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Blog World Expo – Win Cash Money!

written by John Chow on September 24, 2008

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Back during the Affiliate Summit in Boston, I stepped into the Market Leverage Cashinator to grab some cash to give away to a reader. The object at Blog World Expo was to win the cash from the Cashinator Challenge issued by Shoemoney. However, and as you’ve no doubt saw, the challenge was won by Tyler Cruz.

While I may not have the $500+ that Tyler won to give away, I still want to give a lucky reader some cash. Therefore, I decided to go back into the Cashinator (Market Leverage must hate me by now) to grab more cash.

Not only am I giving away the crash I grabbed, Joe from JoeTech gave me the cash he grabbed to toss into the pot. Plus, I’ll toss in the cash I stole from the Cashinator as well.

To enter the Market Leverage Cash Money contest, simply reply to this post and I’ll give you one entry. However, If you blog about this contest and send a trackback, I’ll give you five entries. Your blog post must link to this post, and Market Leverage. I will draw the winner this Saturday at Dot Com Pho. How much cash can you win? Watch the video and find out. Good luck!

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