Blogging recession and why THIS is the best time to blog

Twitter killed blogs. Facebook ran them over! Its been doing rounds for over a year now that blogging is on the decline. Mashable and NYTimes added their study of how the young would rather tweet than blog. So overall the number of bloggers out there looks grim. And yet I say that this is the BEST time you could be blogging. As all bloggers know, lists are a great way to make a point. So here are 5 reasons why blogging is in recession yet this is the best time to blog.

1 – No One Else Is Blogging

Its simple demand supply law. As the supply goes down, the demand increases. Now blogs cater to a market where people are looking for some information. Information that can not sufficiently be stated in 140 characters. And even if facebook exists, I can not exactly find the information I want through status updates. So the market is there. People are still looking for information just as much as they did before. Rather more and more people are added to this internet universe.

So when no one else is supplying the demand well, is it not the best time to blog?

2 – Less Competition

Less bloggers equals less competition. Often in niches like tech reviews people are loyal. They trust a certain blog to give them honest reviews. So if you have less number of competitors in your niche, it becomes easier for you to become the number one in your space. Gaining an authority in a niche is a lot easier. Also the value of your services is more.

3 – Survival

People fight harder when facing difficulties. Statistically people with no wealth are a lot more likely to become entrepreneurs than people with big inheritances. That is because of the will to fight and rise above the odds. Even John Chow is an example. See the house he grew up in. Today he has achieved a lot of success.

If you are in a niche where people are predicting your death you are a lot more likely to fight to prove them wrong.

4 – Money

The NYTimes can cry out all it wants. There is still a lot of money in blogging. The industry as a whole has matured and a lot more funds are available to those who build reputations. For example, even the smaller companies in my country (india) are now hiring professional bloggers and their services. People know that there is tremendous value in blogs with a following.

5 – Passion

Blogs take passion. Most successful bloggers like John Chow have often said that they blog for their passion, not for the monetary rewards. Right from the beginning when no one pays attention to the articles you spent so much energy working on, the only thing that keeps you going is passion for your chosen subject.

So to sum it all up, blogging is now a lot more mature market with rewards for those who create value. The initial hype has died down and the good content is now separated from fluff. This is the best time you should blog with passion and create real value in times when its difficult to find.

Ankur Khangaonkar is a student of engineering by the day and a technologist aspiring to change the world by the night. He blogs about Entrepreneurship,Technology and World Change at

16 thoughts on “Blogging recession and why THIS is the best time to blog”

  1. Keron says:

    Good Post Man, Just “Like” your facebook page…

    1. Ankur says:

      @Keron Thanks a lot keron! Hope you find my content helpful.

  2. shauner says:

    As an economics major, you lost me as a reader with this statement:

    “Its simple demand supply law. As the supply goes down, the demand increases.”

    That is not correct. As supply goes down there is not an increase in demand. If there is a downward shift in the supply curve (as you suggest), then there is a movement up along the demand curve resulting in a higher price (or in this case earnings for the existing bloggers that stayed in the market) but demand is not increased. As new bloggers enter the market (as you are encouraging) it will decrease the average earnings of bloggers as the equilibrium point will then move down along the demand curve again resulting in lower average earnings, holding demand constant.

    Blogging income has fallen and that means that the advertisers are not spending as much money in the space because it is not cost effective for them to do so. This implies a downward shift in the demand curve as well.

    If both the supply curve and demand curve shift downward (as is likely happening), depending on which curve is more elastic, there will be a decrease in both the equilibrium quantity and earnings of blogs. The elasticity would dictate the magnitude of the shift in one curve relative to the other.

    1. Ankur says:

      @shauner I completely see the merit in your statement. The point I was making was that (1) The number of people using blogging as a platform is reducing (2) The number of people looking for information online (in depth information for which blogs are often the best platform) is increasing. hence the supply is reducing and demand is increasing. That will increase the distance from origin on the price axis which here means the price to advertise on high quality content. Hope that helps!

      – Ankur

  3. aheneghana says:

    Hi johnchow , my own experience and views – as a blogger I noticed some of the trends @shauner is talking about. Income for bloggers certainly has taken a dive, a major factor is Google s last Panda update (you remember it focuses on fresh content mainly). I do realize that the guys behind the Panda Algorithms are kind of picky when it comes to bloggers.

    They relentlessly design and alter their software to give bloggers even a harder time.

    In retro I notice a significant drop in Alexa rank since the last Panda update. My take :

    More bloggers = more load for search engines . In order to reduce workloads Google HAD to adopt their Algorithm code to enable Googlebot to keep up with the Millions of new websites.Still, there are some flaws though.

    Google wrote back to me after I contacted them – by the way I am grateful to Google for their advice, appreciate their customer friendly approach.

    The full reply from Google can be read on my blog :

    One particular I notice point : Server architecture. It makes me consider to re-locate my blog into the cloud altogether. Your own domain may just not be enough any longer (if you are not @johnchow that is).

    With this I wish you all a Merry Christmas we all look forward to a Happier New year (and more prosperous),



    aheneghana / africasiaeuro

  4. Lara William says:

    I am looking for an online course to generate free traffic. Kindly suggest me something.

  5. Ankur says:

    Certainly! Blogging is one of the best businesses requiring very low capital. Just it needs to be taken seriously.

  6. Rahul Jadhav says:

    Thats a nice post Ankur. Whatever NYT and Mashable says isnt true. Blogging is still alive and kicking and its profitable.

  7. fas says:

    Passion is important but its not alone to motivate blogging.

  8. maky2000 says:

    i have passion but easily discouraged. why blogging is recession now?

  9. Gandriel says:

    Great Article. I like point one the most. People are still going to head to blogs for more detailed information that can’t be summed up in a few sentences. I think that if you remain dedicated and write good content you will survive through the competition of Twitter and Facebook as a blogger.

  10. ScrewLife says:

    Good post. I think you forget to mention the point of satisfaction…The lesser people are blogging, the more satisfaction the few people championing it will get…After all, who cares about something that everyone has gotten?

  11. hypnodude says:

    I agree with you Ankur. Many people start blogging because lured into the make money quick thing and if all them quit blogging and go to Facebook as the new golden mine that’s great for blogs. As you say a blogger should give informations and these can’t be found in 140 characters or on Facebook. Or maybe they are but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Very good post. 🙂

  12. NonnyK says:

    Sounds like a great breakdown of the issues at hand. I think perseverance and tweaking is the key to success at anything one decides to put their hand to. Do not listen to the naysayers, Lets just keep doing what we do!

  13. doablefinance says:

    Good article. To start blogging is not that difficult but marketing it is the hardest part. You spend months and years for a measly $2 per month.

  14. the less competition you have the better, but sometime it is also tough.. the main reason why we can be successful is due to our characteristic.. be persistent and you will be okay 🙂

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