BloggingDosh – How To Destroy Your Reputation

In my Sept. 30 miscellaneous rambling post, I told you that DealDotCom posted a special on Marketing Graphics Pro for only $10. The price had been lowered from $17 the day before. Myself and a lot of other readers pick up the deal.

A short time later, Anthony Feint from made this following comment to the post saying that he had found the Marketing Graphics Pro package for only $7 and called the entire DealDotCom concept a rip off.


Anthony then went on to make a post on bloggingdosh calling DealDotCom a scam. The comment left on my blog caused CashQuests to make a post calling DealDotCom a scam as well. Both posts have since been removed. Why?

Exposing The Real Scammer

Anthony’s mistake was not realizing the reach of this blog. His comment caught the attention of the creator of Marketing Graphics Pro, who came on here and said that resellers are not allow to sell his product below $17 without expressed permission. Permission was giving to DealDotCom to sell the product for $10. However no such permission was granted to the site Anthony pointed to.

A little whois on “” and Anthony’s blog domain name “” revealed the following information. :
Administrative Contact:
Media, Flask [email protected]
MyEzy Web Services
1 May Maxwell Crescent
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905
Australia :
Administrative Contact:
Enterprises, A.Feint [email protected]
MyEzy Web Services
1 May Maxwell Crescent
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905

Not only does Anthony own the site that was selling the package but according to the owner of Marketing Graphics Pro, Anthony isn’t even a reseller.

– (Anthony Feint domain name – see Whois data above) has this text at the top : “From : The Desks of Didier Faucher and Jack Sinclair”

– Jack Sinclair purchased a reseller license from me. I have his name in my customers list.

– Jack Sinclair runs (1 G – my site, the official site of the product is

– I don’t have Anthony Feint in my customers list.

– (Anthony Feint site) has the following text at the very bottom : “Privacy Policy”.

This text is linked to… which is Jack Sinclair domain name !!! If Anthony modified the link when you read this, here’s the Google cache page :

So for me there are 2 explanations :

Anthony Feint & Jack Sinclair are “friends”, and Jack gave away for free the product, the reseller material, and a reseller license to Anthony, which is not allowed.

Anthony Feint purchased a Personal License from an authorized reseller, and ROBBED the reseller sales site from Jack Sinclair. In this case this is absolutely scandalous ! Especially when you consider Anthony :

– Still sell my product.
– Called DealDotCom a rip off and made the buzz about that !

Upon finding all this out, CashQuests removed their post about DealDotCom and put up a new post about how they got scammed by Anthony Feint.

This is not the first time Anthony Feint has tried to pull a fast one. CashQuests busted him for stealing a FeedBurner counter from Blog About Your Blog and using it on bloggingdosh to make his RSS count look bigger than it really is.

For a blogger, his reputation is his most valuable asset and Anthony Feint just destroyed his. I hope he learns some valuable lessons from this. One of the lessons is to set up private registration on all your domains.

*Update – Jack Sinclair does not know Anthony, did not grant any reseller license to him, and believes it worth sending him a cease & desist to begin the process take that content down.

116 thoughts on “BloggingDosh – How To Destroy Your Reputation”

  1. Cheapgirl says:

    Way to go John for taking down another blogging scammer. Yet another reason I love reading your site.

    1. John Cow says:

      There’s too many around.

      1. LOL! What an idiot! Glad he got exposed 🙂

        1. weirdoux says:

          that’s right. john should put a big picture of this guy so that he can learn more on how to destroy his own reputation. shame on him.

          1. Jack says:

            SUESIDE! 😈

          2. Egon says:

            If you want your post to sound reputable, at least use correct spelling.

    2. Indeed, another blogger busted. Even tho i never heard of that Anthony guy…now i think i will never even read him.

    3. Wahlau.NET says:

      ohh…that evil dude is busted!

      nice little investigation

  2. Brian says:

    owned? 😯

      1. Angel says:

        Don’t let Cash Quests see hear you saying that!

  3. yannick says:


    “ make his RSS count look bigger than it really is.”

    These people suckz!

