Blogging with Desi Baba

Desi Baba had been blogging since July 5, 2006 and has done a good job building traffic to his blog, However, like every other blogs, it could use some more. There isn’t a much better way to inject some juice into your blog than to give it the “John Chow Effect” by ordering a ReviewMe review. And that’s exactly what Desi Baba did.

Who Is Desi Baba

According to the Desi Notes about me page, Desi Baba is the following:

dcn.jpgI’m Desi Baba, an actor who never made it to Hollywood, a singer who sounds like as if a cat got ran over by a car, and also I’m a player on the run from all the girls I proposed to.

I’m a former young executive of Microsoft, but I got kicked out of the company for using an Apple iBook in my office in Microsoft’s headquarters. Also, I pissed off Bill Gates for giving his daughter an Apple iPod for her birthday.

I was also a lyricist for Marshall Mathers, who is also known as the rapper Eminem. Unfortunately, he fired me because I started to write lyrics for him which were the same as his already written lyrics word for word. Go figure, that was a great coincidence.

Now if you believe that, then you probably believe my about me page that says I’m a damn fine person. I give Desi bonus points for coming up with a creative about me page. The Blog

Desi Notes covers blogging, technology, making money, and entertainment. That sounds a lot like what I cover so ordering this review was a smart move. Being almost a year old, Desi Notes has a lot of posts – the blog is averaging nearly two new posts per day. For those interested in making money online, some of the standout postings would include:

Desi does have a humorous side (in case you can’t tell from his About Me page). The post about the Indian guy who got caught cheating on his wife on the radio and the one about Durham University sending a letter to all students saying they can’t masturbate in the shower had me laughing pretty hard. runs on the very clean three-column BloggingPro WordPress theme. Besides my Mistylook theme, I think the BloggingPro theme the second most popular theme on the Web. Desi hasn’t done anything to modify the colors so his blog doesn’t stand out from all the other BloggingPro themed blogs. The one advantage going for Desi is his photo on the upper right. It helps identify his blog immediately.

Desi Note Blog Monetization

Desi Notes is monetized with Google AdSense and Auction Ads. Their integration into the blog is straight from the the text book, with blended background and matching colors. Additional advertising income is made from PayPerPost and ReviewMe. Also, Desi Baba is available for hire. If you need help with a WordPress installation, he can do it for $50.

The only thing I would recommend, if Desi wishes to get a better bang from his ads, would be to try and embed the AdSense ad into his posts. Right now they are under the posts, which is a good location. However, I’ve found the click rate improved even more if you embed them directly into the post itself. Desi should also consider adding more ad networks to the mix (I can’t believe he’s not running Text Link Ads).

Review and Get a Free Linkback

Like hundreds of blogs out there, Desi Notes has copied my review for linkback idea. However, he is doing it with a twist. Instead of just linking back to you, Desi will list the high points of your review. You can see an example of how they look like in the first batch.

I wish Desi good luck with his blog and blog promotions. I’ve been reading it before he ordered this review. Blogging with Desi Baba offers a full feed RSS. I recommend you subscribe to it.