Tascam DR-22WL and MIC-J Driving Test

In my last video, you saw me take the new Tascam DR-22WL digital audio recorder, and JK MIC-J 044 Lavalier for a walking test. This was a really easy test since it was pretty quiet outside. How would the setup perform in a high-noise environment, like a very angry Jaguar sport car? To find out, I use the DR-22WL and […]

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Technology Videos tascam

How To Get Better Audio for Your Videos

I have always stated that great video starts with great audio. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the video looks, if it sounds like crap, nobody will watch it. I go to extreme lengths to ensure the audio in my videos are top notch. I went so far as investing over $700 for a set of professional Sennheiser wireless mics. The […]

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Blogging The Net Testimonials

37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #9 – Testimonials

User reviews and testimonials have been a great way to give feedback to others. Business use testimonials to show people the quality of their products. Imagine having to purchase a product and NOT knowing anything about the seller? Testimonials left by other buyers are a great way to learn important information about the seller like: Quality of service Effective customer […]

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