Blogworld Expo 2009 – Taking Over IZEA

I got to the Blogworld Expo show floor early today and discovered the IZEA booth completely empty. Turns out that Ted and Ashley thought the show floor opened at 11 on the last day. That was of course, not the case and as result, there was nobody manning their booth.

Not wanting IZEA to lose any potential business (and because it would make for a funny video), Joe Tech and I decided to take over their booth until Ted and Ashley showed up. I think we did a pretty good job convincing show attendees to join IZEA services like Sponsored Tweets. However, the booth next to us didn’t seem very happy about me stealing their customers by throwing IZEA t-shirts at people they were talking to.

Hopefully, IZEA appreciate what Joe and I did. Our bill to them is in the mail! 😛

21 thoughts on “Blogworld Expo 2009 – Taking Over IZEA”

  1. So you are covering every spot who is sponsoring you or giving you money.

    First Market Leverage and now Izea.

    Jeremy is also coming to this or not ?

    1. I think he will take each and every booth out there if he keeps this pace 😀

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      lol…perhaps John just covered booth that he really like..of course booth that he could make money from.. 😀

      We’ve yet to see Jeremy from shoemoney in video…

      1. Yes no update post on his blog as well. Seems to me that he is not coming to this.

        I wonder how he can miss this one.

  2. You seems blend well there John. 😛

    1. No kidding! If you didn’t know better, you’d think John always manned the IZEA booth.

  3. S Ahsan says:

    This is hilarious 😀 eh! its good

  4. Mama BoK says:

    Hahahah!!! funny.. 🙂

  5. Joe Tech says:

    I was waiting for that video to post. I love your camera. Michelle got a good laugh out of finally seeing it.

    1. MLDina says:

      Sorry we missed you guys this year. Glad you helped IZEA represent though.

  6. Murray says:

    You guys. John you can get in trouble in any situation, hope to see you both in New York at ad:tech

  7. fas says:

    Haha, John you hilarious. Super stuff.

  8. EarningStep says:

    lol… it’s a funny stuff to tell us john… i wonder what happened with IZEA , why they missed a great event like blogworld….

    1. Joe Tech says:

      IZEA only missed that first 1/2 hour or so that we stood in for them.

      1. That was freaking hilarious. Did the people from the other booths around you actually start getting annoyed?

        I bet the IZEA crew was pretty embarrassed they missed the start time. At least you and John were there to cover for them.

  9. John, it looks like you go to this shows just to get into trouble.

  10. Hey John,

    I am sure that they will appreciate your concern. I am felling bad that missed the Blog World Expo.

    But I will be a part of it next year for sure.

    Thanks for giving us every information about the Expo.

  11. gagaukon says:

    I wish i can do the cover up thingy, expecially for booth owned by IZEA, woohooh

  12. Good initiative and well done, I hope you got at least more then a “thank you” from IZEA, SY

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