BlogOnExpo Opens Its Virtual Doors

Have you always wanted to attend a blogging conference like Blog World but couldn’t find the time or the money to attend? Well, BlogOnExpo hopes to bring the conference to you. BlogOnExpo is a digital conference covering the topic of blogging. The conference runs today until January 18 and features sessions and interview from many A-List bloggers like Darren Rowse and Guy Kawasaki. There’s also an exhibits area where vendors can show off their stuff.

Started by Aditya Mahesh, the goal of BlogOnExpo is to make the experience of attending an industry conference available to all. With prices reaching up to $1000 per ticket plus airfare, hotel bills, and other travel expenses, it is not much of a surprise that many bloggers cannot afford to attend these conferences. BlogOnExp attempts to recreate the conference experience online. It’s a nice try but it’s no where close to the real thing.

Today’s sessions includes social media with Neil Patel, logo design trends, SEOmoz guide and what to when you lose your biggest traffic source with yours truly. You can head on over to watch my session or just click play below.

Links mentioned in the video: Domain Mirror Plug-In | How I gained over 4600 RSS Subscribers in 1 Month

34 thoughts on “BlogOnExpo Opens Its Virtual Doors”

  1. Excellent video John, it was really good watch, alot of great information.

    Will be useful to many people!

  2. Hey chow, great video. Great advice.

    1. He may have been, I dont think I would be able to read that fluently to be honest 😯

      It’s still very good, he just planned what he was going to say well to.

      1. Wrong comment here, was meant to be for the one below. Do not know how I managed to click this comment instead 😆

  3. Mubin says:

    You were so reading from the monitors.

    1. Never question Chow’s methods 👿

      On topic: I plan to head over to BlogOnExpo to learn more about it.

  4. DealFilter says:

    Some great points there John.

    Haven’t seen you do many cam in face rants, reminds me of ShoeMoney, keep it up. :mrgreen:

  5. Seopher says:

    I think John makes a good point when he tells you to “focus on your RSS”.

    There’s only so much streamlining you can do to increase your organic Google visitors – but they’re unlikely to come back. If you focus on writing good content and sensationalist titles then people will subscribe to your feed. Repeat visitors are crucial.

    It’s also worth noting that time spent making your content better for Yahoo is a good move too.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      It depends: if your content provides value to a first-time visitor from G, a lot of people will return, it’s all up to you and I agree that paying special attention to RSS (and to your newsletter as well) will get you far.

      Alan Johnson

    2. True on that, the RSS readers is something that you can lose only if you stop publishing content, not depending from anyone else but yourself.

  6. Rhys says:

    I noticed you mentioned “It doesn’t make good business sense for me to get out of the google slap.”

    I quite agree. Far too many bloggers – especially from the paid text link slap – removed their bigger source of income to get back into Google’s good graces. I saw that as biting their nose off to spite their face, and it’s why I didn’t. From a financial point of view, I’m glad I didn’t 🙂

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      It all boils down to how important traffic from search engines is to your business model and in John’s case, being “evil” and, as such, receiving penalties is an important part of his brand so that he may actually have more to gain this way.

      Alan Johnson

  7. Ecko says:

    Join the world wide blogger community is every blogger’s dream. But, located on a far away country is a factor to make it true. It’s about money. 😀 So, that’s why I always stopping here to learn how to make money online so I could join the next Blogger Expo.

  8. jhay says:

    It may not be as good as the real thing, but at least this one is more accessible to those who can’t afford to be actually there. :mrgreen:

  9. so what if john is reading from the monitor. What is the point?

  10. If i ever get kicked from google im screwed. about 85% of my traffic comes from them.

  11. Nice to see you firing up the web camera. Its been a while. Shoemoney’s evil chinese twin seems to have copied his brother! hahaha. jks

  12. Mr. Javo says:

    Good videopost, I also dislike google….they ban me from adsense for nothing and constantly they change my PR… 👿

  13. Jason says:

    Great video John. Some great tips, thanks for sharing.

  14. Contest Beat says:

    Love the YouTube still shot!

  15. swamy says:

    excllent video john. simple, casual and upto the point. well, we know johnchow rocks and so is this post. keep us watching some great posts like this and make us some money too 🙂 I’ve also blog rolled you.

  16. Hey Chow. I’m giving you a SHOUT OUT for that solid vid. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Dexter says:

    Hey John.. Thanks for the tip

  18. SeanS says:

    Cool~ Thay was nice one :mrgreen:

  19. Mike Huang says:

    Lookin’ mighty sexy Mr. Chow 😉


  20. 9 minutes well spent.

  21. Thank you for the great video, I too agree in not leaving your eggs in one basket, I just posted a new blogg about how I got banned from Digg pretty much instantly for just doing a Digg exchange on Digitalpoint, sucks 🙁

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      The issue of not putting all of your eggs in one basket definitely applies to traffic generation methods as well. A lot of webmasters make the mistake of having G as a far to important variable in their traffic equation and, as such, a reality check may just cause quite an unpleasant surprise.

      Alan Johnson

  22. Kabatology says:

    I see you’ve fallen in love with Videos 😀

  23. Bruce Cat says:

    Great post there John. Digg just banned me and I’m still trying to find out the reason 😯

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      They’ll bad everyone for just about anything these days, I’ve seen my share of URLs with great content being banned while a lot of useless information hits the frontpage on a regular basis.

      Alan Johnson

  24. Will says:

    Spoken like a true genius. I really have to reevaluate my sites as well after seeing this.

  25. Healthy Tips says:

    Cool video! Great tips! Especially for someone like me who just started his blog 🙂

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