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written by John Chow on September 17, 2014

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John chow dot Com reader, Will Paoletto, has published the second edition of his book, The BlogMaster Blueprint, and it’s available on Amazon Kindle right now.

Will is a long time reader, and has done very well for himself. The BlogMaster Blueprint shows how Will started his blog, built it to $3,000 a month income, and then sold it for $30,000.

Do you want to make some serious money blogging? Hi, my name is Will Paoletto, and I recently sold a blog of mine, aptly titled, for $30,000. I took it from averaging $3,000 a month all the way through flipping it to someone else in a little less than two years. I created this book so that you can learn how to build a profitable web blog from the ground up — all you have to do is follow my blueprint.

blueprintThe nice thing about the The BlogMaster Blueprint is it’s not a long read. You should be able to finish in an hour or so. There is zero fluff in Will’s book. Only the most important content and resources that you need right now to start a profitable blog are presented.

The best thing about The BlogMaster Blueprint is the price. At only $2.99 for the Kindle edition, the The BlogMaster Blueprint is a can’t lose deal and you should add a copy to your blogging library.

Will is not your typical Internet marketer. There are no hidden upsells or continuities to deal with. This means that Will is leaving quite a bit of money on the table, but I get the feeling that making money from this isn’t his goal. Otherwise, he would have charged a lot more than $2.99 for it.

The BlogMaster Blueprint, 2nd Edition: How to Make Serious Money Blogging

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written by John Chow on September 16, 2014

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

One night, legendary tracker Tom Brown was sitting by a small campfire in the Pine Barrens, bemoaning the cold. His mentor Stalking Wolf was sitting back against a tree, totally relaxed as could be. He asked, “What’s your problem son?”

Tom replied, “It’s cold. My hands are freezing!”

Stalking Wolf then agreed that cold hands could indeed be a problem. But then, he asked if he’d ever seen a fox complain
about the cold, and what might happen if they did. For Tom, even though he wasn’t too happy about it, the point hit home. So, he got up and stomped around to warm his body. That alone took his mind off of his miseries.

Then he began to build a primitive shelter. Stacking sticks, mounding up brush and debris to form walls. By the time he was done he was already warm. And he was now able to crawl into his little makeshift home and enjoy the snowy and starry skied night.

The lesson for us here?


Complain, and you’ll just be miserable and unhappy. Nothing good can come of it. But as soon as you start to do something, anything, the whole world will start to look a lot better. Seriously, when you’re productive, there’s no time to be miserable!

Whatever position you’re in right now, there’s always something that you’ll be able to do. In fact, you shouldn’t be focusing on too much in the first place. That’s a surefire recipe for frustration and anxiety. I’m sure you’ve got enough on your plate as it is.

Trying to implement a dozen new “strategies” in this business is the last thing you want to think about doing, right? And that’s why I love what I do so much. See, I don’t try to do everything. I have writers who help me provide content for this blog. I have admins who keep the servers running at night. I have team members who spend 16 hours a day on the phone closing sales for me. I stick to the things that I am good at, and that’s what being productive is all about.

If I come across something, or some situation, that I can’t handle, I don’t complain about it. Instead, I do something about it. And this is a success attitude you need to have in your business. Instead of complaining that you can’t make money online, go do something about it. There are tons of resources out there. You can download my free eBook to see how I make six-figure a month online. A system like MTTB offer one-on-one coaches to help guide you through the process of making top-tier sales, etc.

You can keep complaining, and stay miserable and unhappy, or you can be happy and productive by doing something to advance your goal. The choice for me is pretty clear.

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written by John Chow on September 15, 2014

Sumo Lounge is a company famous for their giant bean bag chairs. They are extremely popular with gamers, kids, and anyone else who wants to sit on a giant bean bag. As fun of the bean bags are, it was never my thing because I could never find a comfortable position on them. However, Sumo has a new product for people like me. It’s call the Sumo Omni Reloaded.

Sumo Omni Reloaded is the latest and most revolutionary product Sumo Lounge has ever produced. The new chair is a logical evolution from their signature Omni beanbag. The Reloaded features the same quality craftsmanship but designed for those who value comfort and versatility on the go.

The magic of the Reloaded lays in its flexibility. The chair effortlessly adjusts into a number of positions to suit your needs. And just as easily, it packs away in a matching carry case for convenient transport or storage. Sally loves it for playing Minecraft on the Xbox One.


The material used in the Omni Reloaded is durable and washable. You can easily take it to the beach or your local swimming pool. At home, the Reloaded is great for watching your favorite movies, surfing the net or playing video games. It’s even good for overnight guests as it can convert into a flat bed.

  • Outer materials: 100% Polyester
  • Filling: Polyurethane Foam
  • Frame: Powder Coated Steel with position hinges
  • Dimensions: 190cm x 70cm x 12cm
  • Storage/Transport Bag
  • UV and Water Resistant
  • Sumo Quality Label

Great For Healing Injuries Too!

Another benefit of the Reloaded, and one that Sumo doesn’t advertise, is it’s great for healing injuries. I broke my collar bone in a bike accident a while back, and wasn’t able to sleep flat on my bed due to the pain. By using the Reloaded, I was able to find a comfortable reclined position that allowed me to sleep through the night.

