Blog World Expo – Video From The Show Floor

Here’s a quick little video I threw together at the Blog World Expo. The expo is over now and I have to admit, I had a really great time. This is one of the smallest trade show I have attended but this is their first year and I’m sure it’ll be bigger next year. I know I’ll be back next year and I hope to see more fellow bloggers attend this event.

I had a great time meeting many fellow blog owners. For me, the networking aspect of Blog World is the real reason for coming. Remember, birds of feather flock together and the friendships build up at an event like this will last forever. Enjoy the video.

32 thoughts on “Blog World Expo – Video From The Show Floor”

  1. Enkay Blog says:

    Seems like a great event and whats better is that Prija had a fantastic booth with the car!

  2. Domtan says:

    A video is worth a thousand pictures. Thanks John.

    Undoubtedly, next year it’ll be even bigger and more crowded. It just seems like if one spoke loud enough the place would echo, it looks so empty.

  3. EVIL CHOW EVIL! hitting the other booth, you should just knock it down – lol – looks like you were having a blast! I will definitely go next year! But next year I will be at affliate summit – are you going to that as well?

  4. thanks for the video John, hopefully I will be there next year to take one myself – airfares paid of course by my blogging 😕

  5. Mubin says:

    Looks like you sent this video over to the cow before the rest of us could get a hold of it.

  6. I’ve spent a lot of yesterday drooling over pics from this show. I’m really hoping to go, but I’ll be attending BlogHer 2008 in San Francisco in July, so I’m not sure it will happen. Here’s to hoping!

  7. The Law says:

    Free car? Pretty cool!

  8. Ivy says:

    Are there any other Bloggers’ events coming up after Blog World Expo? I feel that I’ve missed so much from John’s post and could have hit myself over the head by demanding that my boss give me leave to go! lol

  9. Ivy says:

    Are there any other Bloggers’ events coming up after Blog World Expo? I feel that I’ve missed so much from John’s post and could have hit myself over the head for not demanding that my boss give me leave to go! lol

  10. Ivy says:

    Oops, that is, I should have demanded that my boss gives me leave to go…

  11. Rock says:

    I have read on a couple blogs that said BlogWorld was a smaller show, which is to be expected in the first year.
    I am curious how small it actually was though. How many booths? How long did it take you to see everything? etc…

    1. BareFly says:

      there were couple of dudes including john chow, shoe and contera, I guess it wasn’t that big.

  12. krillz says:

    Chow spotted a panda thus took it out with a rubber band.

  13. Was that a koosh ball you shot?

  14. Jim Kukral says:

    Nice to meet you in person John. Great video you made. Did you hit someone with that rocket?

    I have a vid of you on my blog here where you proclaim that you are Shoemoney’s evil Chinese brother.

    Then I have another video of Shoemoney saying that “John Chow is only a bit more evil than I am.” Pretty funny.

  15. It is been a while since last I was in Las Vegas – I may consider it, if I can get a heads up when it comes to dates etc.

  16. Jim Kukral says:

    Just left a comment, didn’t go live, weird.

    1. Apparently it was your very first comment and it wasn’t approved yet, we see it live now 😛

      Nice videos you there too Jim

  17. John Cow says:

    Boo! Hiss! That’s an old video 😈

    We’ve got more!

  18. Mike says:

    I suppose that there werent many booth babes… oh well at least you had a good time.. thats what counts! might have been small but yeah its all about the networking.

  19. Well go figure, Johns flicking rubbers around 😀

  20. Mike Huang says:

    Making friends with the community is truely a once in a life time event. If only I was able to attend this event.


  21. Joe says:

    Hey John, thanks for adding email subscribe to your blog.

  22. Etienne Teo says:

    Now how accurate were you to hit another blogger, maybe shoe himself?

  23. You’re very lucky to be able to attend these fun events. You must have been quite the rock star! 😉

  24. ms danielle says:

    i completely agree… small site but high quality traffic 😀
    the networking was incredible, and i hope many more bloggers go next year. if not for anything else but to see john chow throw anything and everything he could get his hands on! 😉
    thanks for everything, john!!

  25. BareFly says:

    I’ll be there by the next year 👿

  26. Dustin says:

    Seemed like a pretty cool event, when is Blog World Expo 2008 planned for? I might have to go and build up my blogging knowledge 🙂

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