Blogging Discovery Platform Rewards Best Bloggers

Are you looking to make a name for yourself as a blogger, but you don’t know where to begin? Sure, you could start your own blog and work hard on growing a readership, but another option for you to consider would be signing up for an account on BloggersBase.

Dan Barak, a long time fan of John Chow dot Com, is one of the masterminds behind this “content discovery platform” and he ordered this review to let all of you know about it. Are you interested in “offering quality over quantity”?

Multiple Bloggers with Multiple Posts

In short, BloggersBase takes on the form of an online magazine, comprised of several multi-authored blogs. Each of these blogs focuses on a certain topic area, like entertainment or world affairs, and then people can submit their posts to it.


Naturally, not every submission can be published and that’s where the “algorithm-enhanced crowd wisdom” moderation comes into play. Bloggers have to compete for exposure and it’s based largely on a voting system. The blog competition system sounds fairly complex, but that helps to ensure that only the best work gets featured.

What Can I Gain from BloggersBase?

Some bloggers may be motivated simply to make a name for themselves, willing to provide unique content to BloggersBase for the price of zero dollars and zero cents. Personally, since I write for a living, I’d want to get paid.


BloggersBase does not pay its contributors directly for every post they submit. Instead, the primary payment is through a reward system. The competition side gets you published and then the rewards get you paid.

Each week, BloggersBase pays $40 to the top blogger co-authoring the surface blog. Second place gets $10. Considering the amount of content that BloggersBase is able to get, it seems that they are getting a steal of a deal at just $50 a week.


Every contributing writer gets a profile page. Shown above is the profile for amabaie, the top blogger on BloggersBase at the time this review was written. This is based on points, both as a reader and as a writer. You earn points for submitting quality posts and participating in the BloggersBase community.

A Self-Sustaining Business Model

If BloggersBase is able to attract enough writers, it should have no problem being able to sustain itself in terms of new content. If you choose to sign up and you want to submit your blog posts, you don’t have to do it manually and you don’t even need the post to be completely original. There is an RSS-In feature that imports posts from your external blog. Think of BloggersBase as another venue to promote yourself.


It could be because the site is still in beta, but there isn’t much going on with BloggersBase in terms of monetization. On the main page, a small square AdSense block has been cleverly integrated among the rest of the content. There is also a skyscraper ad at the bottom of the sidebar and a banner at the end of each post.

Realistically, there really isn’t anything stopping the contributing bloggers from monetizing their own posts using affiliate links, but that doesn’t feed into the revenue of BloggersBase. Moving forward, the online magazine would need to expand its monetization portfolio.

Is It More Than Just an Aggregator?

I’ve seen a couple of these “collaborative blog” efforts pop up before. Some of them offer a 50/50 AdSense split. Some don’t pay the writers at all. BloggersBase falls somewhere in between with its competition and reward system. As mentioned earlier, if BloggersBase is able to attract enough writers who consistently submit quality content, they could have some great meta-blogs on their hands. You’ve got sections on everything from Lifestyle to Special Events, Technology to Politics.

The competition adds a unique dynamic, but I’d think that the weekly possibility of $40 is not enough to entice the best of writers. Then again, people update their Twitter and Facebook accounts without any expectation of monetary compensation. The site itself is reasonably pleasing to the eye, but with so much on the front page of each “blog”, it can look very cluttered as well.

BloggersBase is an interesting concept and it could be more than a simple aggregator. It all depends on the quality of writers it attracts.


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  1. joe gelb says:

    Thankyou for the tip. I will deffinitely check this out.

    1. That’s great john..will try it if I have time..

      1. This is a good post. I would be interested, but there is sooo much competition out there. It can be kind of hard to be recognized as a good blogger. But good info.

    2. Well with that $40 you will get good traffic as well as you will be at no one spot. So you will get two benefits at a time and one is $40 and second one is recognition among people and I think that is the main reward.

      Lets give it a try.

