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written by John Chow on October 31, 2014

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If you’ve been following my past few dining out adventures, then you know I’ve been on a bit of a vegan/vegetarian kick. Well, that’s still happening.

The Wheel of Life is a Thai cuisine restaurant offering authentic Thai dishes, except there’s no meat. Yes, you will find many meat names, like steamed chicken and pepper steak, but they’re just used to tell you what it taste like. There’s really no chicken in the steamed chicken, and no steak in the pepper steak. It just looks and taste like it. In fact, the soy meat dishes taste so much like the real thing, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The Wheel of Life is a great restaurant to take non-vegans to because they will be able to enjoy it just as much as the vegans.

We went for their daily lunch special. Served Tuesday to Friday between 11am – 2pm, the special lets you pick three items from over a dozen selections at the steam table. The dish is topped off with fried rice and/or noodles. We sampled a bunch of items ranging from sweet and sour pork to Pangang curry beef. It was all amazing, and at only $9.95 per plate, a very good value.

The highlight of the lunch was the dessert. The Wheel of Life has the most amazing vegan tiramisu I have ever tasted. In fact, Vegan or non-vegan, it’s one of the most amazing tiramisus, period. This is a must have dessert. The best part. It’s delicious and healthy for you! We’ll be back again.






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written by John Chow on October 31, 2014


On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I explain the difference between absolute income and relative income, and explain why if you wish to live the Dot Com Lifestyle, you should focus on increasing relative income.

Most people focus on absolute income because all they’re focused on is the big number. For example, someone making $100,000 a year has more absolute income than someone making $50,000 a year. However, the person making $50K a year may have a way higher relative income. Watch the video to see how this all works.

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written by Michael Kwan on October 30, 2014

The Internet continues to advance and evolve with each passing day. What might be the hottest new fad on the block one day could be easily forgotten the next. And I don’t need to tell you how much of a challenge it can be trying to keep up with all those Google algorithm updates. If you want to make money online, you need to learn to adapt.

At the same time, some technologies that may feel a little dated or just as important today as they’ve ever been. RSS still matters and you should work to improve your feed. And as much as people are moving toward social media, email marketing is definitely alive and well. And the same can be said about the good old podcast.

The Business of Brand Building

Podcasts may have once been audio-only in nature, but there are a number of popular video-based podcasts today too. Both formats work for different reasons and can approach different kinds of audiences. The same kind of people who like to subscribe to their favorite blogs are also the kind of people who want to subscribe to the accompany podcasts.


A great example of this comes from our friend Zac Johnson, who has been running his Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast for several months now. Much like his blog, the podcast also centers around the world of entrepreneurship, particularly online. Having a blog is great, but going the extra mile with a consistently good podcast can elevate your brand to the next level.

Zac says that his podcast setup cost around $1,000 to get started. It’s important to invest in the right equipment, so your podcast sounds professional right off the bat. And that’s critical, because you want to have the public image of being professional. You want people to take you seriously, because you take yourself seriously.

You’ll notice that Rise of the Entrepreneur is free via iTunes. Zac says that his intention is not to make any money from the podcast itself. So, why do it? It’s a powerful branding exercise and it further solidifies his place as a respectable expert in the field of affiliate marketing, online business and entrepreneurship.

Beyond the Podcast

It can take a lot of dedication and hard work to produce a great podcast episode every week, but what it means is that you’ll definitely be reaching your target audience every week. Your name remains front and center, so whenever you do have something to promote, they’ll know about it.


Of course, you don’t have to have a podcast in order to achieve that goal or to help build up your brand. Podcasts are an excellent way to do that, but they’re not the only way. That’s part of the reason why I wrote my book, for example, and John achieves a similar objective through his YouTube channel. This is particularly true with the Driving with John Chow series, since for all intents and purposes, it acts just like a video podcast.

That’s really at the heart of achieving any sort of real success making money online. You need to be consistent, you need to have dedication, and you have to have a product — free or not — that people actually want. And a podcast really does epitomize that kind of mindset.

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written by John Chow on October 30, 2014

On this episode of Talking with John Chow, I call out three readers for sending me emails that basically says, “I’m a lazy ass and don’t want to work. Can you just build it all for me so I can make money?”

Yes, I actually post their emails in the video. Why can I do this? Because of this disclaimer on my contact page:

Please Note: If you email me, all of the information in your email is mine to do with as I please, such as exploit for financial profit, use as blackmail, or quote on my blog.

You should watch the video not just for the dumb ass emails, but you should watch it because there are some very valuable life lessons in it.

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written by John Rampton on October 29, 2014

We obviously all know that there are a ton of ways to expand online presence, and that social media has been around for some time now.  If this is news to you, you may have missed to boat about 10 years ago.  

It may be easy to see how important it is, but when you are running a business, often times social media is the first thing in the world to get put on the back burner with a new or budding company.  Lets take a look at some reasons why you need to make sure you do NOT neglect the social media aspect of your company.


1. First and foremost, when we start a company we are obviously doing so to make money and you are obviously interested in a profitable ROI.  Good thing about social media is that it requires very little monetary investment to make a big impact on how popular your company is!  This avenue allows you to show that you have real communication with your target market, as well as your customers.  If you can bring the company to a personal level with the people you want to buy your product, they will have much more inclination to purchase your product, seeing you interact with them on a daily basis via social media.

2. Duh.  Social media is everywhere, and it is nearly everything.  I should not even have to state this.  There are over 1 billion Facebook accounts, 200 million twitter accounts, and youtube has as many users as Facebook does.  No, I haven’t even brought up Instagram, google+, Pinterest, etc. Just the fact that my word processor does not autocorrect any of those should show that we have a giant amount of reason to use them as marketing avenues.  Your audience is literally unlimited.  One could almost say in social media, the world is your oyster!

3.  It does not actually take much time to manage social media.  You may think you don’t have the time to do it, but in reality, once you set the account up and get everything where it should be, it actually requires very little time commitment.  Lets take twitter for example….at this time, twitter allows 140 characters in a post.  Even if you are the most careful ad text writer on the planet, that is not going to take more than 10 minutes of your time under any circumstance.  Yet, it will get YOUR logo and YOUR words in front of as many people as you can possibly attract.

While social media can just add another iron to the fire, it is an extremely cheap yet productive iron.  Please do not neglect social media in favor of other ideas that may seem more important at the time.  MAKE the time for social media, and in turn it will make you money.

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