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Potential and the Growth Mindset

Something that I’ve come to assert time and time again, both here on John Chow dot Com and on my own blog at Beyond the Rhetoric, is that inspiration and key insights can be gleaned from practically anywhere. You can learn from Instagram models and South African super geniuses alike. And yes, you can learn from would-be professional gamers too. […]

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Cars Videos

Supercars at South OC Cars and Coffee

After being rained out for two weeks, South Orange County Cars and Coffee came back in full force with nearly 700 cars making it up to the show! Happening every Saturday from 9am – 11am at the San Clemente Outlets, South OC Cars and Coffee is the biggest Cars and Coffee show in the world. Check it out if you’re […]

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But What Are You Going to Do About It?

Over on Beyond the Rhetoric a while back, I blogged about some common sayings that annoy me. Words matter. For example, it really bugs me when people say something like “it’s my Friday” on a Wednesday. Sorry Irene. Just because you work a non-traditional schedule doesn’t mean you get to rename and redefine the days of the week. If that […]

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