      1. Yup, worth a try for sure.

    3. Looks a very interesting place to get some exposure. Like ezine I guess, but with a twist.

  2. This is a great idea!
    Am giving it a try right now. Will comment again later.

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    The competition system sounds like it would work well for the good writers. Newbies might struggle to make money though.
    I think that this site would be popular with my readers. They are into blogging and I have been talking about ways to make money freelance writing. This could be another way I could teach them.

    Thanks for the review. I always love reading your website reviews. You do a great job

  4. This sounds like a great idea indeed and will definitely give it a try – thanks for recommending it John.

    1. Its Michael Kwan – not JOhn lol

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        who’s Michael Kwan?

        1. Michael Kwan says:

          The person who wrote this post. i.e., me.

        2. This was a guest post by Michael Kwan. This wasnt wrot it by John.

  5. shun2u says:

    thanks John. 🙂

  6. Reyn Aria says:

    Interesting concept. But I’m not sure about the sustainability part. If you can just fetch articles from your blog RSS, then it will attract many lazy users. Let’s see how later…

  7. Enrique says:

    A very unique idea in the world of blogging…

  8. reflux says:

    thanks….I will check bloggersbase and test……hoping very exciting and full benefits

  9. Thanks John… Gotta check this one out for sure 😉

  10. game-girl says:

    I think the idea reveals new opportunities in blogosphere.

  11. Wesley Green says:

    “… but I’d think that the weekly possibility of $40 is not enough to entice the best of writers.”

    Well, that may be true to a certain extent. But as someone new to blogging (along with wanting to build traffic to their blog), I will be checking this out. Every little bit helps!

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  12. Runstartup says:

    Thank you Michael Kwan for the recommendation for the BloggersBase as a possibility for promoting sites and earning more income.

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Thank you for noticing the byline (and the improved grammar/spelling).

  13. Rahul says:

    Humm… checkin’ it out right away.

  14. Andy says:

    Awesome idea, thanks!

  15. 100wordrants says:

    This is an interesting concept. It should keep the site current with so many posts occurring regularly. I also think the compensation will attract a good number of individuals at start-up and will hopefully be able to increase it in the near future to build quality content.

  16. SEO Tips says:

    Sounds interesting I am going to take a look at Bloggers Base I am not sure how but I have come across the site before.

  17. This sounds like a very interesting concept.

  18. Hey John,

    Great information, I will have to check out this blogger base. Aren’t we all trying to make a name for our blogs? Well, what would you suggest to get started or to get your name out there through this blogger base?


    blogger instinct

  19. Thanks for this great tip will check it out!

  20. contentpig says:

    I’m going to sign-up now… Hopefully I can get more traffic and a solid readership!

  21. The competition system sounds like it would work well for the good writers. Newbies might struggle to make money though.

  22. Thanks for this great tip will check it out!

  23. I signed up but have yet to take advantage of it.

  24. Barry says:

    Interesting how some of these things help and some don’t I may give this one a try

  25. Thanks for the tips! I will check it out.

  26. I wondered around it today and it seems like a site worth using. If you work it right you can build a name but like anything it is work.

  27. I wandered around it today and it seems like a site worth using. If you work it right you can build a name but like anything it is work.

  28. Interesting way of generating traffic for a site…some people will take a glance at this and will only be reminded of scrapers, but if they look closer they’ll see the value.

  29. A very unique idea. I’m not into blogging, though. I know I may be missing a potential money-making source, but I don’t like doing something if I’m not really into it.

  30. I can see this site growing extremely fast because of the smart creative idea it has done 😀


  31. Matt says:

    Perhaps I’m the only person who doesn’t find this all that tempting. If I’m going to write good content and there’s nothing more than a *chance* of winning $40, I think I’m better off posting it to an article directory. If I want to use my existing content then surely I will run into duplication issues.

  32. Seems interesting, but it’s not for me. I think it’d work well for those whose blogs haven’t been online for that long though.

  33. Infonote says:

    This is the same idea had in the web 1.0 world. It is basically the same thing just using blogs.

    1. Now that you mention it…you’re right.

  34. Ben Pei says:

    Yeah I used this too! Very fun actually.. Good exposure for all

  35. It sounds quite different from the usual ‘submit a post’ site. The system in place like voting does make it a good way to get only the best articles posted on these blogs. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Lee

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