Dell 12 Days Of Deals

The Dell 12 Days Of Deals is back! Starting today till March 26th, Dell will post a few items at special savings from their wide selection of products. Today’s deal is a 2GB Kingston SD memory card for just $89.00 with free shipping. They’ll also offering a Trendware Wireless G internet security camera for just $99 ($100 off), and a […]

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Fine Dining

Mmmm, Steak!

Tonight Sarah and I went to Gotham Steakhouse to try the best steak in the city. Gotham is an award winning steak house own by The Keg, which in turn is own by Hy’s Steakhouse. Yes, the city’s three biggest steak chain is own by one company. Well Gotham really isn’t a chain like The Keg or Hy’s, since Gotham […]

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The Net

Amazing What One Article Can Do

Ever since posting that story about the 60 inch subwoofer, Digital Grabber’s traffic has gone through the roof. The article made it to the Digg front page, which help the site set a record 25,000 page views in one day. Three days later I sent out a news release about the article to my list of fellow tech sites, and […]

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Investing Ramblings

This Is Waterfront Living?

You know, when I think of a waterfront house, I think of a nice ocean view and watching some pleasure craft or a cruise ship float by. However, if you live at Waterstone Pier, the most likely boat you’ll see is this. Nothing like sitting in front of your waterfront condo to watch the tug boats go by! The funny […]

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Pay Us Or Lose Us!

Today, while on our way to Sea Harbour restuarant for Dim Sum, we passed by a large group of protesters wearing signs that read “We Deserve a Fair Wage Now!” and “Pay Us or Lose Us!” Whoever set up that little protest might want to take a beginners lesson on marketing. As you can see from the above photo, the […]

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You Are Here

I was over at the Vancouver Housing Market Blog and noticed the above chart showing the inflation adjusted cost of an average Westside condo. Looking at this chart one has to question one’s self for investing in this kind of volatile market. However, that’s exactly what I plan to do. When done correctly, real estate is an extremely safe and […]

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