The Story of Spilled Coffee

Here’s a story that I came across the other day. It’s obviously not really a true story, but the lesson to be learned certainly rings true and it’s something we should all take to heart, because it’ll change how you choose to view the world around you and how you choose to react or respond to your environment. Picking Up […]

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3 Tips to Generate More Backlinks for Your Blog

If you’re trying to up your search engine ranking game, generating backlinks for your blog is one of the most essential SEO tactics you can use. When you have a good number of links going back to your blog from quality sites, Google sees this as a plus and bumps up your ranking for greater visibility. This brings new, organic […]

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Blogging The Net

How to Make Sure Your Guest Post Gets Published

Guest blogging is one of the MOST effective ways to build momentum to your blog. You are using someone else’s traffic, social media followers, and authority to build your brand. When I refer to someone else’s, I’m referring to an authority blogger which has been dominating your niche for years.  I’ll admit the one thing which helped me build momentum […]

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