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Journey To Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hello from Montego Bay, Jamaica! The weather here is near perfect. Right now, it feels like Orange County in the summer, but with just a bit more humidity. I am in Jamaica for the MOBE Traffic Summit and Titanium Mastermind. The Traffic Summit started yesterday and the Titanium Mastermind kicks off tomorrow night with a welcome dinner. I will bringing […]

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Fine Dining

Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef In Las Vegas #ASW17

While walking through the Paris Hotel during #ASW17, I noticed a piece of meat on displayed at the Sekushi Restaurant (yes, I do notice these things). The hunk of beef behind the window was a certified Japanese A5 Wagyu (sometime known as Kobe beef). A5 is the most tender grade of beef available in the world. It makes USDA Prime […]

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Blogging Make Money Online The Net

LinkedIn Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Get the Best Results

LinkedIn is a reputable network and awesome for getting your brand across. Even though much of the interaction on this social network is career based, it can still be valuable if you leverage the right features. I’m surprised how many people don’t leverage some of the cool features many of these social platforms offer. For example, on,, and […]

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Make Money Online Trade Show

How To Become a Millionaire Blogger #ASW17

The opening day of Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas featured a panel session call How To Become a Millionaire Blogger. The panel speakers were myself, Zac Johnson, Syed Balkhii, and John Rampton. Four of the industry’s most well-known and successful bloggers and online marketers come together to share their expertise, insight, and knowledge on how to build a successful […]

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