Blogging Without Passion: Can You Make Money Like That?

Put your ears down. There is an argument going on in the blogosphere right now.

Most experts advised that when you’re choosing a niche to build a blog on, or a topic to write about consistently, that you should identify your passion.

In other words, start blogging on what you enjoying talking about or doing.

There are two sides to this coin. In this post, I want to lay the mat down so that you can decide what you truly want to focus your attention on.

I’ve also done a thorough study on the effect of passion when you’re running a business, whether on or offline.

The benchmark of passion

If you desire to build a blog on your passion, then you MUST be clear on what your strongest passion is.

Because my passion and zest in life/business might be different from yours. For instance, most people find the business of website flipping a lucrative one.

And they do it because of the money in it, not necessarily because they love to wait for the auction to end and do all those DNS transfers and escrow payments.

In the same vein, if you know how to mend broken hearts and marriages, then the chances of succeeding in that niche with your blog are increased.

But did you realize that thousands of bloggers who are so passionate about their chosen fields are TOTAL FAILURES?

A lot of people have not identified what they’re truly passionate about. Just because their friend or relation launched a “money making blog,” they also followed the same route and assumed it’s their passion.

True passion doesn’t die

This part is really vital to your blogging success. A friend of mine who left blogging for a 9-5 job once claimed that he had passion for business startup. In the first year, he gave up and went back to the corporate world.

Why? What really happened to my friend? The truth of the matter is that he was never TRULY passionate about “business startups.”

I presume he followed the latest trend where everybody is becoming the BOSS. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being your own BOSS, but is that where your true passion lives?

True passion never dies. Look at John Chow; he’s been sharing his knowledge and products on how to make money blogging for years and still has a lot to share.

If John didn’t love “talking about making money online with a blog,” I’m sure that he’d have given up a long time ago. I might be wrong. Maybe we should ask John.

Do you feel lonely or unhappy each time you want to write a blog post for your blog or reach out to other bloggers (networking)?

I know that several factors contribute to that, but lack of passion (love for what you do) is the main disease.

The big question:

blogging argument

Can you make money blogging without passion?

Answer: Yes you can!

I know people who don’t like to write, but they’re making good money as freelance writers and bloggers.

Some other people hate to sell products off and online, but their business model is information and affiliate marketing. And they’re doing pretty well.

Most people work a day job they hate with passion, but they’re making over six figure income yearly.

The issue of making money in any business model or field is clear: if you work hard and provide what potential customers need, you’d succeed. So, with or without passion, any blogger can succeed if he or she works hard and has a clear plan.

Let’s get the answer clearer

Even though you could make money online blogging in niches where your passion is zero, there is every tendency that you’d quit and complain at the teething stage of your “no passion” business.

And that primary stage is the most delicate, because when you lack the motivation to stick to a course at the beginning, failure is already looming.

When you don’t have passion, you could still make money in strange blogging niches, if you play your cards well, but it’s going to be harder. If I’ve passion for public speaking and you don’t, I’d be more confident in my business than you.

What you should do now…

So many bloggers I know actually started a blog about “blogging.” Is that their true passion? 90% of the time, it’s wasn’t what they loved doing.

I can’t advice you to stop blogging just because you made a mistake in choosing your niche wisely, but I’d seriously recommend that you start working harder.

The good news is that you can still profit, but it all depends on YOU. If you enjoy reviewing electronics, you might want to talk about the vizio led TV. But if you don’t have passion for writing reviews of any kind, go for what you love.

If you’re not making enough money from your blog, because you hate the niche, don’t quit yet. Strategize again and work harder and smarter this time. Outsource some of the tasks you dislike and focus on what you enjoyed doing.

And if you’re passionate about your chosen niche, you still have a lot of work to do. If you fail to nurture your passion, it’d soon grow cold and that is not good at all.

Do you think that passion is the ULTIMATE ingredient that bloggers need to make money online? Please share your passionate comment below. See you at the top!

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24 thoughts on “Blogging Without Passion: Can You Make Money Like That?”

  1. Terra says:

    I believe that you must be passionate about whatever it is that you’re blogging about. That passion is infectious – even via your computer screen! If you LOVE food, it shows. If you love making money, it shows! People often start in internet marketing as a means to make money, but if you’re not thrilled with it as a whole, you’d better be passionate about whatever it is that you’re selling or writing about!

    1. rakesh kumar says:

      great, Its all about passion. Blogging is again passion driven, Thus without passion we can not sustain for a long time and thus will not be able to make any money.

      1. Tiana Martin says:

        I am absolutely agree with you Kumar, blogging without passion is just like a doctor without MBBS, I have lost my website almost 3 times, hit by Google palatinates but my passion drags me here to buy a new website. Hope this time I can meet their requirements 🙂

  2. Anmol Makkar says:

    Awesome Articles. I completely agree with you on that you can make money without your favorite niche, but you need to work more hard on it, money will be the driving force and remember – Nothing is Impossible. 🙂

  3. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    with passion, Michael you are more likely to succeed. But as you’ve siad you can earn money without passion too. But if you love what you do it is no more a job but fun.

    And I think that people forget about fun and concentrate only on making money and that is the first step to faliure. Thnik about the passion first and you are more likely to be successful.

    Thank you for this post Michael.

    And see you all on top.

