Blogging Wordpress

AddThis Premium Tip – Target New Visitors with a Specific Call-to-Action

For those of you not aware, is a premium plug-ins for WordPress and adds social share buttons to your blog. Social share buttons are a great way to encourage people to “tweet” or “Like” content, quickly getting it across to others on social platforms. This plug-ins is completely automated and can easily be configured from the backend after installation. […]

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Why the FAQ Post Format Is More Relevant Than Ever

No real standard for the perfectly successful blog post really exists. Some bloggers enjoy tremendous reach and success by sharing personal stories, working their blogs as if they were personal diaries filled with entries exploring their personal journeys through life. Other bloggers work to establish themselves as experts in their field of interest, generating pillar content and definitive guides on […]

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Blogging The Net

Use Buzzsumo To Double Your Shares and Followers – My Personal Strategy Revealed

There are many tools you can utilize to increase your social shares and followers however it’s important to leverage them correctly. and are “2” awesome tools that breakdown social statistics into essential elements like total shares, filter by date, format of content, etc. However, recently I discovered another awesome way to use these tools to directly connect with […]

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