    1. LOL! I think JC has posted about doing this before 👿

    2. Collin says:

      CashQuests told me about that… pity

  4. John,

    The way this blogger acted is certainly is no way to make friends and influence people in my opinion. It will take some time before he can get his reputation back but I believe it is possible. Perhaps I am too much of a bleeding heart liberal but I believe in second chances and he should be granted a second chance, but he must earn it.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that blogging is a reputation dependent activity and that you should be very careful with your blog and what you say in order to maintain it in high regards.

    1. mariam says:

      Although I agree he did wrong, the consequences are harsh. His name is going to live forever in numerous blogs and Google caches. He’s 19. What a way to ruin a career.

  5. says:


    I read that scam thing post earlier on blog. I thought it was genuine. Good to know that dealdotcome isnt a scam.

    How about a blog post on ‘bloggers reputation’ john? 😀

  6. Haha some people would do anything to get some attention! Got you this time!!! Way to go CHOW!

    1. Matt Jones says:

      It just shows how much attention gain be gained from these blogging crazes.

  7. I’m surprised he tried to pull something like this without private domain registration.

  8. I read about this on two other blogs this morning as well. I’d hate to be Anthony. lol

    1. soccer dvd says:

      he’s not responding or any entries defending himself

      i guess he knows he’s wrong

  9. Eric says:

    What an enormous asshole idiot.

  10. Geez… some people!

  11. Israel says:

    cashquests must be feeling stupid. lol.

    1. Lori says:

      Atleast they owned up to their mistake despite the humiliation.

    2. soccer dvd says:

      she should have clarified before posting

      1. Lori says:

        Yes, but maybe now she will think before she slams.

  12. Lori says:

    I read this over at CashQuests this morning. I give them kudos for fessing up and admitting they were wrong. As for Anthony, too bad so sad.

  13. Alex Rector says:

    That’s pathetic. It shows what people will do for attention, lol. Well he was owned.

  14. The Foo says:

    what an idiot! he is not even scamming smartly — not that i condone that kind of behavior anyway. reminds me of the story couple of years ago about the bank robber that left his wallet (at the crime scene) with his drivers license and his name, address on it. that marketing pro website is still up there. wonder how long it will take him to take it down.

  15. simon says:

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

  16. soccer dvd says:

    money makes people go loony

    a young punk … glad the ‘scandal’ is uncovered

  17. hes just looking for short term income. loser

    1. lyricsreg says:

      Who isn’t? How you go about it is what separates the men from the scammers

  18. Mike says:

    Detective John Chow on the case.

  19. WOW…digging deep Chow. Good work. I think all online marketers great minds game the system one way or another but….that’s not how you do it 😈

  20. phlizzow says:

    Nice catch! lol 😆

  21. who puts their actual info in the domain registration? DUMB!

  22. Jonathan says:

    This case remembers me of the guy who ordered a John Chow review and had stolen his own posts….I don’t remember the url of his site.

  23. Saedel says:

    It’s scary for the scammers when John Chow squints his eyes. :mrgreen: Way to go, John!

  24. Sighborg says:

    Hahaha! Great job keeping the community aware of scammers! Another one bites the dust

  25. Klaudio says:

    Lool! Oh dear 😀

  26. Ryan says:

    What a sleaze-ball!

  27. Drew says:

    Thanks John for making a post about this scammer and including all the details. It is guys like Anthony that give people who are trying to make money online a bad reputation. i don’t think he will be showing his face to much more. Especially, when more people get wind of this and start reposting the story.

  28. Mr Beach Bum says:

    First AndrewTalk, now Anthony… What does JC have against guys with AN in their names?

  29. It’s not even like private registration is expensive either.

  30. Egon says:

    Private Registration is free with 1and1, and their domains are only $7 (just raised)

    However, You can’t resister a “.us” domain privately. The restrictions are actually pretty tight. You can’t be private, and the server that the site is hosted on physically has to be in the United States. I’m sure there are ways around it, but the point is, registering his “” domain privately wasn’t an option. A “.info” would have been better for him.

  31. Matthew says:

    thanks John for posted our link

    I should be writing something about this soon 🙂

  32. Didier says:

    Jason Katzenback from DealDotCom told me that he knows Jack Sinclair, and that he would have nothing to do with this guy.

