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written by John Chow on February 28, 2015

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You’ve seen photos of my new Jaguar, but you haven’t heard it yet. Well, on this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, you get to see just how angry the cat can get.

The truth of the matter is, you have to hear the Jag live to appreciate the sound. There’s really no way the Sennheiser mic can truly capture it. The exhaust note is totally insane. Pretty much everyone in the entire strip mall heard us!

In addition to the sweet sound of an angry car, this episode of the Dot Com Lunch talked about a blue and black dress that 55% of population thinks it’s white and gold. That just proves that most people are blind. I also have an update on the John Chow dating service for Deepa.

Anyone is welcome to join us for the Dot Com Lunch. Join us at our Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup group to find the time and location of the next event.

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written by John Chow on February 27, 2015


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you already know that I picked up a new car this week.

I hinted at the new wheels last month during an episode of Driving with John Chow. Back then I was debating between the Corvette Z06 and the Jaguar F-Type. I decided to go with the Jag.

Yes, I Got The Car For Free

The free Jaguar is part of the MOBE Motors program. The program allows any MOBE licensee who qualifies to drive the car of their dreams for free. It used to be limited to Mercedes (that’s how I got my SL550), but MOBE has since opened the program to include all makes of cars.

The program is pretty simple. Once you qualify, you can go down to any dealership, choose the car you want, and MOBE will pay for it.

I ordered the F-Type at Jaguar Land Rover in Newport Beach. I had to wait an extra day for the car because they had to bring it in from one of their other dealerships. My car is a top of the line model with pretty much every option box checked off. The dealer also installed of a set of beautiful 20″ Tornado wheels with steamroller sized Pirelli tires. Final price with taxes and insurance came to nearly $115,000.

The first thing I did, after getting the car home, was contact William Umana at Umana Auto Detail. William spent over five hours washing, claying, polishing, and waxing the Jag until it was as bright as the sun.



The finished result looks simply amazing. The paint really pops, and is as smooth as glass. There’s not a single swirl mark anywhere. If you ever need an auto detailer who takes pride in his work, give William a call. He’s worth every penny.




Now my biggest problem is deciding if I should take the Jaguar F-Type or the Mercedes-Benz SL550 for lunch. Well, it’ll be a problem until I return the Mercedes. Until then, which one would you choose?


How You Can Drive The Car of Your Dreams for Free

The best way to find out more about the new MOBE Motors program is by applying to MTTB. This is MOBE’s 21 step system to make your first $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 online.

Since joining MOBE two years ago, I have made over $1 million from it. I also got a $130,000 Mercedes-Benz SL550 to drive around in for free, and now I got another $100K+ sport car! You can’t beat MOBE’s compensation plan. They know how to look after their partners.

Drive The Car of Your Dreams for Free – Apply for MTTB

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written by Rizvan Ullah on February 26, 2015

We often here about SEO and how a solid campaign will improve your ranking in the search engines, however we are often left hearing the basics. When we read about SEO, we hear about link building, high quality content, on-page SEO, etc. Did you know all of these methods can be narrowed down to more effective strategies? For example, using link building is ONLY effective if you create links from the right websites with a high authority and keyword density. In order for you to get the full long-term effects from your campaign, it’s important you implement the following advance strategies into your campaign.

Let’s take a further look…

Domain and Page Authority implemented a cool system to calculate how important a domain and page are in the ranking pyramid. They named this system “Domain” and “Page” authority. These numbers predict the likelihood of the any given page ranking high within the SERP’s. It’s important you utilize these strategies when building links to your website. Here’s what you should do…

The next time you are thinking about building links from a website, browse over to the specific page your link will be placed and check the DA and PA. is a tool that instantaneously provides the information you are looking for so copy and paste the page URL into this tool. After about 4-5 seconds, will provide you with a breakdown of the numbers. Here’s the rule of thumb to follow…

Choose DA and PA greater than 25+ because this shows the URL is established and has built some sort of authority overtime. This also shows the website has been around for years and has been constantly producing content which adds value. The main goal is to get a link on that specific page with those numbers, for example, your objective is to build a link on the page with DA and PA of 25+ and if any number is lower than “25” I would try and search for a better page.



