol

  4. I totally agree with getting on Twitter. You never know how useful the tool can come in. Sometimes, people who follow me, can meet me you in their area, just because you might be updating where your at.

    Respectfully, Matt Thompson |

  5. I agree with Guy as he at first wondered what all the fuss was about.

    However after using Twitter myself I can truly see the value in it for free traffic and communicating with people in real-time!

  6. I’m pretty sure I thought the same thing when I first saw/heard of twitter. But now I know how useful a tool it really is.

  7. I can’t believe there are actually alot of people working there way to being a top blogger and aren’t on twitter.

    Twitter has brought be more visitors than any other social media. Stumble Upon is getting close since I started my stumble upon group (inspired by Problogger).

  8. Ya, Twitter is definitely one little app that I can’t do without, now that I’ve discovered it. I’d be lost if I didn’t have it.

  9. bonoriau says:

    I make special post on twitter. I join twitter already 4 months but just recently decide to active after reading few posting from few top blogger. I agree with steven many blogger join twitter but never maximize the usage.

  10. Found twitter useful today finally, trying to track down a digg friend who got banned. Cool!

  11. 100kjob says:

    It is phenomenal, follow me on twitter…

  12. I too follow you on Twitter, John, and like everyone else for the first few months wondered why I was doing the Twitter thing. I’m now a fervent supporter (bwelford).

    What I only realized today was that Twitter is one of the companies in the Fred Davis stable (A VC). Another is Zemanta, responsible for a really useful WordPress plugin, that I can whole heartedly recommend. Certainly worth checking out for those who have not seen it.

  13. The Guy Kawasaki Keynote was great! I can remember being reluctant to use Twitter in the beginning and then it becomes addictive.

    It is so useful at conferences. It is easy to keep up with what everyone is doing because you can have alerts sent to your cell phone. I met up with a few people for dinner through Twitter this weekend at BlogWorld.

  14. Ted Murphy says:

    I loved that wifi shirt you were wearing that night.

  15. charles says:

    Both of you guys are awesome.

  16. Another awesome video post. Gee, John Chow, you are getting good at this new fangled video posting thingy.

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