Blogging Wordpress

What to Promote with AddThis Marketing Tools For Optimal Conversions

For those of you not aware, the plugin is a social share plugin that has gained popularity for providing an all-in-one solution to bloggers. Over the past few months, the team has made several changes to their plug-in, making it more user friendly. What’s interesting is the diversity of websites this plug-in is perfect for and it does […]

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Blogging The Net

How Often to Publish Content When Creating a PBN Network

PBN stands for “Private Blog Networks” and consist of various different Web 2.0 properties to build authority to your main “target” website. Many people often say PBN’s are blackhat, but I argue if you can provide value through them, they are as good as any other website. Private blog networks can be built through sites like,,, and […]

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