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How to Handle Conflict in Business – 5 Tips for a Success

Many people state “conflict” is great for business because it enlightens different views and provides you insight into what’s important. However, conflict can be a road block in your business so it’s important you know the different types of resolutions you can apply to your business model. The models we’ll be discussing are important so you achieve an outcome good […]

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The Single Biggest Reason People Share on Facebook

There is an inherent danger in building your business on rented land. In the context of Internet marketing and making money online, this could mean relying too much on social media as a means of generating traffic and revenue. Even so, the power of Facebook simply cannot be denied, even if Mark Zuckerberg is severely limiting your organic reach. What […]

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Dot Com Lunch In Costa Rica

While the weekly Dot Com Lunch is normally hosted in Vancouver or The OC, I decided to do this week’s lunch in Costa Rica. Ya, it’s a long ways to fly just for lunch, but that’s the power of the Dot Com Lifestyle. And I will be doing a few other things while I’m here. Look for more Costa Rica […]

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The 5 Basic Skills Every Online Business Owner Should Have

The dot com lifestyle can be pretty great. Unlike many other professions, you don’t need any sort of specific education or certification in order to be an entrepreneur. And since practically the entirety of your business is online, you can still run it from nearly anywhere in the world you have reliable Internet access. Enjoying the sun in Cabo? You […]

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