    So the only explanation is Anthony Feint is a thief.
    Plain and simple.

    But all this don’t stop him…
    He still sells MGP on his .us site ! And, of course, without having purchased a reseller license.
    I emailed him. No response so far.


    Didier Faucher

  33. Anraiki says:

    You really do have Evil in you! I am humorously proud.

  34. Honesty really is the best policy, especially on the internet when people can easily find out when you’re lying.

  35. CKacey says:

    Lessons Learned:
    It really is a small world even on the Internet.
    The Internet can still be self governing.
    A rush to judgement can leave a lot of egg on your face… 😳
    Always ask for both sides of the story and know that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
    And…that John Chow guy is one evil dude and you better not mess with him!! 😈

  36. This guy got owned. Hope he learns not to do it again.

  37. Lincoln says:

    I hope he learns some valuable lessons from this. One of the lessons is to set up private registration on all your domains.

    Could you please not give the man any ideas. 😯

  38. DealDotFree says:

    They do say all publicity is good publicity. LOL

    Amusing story – although I have to say the quality of the products offered on DDC so far have not been out of this world. A number of them have freely available counterparts (which prompted a couple of us to start up a new site a couple of days ago exploring that fact) – just takes a little research.

    Calling a site like that a scam is just…uh….not so clever!

  39. Witch Doctor says:

    “One of the lessons is to set up private registration on all your domains.”

    John! WTF? Is that the valuable lesson here?

    Sorry John you don’t get my rss feed subscribe until you come up with better recommendations 👿

    1. John Chow says:

      How about, you don’t have to tell the truth, but you can never lie?

      1. Witch Doctor says:

        I prefer “You should always be completely truthful, but you don’t always have to be truly complete”. Anyway you’re on the right track grasshopper. I’ll sign up now 🙂

    2. lyricsreg says:

      lesson learned a long time ago 🙂

  40. Neil Duckett says:

    Great work super sleuth …. seems the `19 year oldy entrepeneur` has a lot of growing up to do ….. needs to be up a little earlier to get one over the big boys Anthony.

  41. titandegroot says:

    Honestly what did he think he was going to accomplish? If he wanted the attention he got it. John, you are too smart for him and of course you are going to check your facts. Nice Work!

    1. Didier says:

      Hey, I did all the detective work, not John !!! 🙂 :mrgreen:


  42. Kanute says:

    Being to zealous, rather unfortunate..

  43. The Mad ape says:

    On another note, I bought the BayRSS plugin from DealDotCom and although the functionality is great, with respect to the eBay interface, the plugin CRAPS out my MySQL database and caused my sight to hang because of slow load from the eBay / CJ servers.

    I never did get the interface to work so gave up on it.

    I think DealDotCom needs to be picky with who they allow to sell on their site as I am not impressed with this piece of crap software I bought. This is a two adipose thumbs down from the primate world!

    The Mad Ape

    1. The Mad Ape says:

      And caused my site to hang too….shhhesh me bad

  44. Collin says:

    unreal, I sure hope the fact that there are scammers out there don’t wreck it for other who are honestly trying to do good.

  45. Kyle Healey says:

    You are a wise man, John.

    PS – you were great filling in for shoemoney – but dude he will be back soon, so start your own show!!

  46. Tina Silva says:

    Liars suck especially bad liars. 👿

  47. Gdog says:

    PWN3D!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, talk about double pwnage, both from John and CashQuests. This little ordeal also hurts the reputation of CashQuests, since they should’ve done some research before coming to the conclusion that DealDotCom is junk. 🙄


    (got an error…sorry if posted twice)

  49. Douglas Karr says:

    Wow. It may time for us to begin the BBB (Better Blogging Bureau) where bloggers can be exposed for this kind of crap. I have a blogger who I built an entire mapping application for over a year ago who still owes me close to $2,000. I tracked him down to his real name but he was able to sneak away from me and the collections agencies. He’ll get bit one of these days. I’m just waiting patiently.

