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Top 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Monetize Your Blog With Ads

Blogging can be very lucrative if you choose the right marketing channels. Knowing these channels come from experience and research because you can learn an enormous amount online. Simply reading what others have written about blog monetization will provide you with more than enough information to know where you should focus your energy. For example, here’s what I’ve heard so […]

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Gmail Labs Features You Need to Enable Right Now

Most of us use Gmail to manage the majority of our email. Many people recognize that Gmail is useful for so much more than just your actual email address, because it can easily handle the email for your professional domain too. It’s a really powerful and robust platform that ties into everything else that you’re already going with Google […]

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Creative Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Once every week, I like to write about motivation, success, and productivity. When you’re a blogger, it’s very easy to lose motivation because progress does take time and with enormous competition, it can be tough to stay positive. However, over the years, I’ve learned to utilize cool tips to keep me moving in the right direction. For example, on my […]

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Proof That Anyone Can Make Money Online

I’ve heard thousands on excuses on why people can’t make money online. One of the biggest is people will actually use me as an excuse on why they can’t do this business. “John Chow has a big list and I don’t.” “John Chow has a big blog and I don’t.” “John Chow has the connections and I don’t.” “John Chow […]

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