Blogworld Expo 2009 – Ask The Experts

Since I had so much fun taking over another company’s booth, Zac Johnson and I decided it would be a good idea to create our own “Ask The Experts” booth at Blogworld Expo Las Vegas. We found an empty table in the middle of the Blogworld show floor and took it over. The idea of our Ask The Experts booth was to answer any questions attendees may have about how to make money by blogging, or anything else for that matter.

Things started off kinda slow but really picked up once word got out that me and Zac were running an extremely profitable Ask The Expert booth. Here are some video highlights. Enjoy!

39 thoughts on “Blogworld Expo 2009 – Ask The Experts”

  1. Josten says:

    lol @ the guy claiming he knew everything and advertising for u and zac

    1. And John’s reply to him – You should seat here.

      That one is showing that John have another art and that one is perfect and instant reply (god gifted)

      1. That reply was priceless. If that guy had any clue who he was talking he he would have been picking John and Zac’s brain as much as possible.

        At least, I would have been.

  2. S Ahsan says:

    lmao! You charged for pictures. sweeet!!!

  3. Mel says:

    John, I notice you are starting to look really goofy in your videos. maybe that is the image you want to project acting goofy and clueless but it’s rather hard to take someone seriously like that. another example was when you acted clueless when you didn’t know (or forgot) you were in the ebay booth in the other video (which you beat Zac in that boxing game).

    1. John Chow says:

      What makes you think I want people to take me seriously? 😛

      1. That’s right John.

        Apart from that, you’ve conferences when you’ll have time to be serious.

        But now, time to make some funny.

      2. This is the same person who basically accused you of being sexist on you “how to poken a girl” post. Same URL, anyway. Humor is wasted on some people. I enjoy your goofiness, and you’ve earned the right to be exactly the way you are!

        1. Certainly and we love you in such manner only.

          Earning money with smile … 😉

    2. Tyler Cruz says:

      STARTING to look really goofy? You must be new here.

      1. No kidding. John looks the same way he always has. lol

    3. Did you notice the Miller Light bottle sitting next the John this whole video? John was just having a good time and goofing off.

      Honestly, I think it makes conferences seem like they would be fun to go to rather than all business (not that all business is bad, but after a few days of business, a little fun is good too).

      It’s nice to see some people aren’t all business all the time.

  4. “Any questions?”
    “I know everything”
    “You know everything? Then you should be sitting here!” 😀

    1. and after that he added … ALMOST in front of everything

      Final word from him … “I knows almost everything”

      1. Yeah, knowing ALMOST everything isn’t bad, is it? 😀

        Funny video. Looks like this year it has been pretty funny apart from interesting.

        Looking forward to next year, really.

        1. This year’s World Blogging Expo has made me make it my personal goal to make enough money blogging to attend next year. It looks like they had a ton of fun.

          It is cool seeing that the people behind these big blogs are cool easy going people, not grumpy gurus.

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      haha, they’re really funny…very interesting video..I enjoy watching it…

      I love this…

      “You know everything? Then you should be sitting here!”

      Make me lol!! haha!

      1. But Zac was bit shy in every video …

        Hey Zac cheer up man … you are with John Chow.

  5. Kenny says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with injecting humour, or by being a bit ‘goofy’. It’s what you say, not how you say it that matters. And if humour gets the message across, so much the better.

  6. Boy you were looking very energetic …

    I am sure that guy will post that photo on his blog and will attract visitors for few days … lollzz

  7. Wow.. Chow is look macho ..
    I want to go there but it is very far from me

  8. fas says:

    John why is the audio so bad?

    1. John Chow says:

      Too much background noise from the show floor that the camera picks up.

      1. However we never missed your sense of humour John.

  9. Hi John, I watched your video today. You and Zac are so confident. Thank you for your e-book. After I read it, I put my blog together taking your simple and easy to follow advice. I would be so honored if you would go to my blog, read my posts, and comment on it. I’m very interested in your opinion. I just got my blog up and running 2 days ago. With your help I will be successful in making as much money as you do. Thanks for all your help. Diane

  10. Zac Johnson says:

    This was ridiculous…. just like the other 5 videos we made at blog world. Always funny to see people’s reaction when they ask a serious question, and you just tell them to buy a review or signup to a link on your site! haha

    1. Rick Krenz says:

      I was thinking the same thing… This was one of the funnier videos I seen in a while.

      1. But you were bit shy and was not at there mentally.

    2. I was thinking the same thing.. John never turns off the salesman. Always thinking about making money.

  11. max says:

    Did you really charge $25? hahaha.

  12. EarningStep says:

    oh man.. both of you must so busy there…. i bet i know how many people interested to learn how to make money from johnchow

  13. Your booth must be popular john. 😀

  14. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    John, if I’m not mistaken, you said you’ll give the guy a link to sign up web hosting right? Did you send him the link and he sign up for the web hosting?

    1. I saw your latest post and in that post you were also talking about affiliate web hosting.

      I do not know but why you are not approving the comments.

  15. Makes total sense to show up at the event carrying a football and not a notepad.

  16. Yep, you and Zac are looking like the experts there, but you may not know as much as the guy who said he knew everything.

    1. Are you also trying to pull the leg of John, lolzzz 😀

  17. Hey John,

    Your vids give a clear idea that you have a fun time at the Expo.

    This vid is also fun to watch like others. Thanks for posting it.

  18. That is one of the prime examples when a transcript would come in really, really useful. Due to the background noise I was not able to understand much, but I would have absolutely loved to! Please take into account that some of us don’t have a perfect hearing anymore, please provide a transcript of your videos, SY

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