  50. piggybankpie says:

    Wow, how to look dumb in front of 9063 RSS readers. By the way, he has not posted on his blog since September 29th, seems like he’s hiding… Or looking to purchase a new domain to launch his next crap.

    p.s.: Anthony, make sure to hide your personal info this time.

  51. Good catch. I fell into the trap as well, becuase I have read other (perhaps true/perhaps false) allegations that DealDot isn’t dealing from the top of the deck. Dunno … I don’t use them or promote them.

    The sad part of this article, though, is your “lesson learned” line about private domain registration, John. The “lesson learned” to my mind is, be honest and don’t lie about people. Frankly, when I see a URL privately registered I cross them off my list to do business with … assuming immediately they have something to hide.

    Anthony’s dealings seem despicable to me .. yet tell me how his actions differ from Nate Whitehill’s on your radio show a couple weeks ago when Nate advocated stealing digital products and reselling them on eBay in one’s own name? How does that differ from what Anthony appears to have been doing? It’s bad to blog about it but OK to advise it on Internet radio? Or it’s OK to steal depending upon whom you have a business relationship with? The “in crowd” can, the “outlaws” can’t? I’m confused.

  52. Tony Tsai says:

    Gotta support the asian, let me cancel my subscription at shoemoney’s blog and subscribe to yours. :mrgreen:

  53. Didier says:

    The guy still think he didn’t do anything wrong !

    Read his response on his blog :


  54. Missylicious says:

    CSI in action. Well done John!

  55. Teejay says:

    Its very sad how people would destroy their reputation. He made a post to this site mentioning he didn’t do anything wrong! I really doubt the explanation.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      What is it with this “reputation” ? Did that guy really have one ? I never heard of him before

  56. CatherineL says:

    I bet CashQuests are really pissed off with him. There’s a huge danger in blogging to see a really exciting story, want to be the first to repeat it then find out it wasn’t true. It could happen to any of us.

    1. Do you really think CashQuests has a moral opinion on this?
      Seems to me that comments on this were only removed because of the back lash.
      CashQuests has proven to push what they want if they get an affilaite cut, and if CashQuests is proven to be stupid in the process, they will remove all mentions of what is posted!

  57. Dan says:

    As if you’ve never done a bit of blackhat yourself, John?
    Or is the lesson… don’t get caught?

    1. Egon says:

      Haha, exactly what I was thinking 😛

      This dude was just trying to make a few bucks using a blackhat method that’s a bit outdated, that’s all.

  58. Samson says:

    Amazing, the internet has been around for over 20 years and people like him still tries to make quick money this way. Sigh…

  59. knupNET says:

    He may have hurt his reputation a bit – but is getting some great linkbait. Could be worth it in the long run?!?!

  60. Joshua says:

    I love the moral of the story, haha. Private reg rules! 😈

  61. Etienne Teo says:

    Bloggers like him are meant to be on the death role, anyway he is out of my visit list..

  62. Mr Daz says:

    Sadly I expect this publicity has led to a boost in traffic for his site and a host of IBLs as word has spread. Even getting found out can increase someone’s profile.

  63. Didier says:

    That’s not the end of the story…

    Now Anthony redirects his domain name (, associated with a SCAM) to mine (–.com) !

    He’s ignoring my emails.

    I can’t post anymore on his blog with my real email address because he has blacklisted it, and, I guess, will remove all comments I’ll add using a different email !

    This boy, really… 👿 👿 👿


  64. rahul says:

    some people needs bad publicity 😆

  65. Wayne Liew says:

    He is now having his own set of arguments there!

  66. Limitless says:

    Good Jon John! Now I wonder how he feels now! Ha! (As he said)

  67. Bear in mind that the bad publicity is yet another good marketing method. 😈

  68. Andy says:

    Looks like DealDotCom is down or something.

  69. Haha! Wow! What a crazy scam… The domain was very hard to distinguish.

  70. There is a point that is missing here. The resellers are asked not to sell below a price. They are unlikely to sell at a loss. Imagine the margins all along the line. It is indeed a massive rip off.

  71. Cheaters and Copy Cats are full on the Internet. No shortage of them surely

  72. Cool Find John. .. like a Network security guy

  73. blogging scammer caught whois handed 😉

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