Blog World Expo Super Panel

It just keeps getting better and better. My panel at Blog World Expo started off with me, Zac Johnson and Jim Kukral. Then Brian Clark of Copy Blogger and Darren Rowse of joined us. Today, I got confirmation that Shoemoney will also be joining us to create a super panel that is going to be the must attend session of Blog World Expo.

This will be the first time all six of us will be on the same stage at the same time and we are excited to say the least. We’re expecting a standing room only, push to get in room that will be the talk of the show, before, and after. Jim is working on getting us the biggest room possible so we can accommodate as many people as possible.

If you’re going to Blog World Expo, then you will not want to miss this session because we’re going to blow your mind. I can’t wait to show you the stuff we’re working on. If you haven’t registered for Blog World yet, then you better do it now. Today is the last day you can use my coupon code to get 20% off a full conference pass. Only full conference pass holders can attend the super panel.

The cost of a Blog World full conference pass is $400. Register for Blog World and enter coupon code JV1PCHOW to reduce the price to $320. Please enter the code exactly as it appears, as it is case sensitive. The coupon code expires after 50 uses or September 1, whichever comes first.

See You At Blog World Expo!

20 thoughts on “Blog World Expo Super Panel”

  1. Wow! I can’t wait for this! Luckily, UBD will be in attendance and exhibiting at Blog World Expo. We need to get someone to videotape this.

    1. mr nice guy says:

      Yes, this is very good opportunity to meet the top bloggers. 😯 😯 😀 😀 😀

      1. Seems like it would be. Not sure if I can do two weeks in a row in Vegas…

  2. Ryan McLean says:

    That sounds sweeeeet. Wish I could come but I am getting married and cannot afford a $320 expense. Sounds really good though. Maybe ill watch it on youtube after the event 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      I doubt you’ll see it on YouTube since they have a 10 min time limit. However, I’m sure we’ll find some way to get a video up.

  3. Wow, it seems like it’s going to be HUGE, not only fro blogger – but Internet Marketers from other fields!

    I will sure try to make it!

  4. vloghog says:

    More than likely, Darren Rowse, Problogger will probably post video from this event. He is now posting video at his blog. BUT DON’T QUOTE ME.

  5. Matej says:

    One question John, is there any way for me to contact TTZ Media or you – and get a respond? Thank you

    1. John Chow says:

      Of course there is. Just contact me via my contact page.

  6. Man, I would really like to go to this thing. Sounds like there would be a lot of stuff to learn from it.

  7. This should be great – can’t wait! Is there a Dot Com Pho at BlogWorld?? 🙂

  8. John, How I would like to attend Blogworld Expo.!My PPC-budget and profit is still $0.00, and my blogs are equal in income. I’m blogging my heart out, but can’t seem to get the traffic… Respectfully, Nicholas

  9. One day I will be able to travel again… Why is everything in Las Vegas?

  10. Sounds like it’s gonna be some show! I only wish I didn’t get in on the game so late.

    Maybe it’ll happen again at next years World Blog Expo. I do plan on attending then, because by my calculations, I should be bringing in roughly $5,000 per month. That’s my goal anyway.

    Watch out world… here I come!

  11. 100kjob says:

    Hope I can make it to see you guys there, what a feast it’ll be.

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