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How to Maximize Your Branding on Facebook

Most marketing experts will tell businesses of practically any size that they need to be on Facebook. Indeed, even when a simple mom-and-pop shop doesn’t have a traditional website of its own, it just may have a Facebook page. Here, the owners can connect with both existing and new customers in a dynamic and engaging way. The problem is that […]

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37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #13 – Incorporate a Forum

This part will look at additional features you can add to your website to increase engagement. In the previous parts, I’ve been going through the different existing elements on your website that can increase user engagement. The reason I consider “forums” additional is because it’s really optional if you want to implement them into your structure. I usually encourage people […]

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The (Literal) Startup Bandwagon

San Francisco has long been the startup hub of the US, and even though other regions have made a valiant effort, you just can’t separate “startup” from Silicon Valley. But, forget about getting on the startup bandwagon—get on the startup bus! In San Francisco, Leap buses have a Leap app, which lets riders purchase snacks on the go. Leap CEO […]

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