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written by Michael Kwan on October 22, 2014

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It’s undeniable how important social media has become, particularly when it comes to content-based businesses like this blog. You want your visitors to like, share, pin and +1 your blog posts as much as possible, because it means that your content is being distributed to an increasingly larger audience. And that’s good for business.

To this end, social sharing plugins for your WordPress-based blog are also incredibly important, because they help to facilitate that process. You want to make it as easy as possible for readers to share your content and you want to gently remind them to do so. One of the newest plugins to hit the block is Monarch from the people at Elegant Themes. Let’s review what it has to offer.

Socializing with Monarch

Elegant Themes formally unveiled its new Monarch plugin in a blog post, outlining some of the key features that it has to offer. In short, Monarch is designed to encourage increased sharing, provide better design, and offer more locations, all while maintaining lightning fast performance.


Yes, there are other social sharing plugins that serve fundamentally the same purpose, but Monarch is said to be superior for a number of reasons. The design really is very elegant and the plugin provides a wealth of different options for how and where you want to display your social sharing buttons.

Watch the introductory video here for a closer look at Monarch.

Colorful Options for More Shares and Followers

Rather than just restricting you to just a couple of possible options, the Monarch plugin is remarkably robust. You can choose between square icons, square icons with rounded corners or circular icons, for example. And then you’ve got options for placement too.


You can use a floating sidebar so the social buttons are always there for your readers to click, you can place wider buttons above or below your content, and most uniquely, you can even use automatic sharing pop-ups. This last feature is the most noteworthy, because the pop-ups oftentimes result in the greatest engagement.

The automatic pop-up can be activated by three different automatic triggers, like when a visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page, when a visitor has been on the page for a certain period of time, or even when the visitor is about to leave your site. There are also six different intro animations for added elegance and these social icons can be overlaid on media items, like pictures, to encourage sharing on Pinterest, Tumblr and other visual-oriented networks.

The design is responsive, so it’ll adapt to the screen size and resolution, as well as the device that your visitor is using.

Easy Management in WordPress

If you’re already comfortable navigating through the regular WordPress control panel, then you’ll feel right at home managing Monarch through WordPress as well.


Monarch comes with a custom designed interface that is built into the WordPress admin panel. The overall look and feel will be familiar as the core navigation is in the left sidebar, giving you access to all the features that you need. It’s through here that you set up your networks, choose your icon styles, and configure your other options. It’s clean, easy and straightforward.

How Much Does It Cost?

Interestingly, the Monarch plugin is not sold on its own. Instead, it falls into the usual set of pricing plans from Elegant Themes. You can choose the developer package for $89 per year, which includes access to all the themes and plugins, or you can gain lifetime access with no annual fees for a one-time payment of $249.

To date, there are 87 WordPress themes offered by Elegant Themes, in addition to the four other premium plugins: Handheld Mobile, Elegant Page Builder, Maintenance Mode and Elegant Shortcodes. When you consider it as a complete package, along with the Monarch plugin, that’s a pretty great value.

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written by John Chow on October 21, 2014


Have I got a great deal for you. HostGator is celebrating their 12th birthday with a big 24 hour sale.

Starting at midnight, Wednesday, October 22nd at 12am CST (the time this post went live), and ending at 11:59pm CST tomorrow evening, you can get 65% off all new six month term hosting plans (45% off all other term lengths)!

This is a huge saving. With the discount, you can start a new blog for as low as $2.72 a month! What can make it better? How about I install and set up your new blog for you for free?! :D


Free WordPress Installation and Setup Too!

In addition to the awesome 65% savings, if you order web hosting through this blog, you can have WordPress installed and set up for free! All installs will include the following plugins to get your blog started on the right track:

  • All In One SEO
  • Google Sitemap
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Show Top Commentators
  • Stats
  • Akismet
  • After The Deadline

All In One SEO is the ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress and will help your blog rank higher with the search engines. In addition, I’ll set up your new blog with search engine friendly URLs. Google Sitemap will help get your blog pages indexed quickly on Google. W3 Total Cache will make your blog load a lot faster and handle more traffic. Show Top Commentators encourages readers to comment on your blog. WP Stats will let you know who is visiting your blog. Akismet kills off the comment spam and After The Deadline will proof read your blog post for grammar and spelling. These are some of the best WordPress plugins available and they’re included free with the WordPress installation service.

All you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HostGator, then forward me the HostGator login information to johnchow [at], and I’ll install WordPress for you. Afterwards, I’ll email you back the login information for your new WordPress blog and you can start blogging!

