Blogging The Net

The Rules of Email Marketing – Follow CANSPAM

Email is massive and it’s a great way to generate enormous about of engagement to your blog. Through a solid email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to increase return visitors, conversions, brand awareness, and profits. Neil Patel from has stated it would be impossible for him to generate 100,000 visitors to his blog WITHOUT a solid email marketing campaign […]

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Dot Com Lifestyle

95% People Have It Completely Backwards

Let’s take a step back and think about what the American dream really means. And yes, this is still relevant if you’re not an American (like me), because the fundamental philosophy behind the American dream has very much become a global phenomenon. You can probably thank the pervasiveness of American culture and the rapid expansion of multinational corporations for that. […]

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Make Money Online

The Proactive Performance Review

Yes, I know that this blog is mostly about the dot com lifestyle and how you can make a serious living online (on part-time hours at that) from the comfort of your home or while enjoying the sunshine in Costa Rica. That being said, most readers likely have at least some experience with a more “traditional” job, even if you […]

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