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A Quick Guide to TubeBuddy Tag Explorer for YouTube

At this point, if you are the least bit interested in almost any kind of marketing on the Internet, you should be getting into video (if you’re not already doing it). And while platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have certainly made some headway in this space, YouTube is still the undisputed king of online video at this point. […]

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6 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Your Blog

So you’ve designed your WordPress blog and it’s looking beautiful. You’ve got an awesome landing page, your about me is written to perfection and your first set of blog posts are all ready to go. But are you forgetting something? That’s right, you need a contact form. A simple contact form is essential for your website. It’s how your visitors, […]

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Proven Ways to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

I believe a successful blog has to start building an email list because this is the only way to generate enormous traffic and loyalty. However, because of the vast competition available online, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of a successful email campaign and customer retention. For example, you have so much competition that there is NO shortage of options […]

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