I can’t stress the importance of relevancy and how it’s vital in your website ranking higher in the SERP’s. Over the years we’ve seen enormous changes in the way Google understands a website and its content. For example, they gather data to understand the user search pattern and to accomplish this, Google made some tweaks over the last several months. These tweaks were presented to the public in the form of Panda and Penguin updates. Here’s what’s important…

You have to make sure when building links you find websites which are relevant to your niche. Make sure they are also focusing on the same keywords as this will add more overall value. For example, provides another awesome tool which will breakdown total links and anchor text on any given page. When you add a URL into the search field you’ll be able to view this information. Here’s what I do…

I’ll search for link building opportunities on relevant websites and scroll through the anchor text they’ve been targeting. The more relevant the anchor text the better the link profile and awesome link building opportunity. The goal is to build links on relevant websites so look for the following on “target” page in…

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Total links
  • Anchor text
  • Do-follow links
  • Skim through looking for quality of website.


Google Alerts

There have been a lot of buzz about Google Alerts and its effectiveness to generate traffic and relevant links. I’ve been using Google Alerts for several months after I was introduced to the idea by Matthew Woodward several months back. Its follows the same pattern as every other link building strategy which is: You have to set it up correctly in order for it to be utilized. Here’s what works and how you should use Google Alerts for maximum exposure…

First, start by creating your content, video and/or infographic. Your objective is to create content just like you would for your blog. This should be high quality and in-depth so readers will find it of value. Once you have content written and published on your blog, it’s time to utilize the power of Google Alerts.

If you have a Gmail account you can log into Google Alerts by going to

Next, here you setup the alerts you’ll like to receive and make sure they are relevant to the content you’ve just published. When you receive an alert relevant to your content you can start interacting with people who will find your content valuable. Within these alerts your looking for questions about the topic because it provides an opportunity to answer the question and link to your resource. In order for this to be extremely effective you should create a resource guide so when you provide your link, people will want to link back to it and share it on their social networks.

Here’s a few tips to help you setup the right alerts. When you first enter Google Alerts, you’ll be asked to enter keywords. Make sure they are question based. For example, if your focusing on “link building”, use the following…

  • “common blogging mistakes”
  • How*seo
  • How to*link building
  • How to build * link build
  • update * matt cuts
  • Why * link building


You’ll notice from the alerts I’ve setup that they are question based and need an answer. This is where you’ll jump in and provide your answer with a link back to your content. The more people you get your content in front of, the higher chances of someone linking back and engaging with it.

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written by John Chow on February 26, 2015

Yesterday, I talked about the work life balance, and how my balance is tilted towards life, and away from work.

On today’s episode of Driving with John Chow, I want give an example of what a typical day is like for me. I explain how I actually do work. While I say I work an average of two hours a day, I don’t really sit down, work for two hours, and then stop. I believe in being efficient, and working that way is not efficient at all.

Enjoy the video, and keep your questions coming. It’s my number one source of new content for these videos.

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written by John Chow on February 25, 2015

Yesterday, I attended the SEJ Summit in Santa Monica. This is the first of eight SEJ Summits that Search Engine Journal plans to hold this year.

The SEJ Summit is an invite-only event. It offers a full day of learning and networking. There is a single track of sessions and a moderated keynote panel. There are no pitches, no product demos, and no sponsored content. Each expert speaker focused on three takeaways that are actionable, impactful, and memorable.

The speakers were the who’s who of the industry. They include my friends Neil Patel and Stephan Spencer. The summit was emceed by the founder of Search Engine Journal, Loren Baker.

There was a catered breakfast, which I didn’t attend because I showed up just in time for the first session. I was able to check out the really cool boxed lunch (I took the box home). The event closed with a hosted networking reception so I can mingle with the speakers and other marketing professionals.

Overall, SEJ Summit 2015 was a really fantastic event. If you are lucky enough to get an invite, then you should make ever effort to go. The next SEJ Summit will be held on March 31, 2015 in Dallas Texas. You can request an invite here.















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