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written by John Rampton on September 30, 2014

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

When it comes to PPC blog posts, there are new ones every day – some of which produce great content each and every time, some that hit great content like the luck of the draw, and others miss that content entirely. Here we have put together a list of six ways you can become a better PPC blogger!

First, learn the basics of WordPress. By learning basic tags and functions, you will be more able to effectively and efficiently format your post. Here are some tags to use often:

– Header: this allows for headline emphasis. Each tactic headline in this post is an <h2> tag

– Strong: this tag gives greater emphasis on specific words. Each of the bullet points in this section begin with a <strong> tag

– &nbsp: Though this is technically not a tag, this is a non-breaking space and is used to break up text. This is being used before and after these bullet points.

Another important section of WordPress is SEO. Many SEO plugins are available for download through WordPress and help to ensure your posts get a correct page title and meta description.

Once you’ve gotten the basics of WordPress down, the second tip for writing blog posts is to simply write posts about everyday activities.


It can be difficult to come up with ideas for posts, we get that. However if you take a look at what you are doing everyday, you should be able to come up with a few good ideas! Every day you are working on creating new campaigns, running reports, improving internal efficiencies, communicating with clients, and optimizing your existing campaigns. All of these topics can be used for a blog post! Use moments from your day to create conversations and dialogue with your blog readers.

Another great way to ensure that you have blog ideas at the ready, is to create a list of ideas that pop into your head at any given time. Keep a list on your computer, or on your phone, so when something happens that could be turned into a post, you have a place designated to remembering those ideas.

Lastly, when creating posts, keep it aesthetically pleasing.  Compare each post to a PPC landing page – it needs to capture attention with it’s appearance as well as the words you are using. Use pictures, diagrams or other visually stimulating content to keep readers attention.

Once your post is created, always have a colleague that you trust look it over – check for spelling or grammatical errors, as well as read through for content errors. Along with the proofreading, your colleague should be honest about the content and how interesting/relevant the information was.

Now that you have a few tips to create posts that will be informational and interesting to your readers, it’s time to get to work!

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written by John Chow on September 30, 2014

Auto Recruiting Platform

It’s time for another episode of Talking with John Chow! I’m still stuck in Atlantis without a car so you’ll just to settle for me standing in front of a giant pool and giving you advice.

On this episode, I show you how to do proper goal setting. I am big on goal setting and feel it’s one of the keys to success. However, most people go about goal setting the wrong way and as a result, will fail to achieve the goal.

Every blogger has an ultimate goal. It’s usually something big and will take quite a bit of time to achieve. Let’s say your goal is to have your blog makes enough money to quit your job, and when that is achieved you plan to reward yourself with a new car or a month long vacation.

You put everything you got on achieving that goal. As time passes, frustration sets in because you’re no closer today than you were six months ago. When this adventure started, it was fun. Now it seems like a chore. What went wrong? Watch the video and find out.

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written by Michael Kwan on September 29, 2014

The Internet is a very fast moving place. Something can be incredibly hot one moment and very much a “not” the next moment. We see this all the time among Internet marketers too, many of whom suffer greatly with each successive update to Google’s search algorithm. If you want to make money online, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and learn from the newest case studies.

Part of the struggle, of course, is dealing with the signal to noise ratio. There is just so much information being posted on the web and it’s hard to sift through it all to find the most popular or most important stories. Making your online life just a tad easier is Affposts, a website dedicated to bringing you the latest in affiliate marketing news and information. Let’s get started with today’s review.

All Your Affiliate Marketing Posts in One Place

In many ways, you can view Affposts as a news aggregator. What they’ve done is gather together many of the top affiliate marketing blogs on the Internet, grabbed their RSS feeds, and put them all together in one convenient location.


Above the fold, you’ll find a prominent search bar where you can look up any specific topic that you’d like. Many you want to find some more advice about how to best monetize your video blogging efforts, for example. Rather than go through each of the individual sites looking for that information, you can just do the search.

Just below that is a list of the most recent affiliate marketing posts. This would be similar to what you’d find in your favorite RSS reader, bringing the most recent posts to the top. Unlike RSS readers, however, Affposts doesn’t display any of the actual content itself. It only shows the title.

This Looks Familiar

Going way back to 2005, you might remember the launch of the Google Personalized Homepage. This eventually evolved into iGoogle and the idea was that you could have a personalized start page with widgets for weather, horoscope and top news. You could also create your own widgets with RSS feeds. In effect, you got a homepage similar to what you now find on Yahoo, but completely catered to your tastes and preferences.