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I will also include instructions on how to change all your login passwords. I will not keep any of the forwarded information from HostGator. Once WordPress has been set up, I will destroy the email.

Not only will you get your blog hosting at a huge discount, but every hosting plan at HostGator comes with $100 of Google AdWords credit that you can use to promote your new blog. Start your blog for 65% off, get WordPress and plugins setup for free, and get $100 of AdWords credit. You won’t find a better summer deal anywhere!

But the sale is for 24 hours only! If you were thinking about starting your blog, RIGHT NOW is the time to do it! Order your web hosting plan and let me set up a new WordPress blog for you.

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written by John Chow on October 21, 2014

I’ve always said that great video starts with great audio, and on this episode of Driving with John Chow, I give you a demo of the Sennheiser EW112P G3 A-Band Wireless Lav Mic that I use for my videos.

The first part of the video was recorded with the built-in mic of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 digital camera. That was actually done by accident. I didn’t know the Sennheiser mic wasn’t plugged in. I was driving 30MPH with the top and windows down. The second part of the video is the same setup, but with the Sennheiser mic hooked up, and traveling at 70MPH with the top and windows down. If I try going that fast without the Sennheiser mic, all you would hear is wind noise.

The Sennheiser EW112P G3 is available from for $629.95. That’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny if you’re looking for audio quality that can match the video.


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written by Michael Kwan on October 21, 2014

Let’s say that you’re shopping around for a new big screen TV, because football season has kicked off and they’re already hitting the ice with the NHL pre-season. You come across an advertisement for one of your local electronics stores, saying that they have one of the best models on sale this weekend, but they have a limit of just five units per location. You really want that TV, so you get to the store bright and early on Saturday morning.

But what if that “sale price” is just a ruse and the TV really isn’t all that much cheaper than it is regularly at that store? What if you can actually get a better TV for less money from a competitor, but the other store failed to advertise this fact? This is the critical difference between the actual reality of the situation and your perceived reality based on the facts that you have (and have not) collected.

It’s called scarcity. The rarer or seemingly more difficult it is to obtain something, the more that people will desire that something. Diamonds are so expensive, because they are perceived to be rare by the general public. This, along with your big screen TV, almost makes sense, because they are both physical items and they could really run out of them. Making something appear scarce or rare can make them more desirable than something that appears to be plentiful and easily acquired.

However, it doesn’t always work that way.


You may have heard that pre-orders for the BlackBerry Passport smartphone sold out in the first day. Or maybe you didn’t hear about that, because far fewer people are interested in the new BlackBerry than they may be interested in a new Nexus or a new iPhone. Just because the Passport is seemingly playing hard to get doesn’t mean that more people will actually want it. And let’s not forget that BlackBerry didn’t even say how many of these phones they had available in the first place; it could have been a very small batch. By contrast, the scarcity dynamic seems to have worked with the invite-only OnePlus One. They drummed up a lot of interest by making the phone more difficult to get.

So, how does this apply to the world of Internet marketing and digital products? If you are selling an e-book, you theoretically can never run out of stock. It doesn’t matter how many people buy your book on Kindle, Amazon can continue to sell more and more. That may sound great, but it could also have a reverse effect: things that are easy to acquire may not ever get acquired in the first place.

If a customer knows that a product (or service) will always be there and will always be available for purchase, he or she could run into the mentality of “I’ll get it tomorrow” or “I’ll get it some day.” And then, he or she will forget about it and you’ll lose out on the sale. By saying that the product is only available for the next 24 hours (the Woot model) or only to the next X number of buyers (the Groupon model), you could generate far more interest.

And since you are no longer going for sheer quantity anymore, it becomes even more important that you sell those customers on your big ticket offer to maximize your profit. Your product is perceived to be scarce and, given the right circumstances, it can then be perceived to be remarkably valuable. Of course, people have to be at least interested in what you have to offer in the first place.

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written by John Chow on October 20, 2014

Because I’m in a 90 day video challenge, a lot of people assume that I take time each day to make my video. The same assumption also goes for my blog. People assume that I take some time each day to punch out the blog post. This is not how I produce my blog and video posts.

Taking time each day to produce your daily blog or video is very poor time management. There is a much more efficient and effective method of doing it. You can find out what that method is by watching this latest episode of Talking with John Chow. Using the method outlined in the video, you’ll have no problem creating a video and blog post each day.

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