The Reloaded is available in five different colors (I got an orange one because I’m using it in Orange County) and available direct from Sumo Lounge, with free shipping, for $199. Considering how much some of the furnitures in my house cost (my Herman Miller office chair cost $1,600), the Reloaded is a down right bargain. Unfortunately, Sally likes the Reloaded so much, she has taken it for herself. I will have to get new one. Since we already have the orange one, I think I’ll get the hot pink Reloaded next. You can’t go wrong with pink! :P


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written by Michael Kwan on September 14, 2014

Are you looking for a robust marketplace where you can buy and sell web domains and websites?, which acquired Warrior Forum earlier this year, has now Warrior Forum already had a simple platform where users could buy and sell these kinds of digital properties, but they wanted something more powerful and that’s how was born.

I had the chance to chat with Nikki Parker, Regional Director of North America and Oceania for, about this new development and what it means for making money online and the Internet marketing community.

What steps would an existing member of Warrior Forum or need to take to start utilizing Freemarket?

If you have an existing account with Warrior Forum or Freelancer, all you have to do is go to, click the sign-up button, click on the log in button beside the ‘Already a member?’, then provide your account details or login with Facebook, then you can have instant access to Freemarket.

It is a really simple and straightforward process!

What tools are in place to help potential buyers of domains and websites have to find the properties they’re looking to buy?

Currently you can search listings by revenue, visits, price and category. This simple system makes it easy to drill down to what you are looking for. Once you have found a listing that interests you we provide data for each listing such as its financials, traffic, stats from Alexa and also PR and finally the age of the domain. To help a prospective buyer get a feel for the asset there are also screenshots of the website listed.

We have a dedicated team of engineers and specialists focused on Freemarket who are in constant contact with our users, listening to them and adding features that they want. We will continue to focus on improving the platform and making sure this is the most liquid and powerful platform to buy and sell domains and websites.


One of the key points for Freemarket is the low cost for sellers. Is there a cap on fees or is it 5% regardless of total? What payment options are available? Is there an option for escrow?

Currently it is 5% commission regardless of the total. We accept credit card, paypal, skrill, direct deposit and webmoney for listings <$500. And direct deposit for listings above $500.

Freemarket has a built in payment service that holds the funds while the buyer and seller transfer ownership to ensure the safety of both parties.

What about a feedback system?

We are in the process of building the functionality that will allow buyers and sellers to distinguish the best sellers and buyers. As that feedback, ratings and reviews system is developed we have the security of the Escrow style payments process to ensure money is made available to purchase assets and a handover process is properly adhered to.

Speaking of feedback – we are always open to feedback from our communities and those interested in using the marketplace!

It feels natural to integrate Freemarket with Freelancer. Is the site going to use cross-selling or cross-promotion to help buyers get started with their new properties?

freemarket-nikkiThe users of Freemarket will already be or become members of or Warrior Forum and as a result will be made aware of and helped to gain full benefit from both the platforms. With the launch of Freemarket, the suite of marketplaces means members have access to the best tools available to start, build, grow and even sell their business online.

Aside from cost, what are the most important features or reasons someone would choose Freemarket over Flippa? Both for buyers and sellers.

It is without doubt that Freemarket is the best value marketplace for buying and selling domains as it is free to list and the lowest fees on the market – at only 5% but they are not all the benefits for buyers and sellers.

For buyers they are accessing a marketplace where the world’s best technologists, developers, designers and Internet marketers are putting their assets. These are skilled professionals who work on or Warrior Forum and are now able to sell their assets through the same marketplace they use on a daily basis. This means as the site grows buyers will have access to some of the best buys online.

For sellers the network is also the key benefit. The biggest buyers of domains and websites are Internet marketers and Warrior Forum is made up of the worlds best. The Freemarket team will be promoting and supporting listings on the site to make sure they are seen by as many people within the community, and outside of it, as possible. We intend to work as hard as we can to make sure that your asset gets sold for the price that you are looking for.

The network of over 13 million professionals through and Warrior Forum provides users of Freemarket with priceless value.

The biggest thing that makes Freemarket stand out is its inbuilt payments system. Freemarket holds the buyers payment until the transfer is complete – protecting both the buyer and the seller – and fees are only charged after the handover is a success.

The advanced security and hand over process will provide peace of mind for our buyers and sellers who are making large transactions through the site. Freelancer is an established marketplace with an incredible team dedicated to ensuring the safest possible transaction processes online and our members will benefit from that.

Anything that you’d like to add?

Freemarket has been born from an obvious need in the market. When acquired Warrior Forum it had a basic marketplace for buying and selling domains however the feedback was the community wanted this platform enhanced as they were dissatisfied with what else was available. The and Warrior Forum communities are passionate, engaged and professional and they want to leverage the networks they have cultivated over the years on both marketplaces.

We are born and being built from direct feedback from the global market that knows the space best. This is an exciting venture for and we are looking forward to continuing to work with our 13 million strong communities to make sure Freemarket is the best marketplace for buying and selling domains!

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written by John Chow on September 13, 2014

Saturday is the day we do the Dot Com Lunch. Part of the Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup group, the Dot Com Lunch allows quality face-to-face networking with people who are living the Dot Com Lifestyle. You also get to enjoy a really nice lunch in a super sunny patio. Anyone is welcome to join us. Check out our meetup to find the time and place of the next one.

On this edition of the Dot Com Lunch, Oscar plugs his Papi Daddy contest with lots of prizes (go enter here), and I talk about my experience trying to order the new iPhone 6 plus. I also talk about why businesses doesn’t care about the declining middle class, and why a $15 minimum wage will never fly. Lastly, I tell you the secret to joining the 1%. Enjoy!






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