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The YouTube Creator Playbook Contest

The YouTube Creator Playbook, also knows as the YouTube Red Book, offers 76 pages of pure content on how to build a successful YouTube channel. Watch the video to find out how you can get a free copy. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model!

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Making Money Online At YouTube Space LA

So I was at YouTube Space LA all day yesterday to learn about 360 storytelling and presentation skill for YouTubers. I also stuck around for the evening comedy night. I’ll have a blog post about the YouTube events in a future article. What I want to share with you today is the power of having a system that makes the […]

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Hitting The G Spot At G Burger

I’ve seen some big burgers in my time, but the G Burger is by far the biggest. Made from 100% grain fed USDA Choice Angus Beef, this burger stand nearly a foot tall, and can give you a heart attack just by looking at it. The G is biggest of eight burgers available at G Burger. It basically includes every […]

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Finding Free Stock Images to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is the new trend in increasing engagement and blog growth. However, just like everything else, you have to find the right combination of text and/or images that attract visitors to the content you share online. Imagine having 100,000 followers on Twitter and “tweeting” your content with only 5,000 clicking-through. Personally, that’s a huge waste of time and effort. […]

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