Blogs & Coffee – The Peachy Onion Tamara Coleman Interview

Tamara Coleman is a southern belle from Vidalia, Georgia, but she now makes her home in sunny Orange County. She runs a food blog call The Peachy Onion, where she share her comfort food for the soul.

The blog started out under the title, Pretty Bitches Can Cook Too. However, she ran into problems finding sponsors because of the site’s provocative name, so it was changed to The Peachy Onion. The new name came about because Georgia is known for their peaches, and Vidalia is known of their onions.

Tamara’s success with The Peachy Onion earned her a spot on the TNT reality show On The Menu, where her Shrimp Enchilada Stack beat out all the competition and won her the $25,000 first prize. You can sample Tamara’s winning dish at all Cabo Wabo Cantina and Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill.

I caught up with Tamara at a local Starbucks in Costa Mesa to film the first episode of Blogs and Coffee. Think of Cars and Coffee, but with blogs instead cars. During the interview, we talked about how she got started, challenges she faced, and monetization strategy she used to make money from her blog. Enjoy the interview, and look for more Blogs and Coffee interviews soon.

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4 thoughts on “Blogs & Coffee – The Peachy Onion Tamara Coleman Interview”

  1. Hi John

    To be honest I’m reading interview of Food blogger for the first time as most of time I got top bloggers interview to read. But this time Tamara made it to Interview Congratulation tamara. I do not read food blog because of not having much Interest and time so i just look for Blogging tips and gets this interview for motivation & Inspiration. Tamara taught me that any one having Food blog can do better on The Internet. keep Going Tamara

  2. faisal says:

    This girl is so motivated

  3. I don’t want to sound negative but it sounds to me that she was just lucky to be endorsed by a large third party company. You see this happen once in a while online but I wouldn’t consider this a “success” as there is a lot of trial and error in online business in order to be successful.

  4. munkaruha says:

    Good article. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..

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