    And if your passion is list building try this:


  4. Hi Michael,

    Great article. This is exactly what happened to me early on in my blogging career. I was advised to go for what makes money, and honestly some of the topics didn’t interest me in the least. The result was….I made some money but never invested the time to grow the business. I felt I was going nowhere even though the money was coming in. It was a bit of a dilemma until I discovered that what I liked doing most was writing for others. I got rid of the few blogs I had “built” lol, sold some of the domain names and got started with my ghostwriting business.

    Passion is a motivator. Tycoons, creators, inventors all turned their passion into something very profitable. This sums it all up to me.

    Anyway, thought I’d share my little story about passion.

    Have a great day.


  5. I. C. Daniel says:

    Yes I believe you need that strong passion and a lot more than that.

    Lot more would be working hard and smart.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  6. Robert says:

    Of course, you can make money doing things you don’t like (whether it’s blogging or anything else) – millions of people do it every day. But do you really want to spend all your life doing something you don’t like? What’s the point? Do buy some shiny glitter every now and then?

    Life isn’t about buying stuff, it is about feeling as good as possible most of the time. and if most of the time you are doing stuff you don’t like, most of the time you probably won’t feel that great.

    Also, you can’t achieve outstanding things in life doing something you don’t like. It is impossible. To achieve really great things you need inspiration and this comes only if you love what you do and if you are passionate what you are doing; you need to take massive action – 12, 14, 15… hours a day – to keep on doing that without getting a nervous breakdown you need love and passion.

    1. da moose says:

      Thank you Robert. You said it all brother! Specially, the middle paragraph about life… I think, I’ll frame that and read once a day to remind myself what is it all about. That’s it. I got what I was looking for in this comment.

      And of course, thank you Michael for an awesome post and also Mr. Chow for his awesome e-book. Loving it !!

  7. Nate says:

    I believe you need a strong passion to run a blog/business.

    As you alluded to – outsource what you don’t like. I agree. For example, you love puppies (who doesn’t!), and you want to create a blog, but fumbling with a website just turns you away. Figure out a way around it in order to go after what you’re passionate about.

  8. Edson Hale says:

    Blogging with passion is better than blogging without passion; but in both the cases you can never success without hard work or I would rather say smart work.
    You are right instead of changing the niche you must work hard to make it but I would suggest if you can try to mould your niche gradually to your passion; for example if you fail to succeed in money making niche try to convert it into success niche if you are passionate in it or personal development or management skill or small business; but your show must go on either you are passionate or not because success is the passion of all including you and me.

  9. Ferb says:

    Love this article, when I read the title of it, I’m like this article will definitely help people who’s just want to make money from their blog instead of focusing in their content. I believe one of the best way to make money is to do what you enjoy and forget about making money and they will eventually come.

  10. Mark Ross says:

    With or without passion a blog can be successful as long as the person managing it is resourceful and smart. Am I right with that?

  11. Faisal says:

    Passion is everything, no doubt.

  12. Always enjoy what you have to say John. I’m sure there’s plenty that do this. I personally think I need to have passion to go through with anything. Thank you for this post.

  13. It is possible to blog without passion, I have to write at least one artikle every day about the real estate market, real estate sales, bank loans, etc. Giant boring to do it. But that is just to bite the bullet and do it. It attracts readers and customers to our website and our real estate firm.

  14. teeburks says:

    well, my answer to that will be a very big NO, because if you are not passionate about your chosen niche what do you have to share? And that is why so many bloggers today end up copy writing post made by other people and thereby filling up the net with spam and duplicate content.

  15. Sunday says:

    Hi Michael,
    Your piece is quite informative and easily makes proactive blogger to reconsider his blogging motivation. I agree that passion is needed to succeed in just about many things – not only blogging.

    This feeling helps to produce the extra ordinary energy which makes the blogger endure and overcome challenges that easily come up in the early days!
    Thanks for sharing this exciting and motivating post!

    This piece has been shared in even as the above comment was left.

    Sunday – contributor

  16. Louis says:

    Well said! Outsource some of the tasks you dislike and focus on what you enjoyed doing. As your business grow larger, you’ll need to distribute more tasks and put more focus on what you do best.

  17. Delwar says:

    From the very start it’s all about passion. What I believe is you even shouldn’t choose a niche on which you do not have passion. For a blogging business you might choose several niches but either you have to be an expert on those or the ability to hire an expert. One person can’t be expert on many niches and it will be very hard to write all those post yourself. So planning for the business with passion might be a good choice.

  18. Chris says:

    A true passion is hard to find, but it makes worlds of difference when it comes to the way people blog. If there is passion and a drive behind the words on the blog it is a much more powerful piece. I definitely agree with this.

    Sincerely, Chris

  19. Riza says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people deny themselves the ability to differentiate between what is passion and what is not. One can always Google the definition of it if unsure.

    When you are passionate of something, you tend to work on it for long hours without even complaining. Because the hard work doesn’t matter. It’s what you LOVE to do.

    Imagine a skater, a pianist or any other artists who live their passion. They are comfortable with long hours of practice. It isn’t just because they’ll get famous after, or get rich after. It’s just who they are.

    Thus, I totally agree that passion doesn’t die.

  20. For example 😉 I love New York City, so I am writing blog about New York City 😉 It’s much more easier to write blog about something what you really like 😉

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