The general layout of the main page on Affposts is very similar to this. Each of the most popular or most recent sources has its own little box and these boxes are organized into three columns. For each source, you can expect to see five post titles. As mentioned, the actual content of the posts is not shown here. Instead, you get the title and the publication time.

The page is designed in an infinite scroll manner. When you reach the bottom, it will automatically load more sources, constantly ensuring that either the most popular or most recent sources stay closer to the top. Affposts says that you can expect to find everything from SEO to SEM, social media to affiliate networks and more. Remember that Affposts doesn’t actually create any original content of its own; it’s simply aggregating the posts from other blogs. Each of the links opens in a new tab/window.

I Don’t Have Time for This

Time is money. If you wanted to scroll through the never-ending deluge of posts linked from the front page of Affposts, you’d never get any actual work done. There are thousands of articles and more are being written every day.


And this is where Affposts can provide some much needed value. What you see above is the most popular posts page. The cream of the crop rises to the top and you can make sure you’re staying on top of the most important stories, information and advice.

For each entry, you see when it was posted, how many views it has had, and how much it has been shared through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Choose from viewing the most popular posts from the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or all-time. But what if you want to save even more time? There’s also the Affposts Newspaper, which is effectively the daily newsletter containing latest affiliate marketing news.

A Good Place to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Day

If you’re a regular reader of John Chow dot Com, then you’re likely already reading some of the other top affiliate marketing blogs out there. You probably already know about our friend Zac Johnson and the useful tips you can get from Copyblogger.

While it may be true that Affposts is little more than a glorified RSS aggregator with iGoogle twist, the free site can still serve as a useful homepage to start your affiliate marketing day. The popular posts and newspaper features add some unique value, ensuring that you never miss out on the good stuff.

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written by John Chow on September 28, 2014

Seafire Steakhouse offers the best steaks in the Bahamas. Therefore it’s not shocking that it was also the most expensive steaks in the Bahamas. I can’t remember the last time I paid $65 (plus 15% auto tip) for a 14oz New York Strip. Good thing it was one of the best tasting steaks I’ve ever had.

Seafire is located in the Atlantis Marina near Bimini Road. The room offers the perfect atmosphere for a modern steakhouse, with high-pitched ceilings, large chandeliers, rustic brick, illuminated amber glass, eclectic artwork, painted pressed metal ceilings and mosaic flooring intermingled with more traditional elements combine with scents and accents to offer an elegant and yet relaxed ambiance. You can relax in the well stocked bar while you wait for your table.


Guests at Seafire can dine from an extensive menu filled with rich, smoked, seared or grilled flavors. Tempting starters from classic shrimp cocktail to coriander crusted beef carpaccio complement entrées such as lemon-pepper tuna, sweet Bahamian lobster tails and the finest cuts aged beef. The menu also has a variety of signature martinis and an extensive collection of fine wines. The open kitchen allows guests to see their steak as they cook.


My Wagyu NY Strip was grilled to perfection and full of flavor. That helped to lessen the sting of the $65 price tag. The steak came with a glove of roasted garlic and Seafire steak sauce to increase the flavor. I tried steaks from three different restaurants while at Atlantis and Seafire was by far the best.


While I was having a good time enjoying my meal, my friend Terry Lamb felt he got duped. He ordered a Seafire Steakhouse salad, and found that there was no steak in it. It was normal salad named after Seafire Steakhouse. We gave him a good ribbing about it. :)


Steaks were not the only thing that was expensive at Seafire. That little steakhouse salad pictured above that doesn’t have any steak, that cost $16 (don’t forget to add 15% auto tip).

The final bill for our group came to over $1,000. That’s like three days in a roll of $1,000 restaurant bills. It’s a good thing I make over $1 million. Spending a grand a day eating out can send you to the poor house pretty quite if you don’t.



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written by John Chow on September 28, 2014

Welcome to the first international edition of Eating with John Chow. This is episode number seven, and it features the cooking wizardry of Todd English’s Olive Mediterranean restaurant.

Olives is located in the casino area of the Atlantis Royal Tower. Of all the restaurants at Atlantis, we dined at Olives the most because the location and hours were so convenient. The restaurant is open early for breakfast, and doesn’t closed until 3AM in the morning.

Featuring Chef English’s signature open kitchen and Mediterranean cuisine, Olives Atlantis provides a social and interactive dining experience. The menu features Todd English’s signature interpretive Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a variety of coastal dishes, each prepared using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The food is somewhat hit and miss. Most of the dishes are very good. Some, like the tuna tartare, were way too salty. For dinner, I went with the the New York strip grilled medium rare. It was the third best tasting steak I had at Atlantis. Enjoy the video and photos.





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